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Is nettle extract a viable way to fight hair loss and speed up hair growth? Does it work, and if so, how does it work?

Here on Hair Growth Pills we aim to answer those questions as we put nettle extract under the microscope and ask what use it has, if any, at curing baldness and hair loss in both men and women. This page contains articles that all relate to this ingredient in one way or another. It may be that we have given it a full critical review, discussing how you can use it as a standalone product. It may be that we have discussed how it is being used in certain hair loss shampoos, before asking whether said shampoos actually work.

Whatever the reason for being there, these articles will tell you all that you need to know about this extract and its effectiveness in assisting with hair growth.

How to Make Mustache Wax at Home

How to Make Mustache Wax at Home

How to Make Mustache Wax at Home

Want to know how to make mustache wax at home? Do you have questions regarding how to use this wax, how to style with it and want to include in order to improve the strength and the conditioning of your mustache hair? Well you have come to the right place.

Once you learned how to make mustache wax at home then you don’t need to buy the overpriced waxes increasingly being pushed to men of all ages by grooming brands the world over. These waxes, like all beauty products, are made using cheap and simple ingredients, before a fancy package and a huge price tag is added.

There’s no need for this. You can get the same quality, the same benefits and more without paying anything once you learn how to make mustache wax at home. So, let’s get to it and show you just how to do that.

How to Make Mustache Wax at Home

There are two simple ingredients that you can use to make mustache wax at home. One of these, coconut oil, we have discussed a lot already on this website. It is abundant, it is cheap, and it can work wonders on your skin and your hair follicles. Not only that, but it is great for mixing with other substances and for using in waxes, creams and other beauty products.

The second ingredient to make mustache wax at home is beeswax. This is where the consistency comes from, but it’s much more than that. Beeswax can help to protect your hair and it can make styling easy, giving you complete control over the shape of your mustache.

The main purpose of these products is to style. They can also help to create a protective layer for your skin and your hair. They don’t really provide much nourishment to your hair follicles, but that’s not the purpose of these products anyway. It’s all about getting the consistency right and doing so with products that are natural, skin-friendly and easy to get ahold of.

Once you do that then you can start adding additional ingredients to create something that is a little more of a premium product.

Other Mixes to Make Mustache Wax

How to Make Mustache Wax

To combine the two ingredients you just need to add 1 part of each and then gently melt them in a pan. Mix to combine, wait to cool and then you will have a wax. It is as simple as that. If you don’t have coconut oil or you just don’t want to use it, there are other oils that you can use. You really need to keep the beeswax, as it adds a thickness and a viscousness that is essential for the mixture. But you can experiment with the additions.

Soon we will show you how to make mustache wax at home using extra special ingredients in addition to oil and wax. But sticking with the base ingredients all of the following can be used in place of coconut oil. Just bear in mind that you might need to change the recipe a little. Coconut oil sets when it cools, but other oils don’t. So, the more of a liquid it is, the more beeswax you will need to add.

Aragon Oil

This is a great oil to help your hair and skin. That’s why you will find it in shampoo, styling products and more. Argan oil is potent and super healthy stuff. We’ve all been led to believe that it’s also a premium product, which is why you’ll find it being included in countless mustache waxes, gels and creams out there.

Just make sure you get the pure stuff. There are many mixes out there that brand themselves as “argan oil” formulas, but actually contain very small amounts of it. And remember that this is an oil that can be consumed, so you may be able to find it for less in a grocery store.

Olive Oil

Another food that can be consumed but it also considered a premium product, olive oil is a miracle substance. It can help you on the inside and the outside. It’s also very cheap. You will pay more for higher quality oils, of course, but when it comes to putting it on your skin those finer points concerning the taste don’t really matter. A simple extra virgin olive oil will do.

Castor Oil

There are many benefits to castor oil. It’s high in Vitamin E, which can provide many benefits to your skin and your hair follicles. It can also help to kill the bacteria that lies on your skin and inhibits hair growth. So, grow that mustache thicker and longer, while styling it at the same time.

