Beard Growth: FAQ (How to Grow, Rate of Grow, Oils)

Beard Growth: FAQ (How to Grow, Rate of Grow, Oils)

Beard Growth

Beards seem to be the “in” thing right now. For men, that is. They haven’t quite caught on with women just yet. But what if you can’t grow a beard? What if it takes you many weeks just to grow something even resembling hair? What are your options? Well, in this beard growth guide we’ll try and help you and your wimpy, scrawny beard out.

We’ll answer the following questions and more:

  • What Beard Oil to Use?
  • When do Beards Grow?
  • How Fast do Beards Grow?
  • How to Grow a Beard?
  • How to Grow a Beard Faster?
  • Why is my Beard Not Growing?
  • Why is my Beard Hair Coarse?

Beard Growth FAQ

Beard trends come and go. What is “hip” today might not necessarily be hip tomorrow. So, just bear in mind that you could spend the next few months doing your best to look like Grizzly Adams, only to discover that the “clean-shaven” look is back in. Such is life, such is fashion. At least you can have some fun doing it. Because as any man will tell you, there is a certain satisfaction that comes from growing a big, full beard and sharing your beardness with your bearded brothers.

What Beard Oil to Use?

There are a number of beard growth oils out there. Some work, some don’t. Some smell great, some smell like your Uncle Steve after a night at the races. Like any industry, there are products that shine and products that should be ignored. Preference also plays a role, as what works for you might not work for someone else.

However, quality is universal and if you take a look at our Beard Growth Products article you can see what we thought of the most popular beard growth oils, creams, sprays and more out there. There seems to be a new one of these hitting the market everyday, so we’ve focused on the best and the most well known.

When do Beards Grow?

When do Beards Grow?

Facal hair begins to grow in men between the ages of 11 and 15, depending on the individual. It begins with hairs above the corners of the lips and then spreads to a mustache by the time they are 16 or 17. Mot men will not develop a full beard until they are in their early twenties, and for some it takes even longer, with the beard not coming in until they are in their late twenties.

So, if you’re a young man and haven’t had your beard come in yet, don’t worry. It will happen in time. And don’t worry if a young friend seems to have jumped a few years ahead and has a full human forest growing on his chin even though you’re the same age and are struggling with a few wisps. Sometimes that happens—everyone is different. If anything, it’s your friend who is abnormal.

And you’re probably better looking than him anyway.

How Fast do Beards Grow?

Believe it or not, hair grows at the same rate, which is a rate of about 1,25 CM per month. As mentioned above, there are people who grow hair quicker than others, but this is more down to them starting the process earlier than anything else. If two people are able to grow full beards, then both of them will grow hair at the same rate.

Most beards will begin to show after a couple weeks and will begin to come in properly after about four weeks. Many men shave it off before it gets a chance to grow in full. They get worried that it is growing in patchy or messy, so they chop it off. But most beards go through this process. If this is happening with your beard you can either clean it up, making it level and getting rid of loose hairs or, preferably, you can just put up with the mess and wait another week or so before it grows in full.

How to Grow a Beard?

Beard Growth

It sounds simple, but you just need to wait. There are no special tricks. You can purchase some oils and creams that might help. There are also hair loss vitamins, hair growth supplements and even hair growing foods that can all help. But basically, it just takes time.

It can become like the “watched pot that never boils” though. If you’re so hellbent on growing a beard, you can get too fussy, too stressed over each stage. It may feel like you’ve been trying forever, even though it has only been a week or two. As a result, you may give up sooner or get frustrated easier.

How to Grow a Beard Faster?

Although vitamins and supplements don’t work for everyone, they can help to condition the hair on your face and they may also be able to help it to grow. Take a look a our articles on eyelash growth and eyebrow growth. You can use the homemade techniques described therein to help with your beard as well. It’s facial hair, so it’s the same principle. And because it’s cheap, accessible and safe, you don’t lose anything even if it fails.

Why is my Beard Not Growing?

Why is my Beard Not Growing?

It probably is, you’re just not giving it time. Beard growth is not a quick process. However, there are other issues that may be stopping it. You may have some form of alopecia. If so, read our article on hair loss in men to learn more. It may simply be that you’re too young and not yet capable.

You can also use Rogaine for this. It works the same on beard growth as it does on hair growth.

In most cases, however, proper beard growth is just about patience.

Why is my Beard Hair Coarse?

It’s hair, so it will be coarse. And if it is short then it will be even coarser. It’s not the hair. It’s not the fact that you have been cutting it either. It’s all down to length. The shorter it is, the coarser it will feel.

Beard growth takes time, as mentioned above, and when it grows it will become softer. However, you should also look to condition it and to use some oils or creams, otherwise it may feel dry and brittle.

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