Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo: Review, How to Use, More

Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo: Review, How to Use, More

Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo

Bosley is one of the most respected names in the hair growth industry, which makes the Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo a standout item that immediately catches the attention. But does this shampoo work, does it do what it promises to do or is it just an overpriced fad that needs to be thrown on the pile with all the rest of them?

Who are Bosley?

The team behind Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo are better known for their work on hair transplants and other clinical procedures designed to assist with hair loss. They are headquartered in Beverly Hills and they have made their name and their money by appealing to the rich, the famous, and the bald.

Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo is a product that has stemmed from their years of research, their enviable experience and their reputation as a company that can genuinely help with hair growth. This really is a top company and the work they have done really should be commended. However, just because they have excelled in one area doesn’t mean they deserve the same amount of respect in another. In other words, while it;s good to see such a big name on a product like this, it’s important not to take it on face value and to do your research into Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo reviews before deciding if you should make a purchase,

That’s essentially what this guide is for, so let’s get to it. There are many Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo reviews out there but so many of them are biased. This is our Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo review, and it is definitely not biased.

What is Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo?

There are actually many shampoos and other hair care products created by Bosley. Some of these are geared towards men, some are geared towards women. They also have gadgets, such as the Bosley Laser Comb.

The Bosley Professional Strength for Men is one of there leading shampoos. This is said to nourish, to add volume and to assist with hair growth. The Bosley Professional Strength for Women is said to do something very similar. There are also hair thickening fibers and Bosley even offer Propecia medications to their patients, providing they have the required prescription of course.

Does Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo Work?

Yes, and there is a very simple reason for that: Minoxidil. This is the main active ingredient that you can find in the Bosley Hair Growth Shampoos that we discussed above. This is a genuinely effective product. That effectiveness is backed up by countless user reviews and also by experts. It works, there are no two ways about it, but there are other problems at play here.

Firstly, the dose is only 2% Minoxidil. That is not the highest available and it might not be as effective as other solutions because of that. Secondly, you’e paying for the brand and for the added ingredients, which means Bosley Hair Growth Shampoos cost a lot more than a simply generic solution of Minoxidil.

You might be thinking, “So what? It works. It has other beneficial ingredients in there, what’s a few extra dollars?” and if that was the case then you’d be right. But it’s more than few extra dollars. Minoxidil needs to be taken every day for many months in order to give it a real chance to work. The reason so many people have tried and have given up on this product is because they only used it for a few weeks. Really, you can’t say for sure that it hasn’t worked until you have used it for 6 months, as that’s how long it can take.

So as cheap as Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo might be for one or two bottles, it starts to look decidedly less cheap when you purchase a size month supply. And because of those extra ingredients and that 2% formula all causing this to be less potent, you are going to need a lot of bottles.

How to Use Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo

Bosley Hair Growth

This is an FDA approved product, simply because Minoxidil is an FDA approved medication. That will mean a lot to some, and nothing to others. The truth is that just because the FDA have approved it, doesn’t make it safe. There are still side effects and there might still be issues that we have yet to uncover. They are not infallible.

To use Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo you just need to massage the product into your hair everyday and then wash out. It’s as easy as that. The exact instructions depend on the product that you choose though, so be sure to check the instructions on the label before you use it. You should also keep an eye out for side effects. This is something that we need to stress as it’s something that many will overlook, assuming that a little rash or irritation won’t do any harm.

On the contrary, a little issue can easily grow into a bigger issue. If you leave it, then it may grow into something worse. So, watch for side effects and stop using if they appear.

Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo Review

In our opinion, Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo works. It does what it promises to do and in many ways we like the additional ingredients. It’s a great shampoo all round and one that has been created by people who really know what they are doing. If you have the money, it’s worth it. We said the same about Keranique and we have said the same about other shampoos containing Minoxidil.

They work and if the manufacturers get the formula right and add enough beneficial ingredients alongside the Minoxidil, then you have something that grows hair, strengthens hair, makes it smell great and leaves it in perfect condition. It is a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair growth formula all in one, and for people with the money to pay for that pleasure it’s well worth it.

If money is tight, then you should probably leave Bosley Hair Growth Shampoo well alone. You would be much better off with a cheaper Minoxidil from CostCo or Walmart. You can then simply get a decent shampoo and conditioner and you have something that works in a similar way, but is a hell of a lot cheaper.

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