How to Make Mustache Wax at Home: Adding More

Create Mustache Wax

If you want to go the extra mile and create something a little more premium, then you can. All of the following ingredients can be added to create a more nourishing and higher end product, one that more closely resembles the expensive mustache waxes that you can find:

  • Biotin, Vitamin E: There are a few benefits that can work wonders on your hair and your skin. You don’t need to use this in high doses, they are easy to come by and they are perfectly safe and harmless. Many vitamins will not work when applied to the skin, but you can use vitamin like Vitamin E, which most definitely do. Biotin may also help the process.
  • Essential Oils: There are many great essential oils that can be added without changing the consistency of the mustache wax. You just need a few drops and you can combine different ones. Sandalwood oil, lavender oil and sage oil are all great. You can find more on our Essential Oils for Hair Growth page. If you do use essential oils, make sure you don’t go overboard and be sure to mix the liquid well to get an even spread.
  • Extracts: You can use all kind of extracts to help the process. Everything from a lemon peel extract that you can create yourself to nettle extract that is used in many popular hair growth formulas. If it’s safe, it’s cheap and you don’t need a lot of it, then think about adding it to this mixture.
Hair Growth Products: The Best and the Worst Products for Hair Growth

Hair Growth Products: The Best and the Worst Products for Hair Growth

Products for Hair Growth

There are a number of effective hair growth products on the market, products that work for all forms of hair loss and products that are effective for both men and women. Some of these hair growth products are safer than others, some come loaded with side effects and some are more hyperbole than hair growth.

In this hair growth products guide we will help you to separate the effective products from the useless ones, focusing on the very best hair growth pills, hair loss treatments and more on the market.

The Best Hair Growth Products

Rather than pointing out the best products on the market, we’re going to focus on a few key ingredients. These are all supposed to be applied topically (although some will also be beneficial if consumed orally) and you can find them either in pure formulations or mixed in with other ingredients.

Your goal as a consumer is to find products that use these ingredients and don’t use too many other harmful chemical alongside them. These are effective and well known, for the most part. But there is tendency to water them down, to mix them with hair growth products that are mostly useless or even harmful. So, pay attention, focus on pure products or even ones that contain all or most of the ingredients listed below.


Hair Growth Products

Argan oil is one of the best oils on the market right now and one that is finding its way into countless beauty and health products. It can also be eaten. Speaking of which, olive oil is just as beneficial. It may not be as trendy as argan oil, but it serves many of similar benefits. It’s loaded with nourishing, healthy fats that can strengthen your hair from the root to he tip. It also contains vitamins like Vitamin E which is good for both the skin and the hair.

Other oils to look out for include omega 3 and omega 6. Castor oil is also a very potent oil for hair loss and one that we have discussed many times already on this website. Fish oil, flax oil and other nourishing oils should also be considered, although it takes a brave person to smother their scalp in fish oil.

Topical Vitamins

Many vitamins just won’t work when applied directly to your head, no matter what the shampoo labels and commercials want you to believe. There are ones that have been proven to be effective when applied direct though. These include Vitamin E, as mentioned above. It also includes B Vitamins like Biotin and Niacin.

Biotin in particular is essential in the formulation of new and strong hair follicles. It is used by the body when producing hair and without it very little keratin would be produced and very little hair would grow. It’s very difficult to get too much Biotin, so you can consume it through your food, through a supplement and through a topical solution. It’s still important not to overdo it though, but for the most part it is safe in high doses, which is why Biotin supplements contain such a high concentration.

FDA Approved Medication

Best-Hair Growth Products

If you’re a man then you can use Finasteride, which also goes by the brand name Propecia. This works by stopping the production of DHT. This chemical is known to enlarge the prostate and it can also trigger hair loss. In those sensitive to DHT the hair loss can be particularly bad, which is why this is one of the main causes of hair loss in men.

This medication works for the majority of men that use it. It has side effects, but these are mostly harmless. However, it has not been approved for use in women because some of the more serious side effect include the potential to cause birth defects in pregnant women.

If you are a woman then Minoxidil is a good alternative, and one that has been approved by the FDA for both sexes. There are specific formulations of Woman’s Minoxidil and Men’s Minoxidil, and you can also find this substance used in formulations like Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment.


Saw Palmetto works in much the same way as Finasteride and, like Finasteride, it is also a very effective hair loss treatment for men. It reduces DHT, it stops hair loss at the source and it can also help to make the hair stronger. What’s more, this is a natural extract taken from the berries of a plant that grows in the wild. It has been used for its curative properties for many years and is seen as an essential medication in older men who are suffering from prostate problems and do not want to use, or can not use, Finasteride. Aloe vera is also an effective extract, one that is soothing and moisturizing and one that may be ale to work wonders on your hair as well.

There are other extracts as well, although few of them have been proven to be as effective. For instance, the product Viviscal uses something known as Nettle Extract. This is an effective product, so it could be an effective extract, but even if that was the case then it is likely only effective when consumed. The same may apply to things like Blueberry Extract, which are also used in similar formulations.

