Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines in Females

Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines in Females

Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines in Females

You will be happy to know that receding hairlines in females are very rare. Unlike the same condition in men, they tend to be caused by scars and inflammations, as opposed to genetics. What’s more, they tend to occur later in life and are often triggered by the menopause, which means they happen no earlier than your forties.

Of course, the fact that they happen at all is a cause for concern, which is why you may be on the lookout for hairstyles for receding hairlines in females.

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These hairstyles can help you to cover up the issue. They are the female equivalent of the comb-over, only as discussed in our hairstyles for balding men article, we would never recommend that abomination of “fashion”. So, without any further ado, let’s get to it, with this guide on the Best Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines in Females.

Worst Hairstyles for Hair Loss in Women

Before we tell you the hairstyles that you should focus on, we should warn you about ones to avoid. Women are more prone to hair loss via hairstyles than men are. They ted to take more risks with their hair. They are more likely to use chemicals, bleaches, hair straighteners and “extreme” hairstyles. But because all of these can cause hair loss, we really wouldn’t recommend them.

Typically, you should avoid overuse of chemicals, just as you should avoid bleaches and excessive use of hair straighteners. Think of it this way: if you wouldn’t be happy applying it to your skin, then you should not apply it to your hair. It is true that your hair can withstand a lot more and it’s not going to trigger any damage to the rest of your body, but that doesn’t make it immune to harm.

For the same reason you should also avoid certain hairstyles. Anything that tightens your hair, such as a tight ponytail or corn-rows, should be avoided. Not only can they damage your hair and trigger hair loss, but because they are pulling hair away from the front of your head, they can also cause receding hairlines in females.

Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines in Females

Best Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines in Females

Now that we’ve got the “do not’s” out of the way, let’s take a look at the “do’s”. What follows is a list of hairstyles for receding hairlines in females. These are the hairstyles you should look to try if you are suffering from hair loss, if you think that a receding hairline is becoming a problem or if you have a naturally receded hairline, then these hairstyles can help you to hide the problem.

The Messy Ponytail

One of the best hairstyles of receding hairlines in females is actually one that can cause receding hairlines to begin with. Well, to an extent anyway. The difference is that this ponytail should not be tight. Not only can a tight ponytail cause damage to your hairline, but it can also make your receding hairline more visible.

But a “messy ponytail” does the opposite. It sits loose on your head and allows for the hair to form a fringe of sorts, which covers your hairline. To get this hairstyle you just need to put your hair in a very loose ponytail. Leave a few clumps of hair to flow out at the front so that they fall over your forehead. You still want to be able to sweep them aside, but they should be thick enough to keep your hairline covered at all times.

This is loose enough not to cause any damage to your hairline or any of your hair elsewhere for that matter.


You probably knew this one was coming. This is the ultimate hairstyle for receding hairlines in females. It creates a fringe that covers your forehead completely, which means there is no sign of a receding hairline at all. If you have a really bad receding hairline already, then this might be difficult. The same applies if you don’t have long hair.

But you can let it grow. Just make sure you let the front grow out as well so that you can create this hairstyle. And remember that there are many different styles of bangs. They all serve the same purpose and some will be more suited to you than others. So, experiment with them and see what you can come up with.

Hair Extensions

Wigs are often the first thing that women try when they notice that their hair is receding. However, in most cases these can actually cause more damage. If you are plastering your natural hair to your head all day in order to affix a wig, then you’re doing the same amount of damage as you would from styling your hair into corn-rows.

Instead, simply get some hair extensions and have a play around with them. You can find a way to let your natural hair flow unhindered, while also covering up bald patches at the back and the front of your head.

Go Short

Short Hair in Receding Hairlines in Females

If you hair has only receded a small amount, then you may be able to get away with cutting it short. The shorter you go, the better, in most cases anyway. This works because female hair recedes differently to male hair. In men, the hairline can form an “M” shape, and the less hair there is, the worse this looks. In women, it tends to form a straight line which means that it is less visible the shorter you cut your hair.

Of course, this can be considered a drastic one and it’s not the first hairstyle for receding hair in females that you will want to turn to. But there are benefits to this and if everything else has failed then it may be the best option.

One More Word on Hairstyles for Receding Hairlines in Females

It’s important not to panic if you notice that your hairline is receding. Take a look at our Receding Hair in Women article to learn more about this issue, including the potential causes, cures and more. It is also worth noting that many hair stylists will understand the issue and will know how to help you out. Also, because your hair is unique to you, the hairstyles that will be effective are also unique to you.

So, after you have read through the article linked above, after you have taken a look at these hairstyles to determine what might work and what might not, you should see a stylist. They will look at your hair and they will advise accordingly. They may ask you to grow it out; they may say that you should cut it short. Its thickness, the extent of the recession, whether you have a widow’s peak, and many other factors will come into play. But they will know what to do.

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