Balms and More

Worst-Hair Growth Products

Coconut oil is another top product that is safe, natural, easy to acquire and may be able to help. This is actually the meat of the coconut as opposed to an oil, but it can be made into an oily, waxy substance that is easy to massage into the scalp and the hair. You can also make your own balms, either by combining ingredients mentioned above or by using things like lemon peel. If you leave this to sit in an oily substance then the Vitamin C and the starchy goodness of the peel will leech into the oil and create an effective hair growth balm.

The Worst Hair Growth Products

There are hair growth products that just don’t work, at least in our opinion. There are many reasons for this and as a consumer it’s up to you to determine if any of them apply to the product in question.

One of the first things you should focus on is the marketing claims made on the label. Many poorer quality products will make big claims about certain ingredients, even though they only contain them in very small quantities. One of the biggest claims being made right now is for “argan oil shampoo”. There are many top products out there that contain this oil in abundance, and some of there are 100% pure argan oil. But there are also many that contain an infinitesimal amount and yet make bold claims on the label and in the promotional materials. They know as well as you do that a product containing such a small amount of argan oil is not effective, so if they are claiming otherwise then they’re just after your money and should be avoided.

We would also advise caution against products that contain caffeine. This seems to be one of the “in” things right now and there are many bold claims being made about it. But the truth is, there is no proof regarding the effectiveness (or otherwise) of caffeine when used in a shampoo. In our experience, products like Alpecin can help to condition your hair, but we have yet to receive any proof that it actually helps to grow your hair or to limit hair loss.

Eyelash Growth Serum: Five of the Best on the Market

Eyelash Growth Serum: Five of the Best on the Market

Eyelash Growth Serum

Want to grow your eyelashes? Eyelash growth serums could be the answer. As the name suggests, these products are designed to be applied to the eyelashes in order to stimulate growth. And while that sounds like a con sold to you by the cosmetics industry, there is a lot of truth to it.

On Hair Growth Pills we have covered hair growth formulas extensively. We have told you have certain foods can help you to grow your eyelashes and how certain vitamins can help with hair growth. Of course, just because such things exist and have been proven to be effective, doesn’t mean that every single product on the mark is legit. So, to make your life easier we have weeded out the ineffective products and the downright useless products and have compiled a list of the five best eyelash growth serums on the market.

We’re not saying that the eyelash growth serums not on this list are useless. We’re just saying that we have studied, used and researched most of them and these are our pick of the bunch.

5. Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum


This is one of the simpler and less attractively packaged eyelash growth serums on the list. However, it’s also one of the cheapest, which balances things out a little. Of course, if this product didn’t work very well then it wouldn’t even be on this list, but we found it to be really effective and we were quite pleasantly surprised considering just how cheap it was.

Rapidlash Eyelash Enhancing Serum is easy to apply and contains a formula enriched with all kinds of proteins, minerals and amino acids, all of which serve to strengthen the hair and the follicles, while being kind to your skin at the same time.

You need to use this eyelash growth serum twice a day and you should begin to see effects within a few weeks. In our experience, it can take just a couple weeks for noticeable effects to show. But it may also take as long as 6 to 8 weeks.

4. Biotin Infused Lash & Brow Elixer

Biotin Infused Lash Brow Elixir

Created by Body Merry, this is a very simple product, evem more so than Rapidlash. We didn’t expect a lot from this product. It doesn’t make the big promises that some of the other eyelash growth serums on this page do, and even its name doesn’t promise much. But contrary to what that name suggests, this serum contains much more than simple Biotin. There are many other B Vitamins here, as well as other ingredients that can help your eyelashes to grow.

What’s more, Biotin Infused Lash & Brow is by far the cheapest product on this list. And if you focus on price per fluid ounce, it’s even cheaper. The other eyelash growth serums we discuss all come in small vials and bottles, and some of them are quite expensive. But this product is cheaper than rival products and the bottle is also much bigger. It might not be the fastest working serum or the most effective one, but it does work and if you’re on a budget it’s perfect.

3. Babe Lash

Babe Lash

Babe Lash is the both the name of the eyelash growth serum and the company that creates it. This product promises to give you thicker and longer lashes and for the most part, it delivers on that promise. Babe Lash uses a unique formula to attain this growth and most experience reports are positive.

In our own experience, Babe Lash didn’t quite achieve the growth that some of the other eyelash growth serums managed. However, we didn’t experience any kind of irritation or any other unpleasant side effects, we really liked the applicator and the presentation, and the overall experience was very pleasant. Babe Lash also focuses on conditioning your eyelashes, which is something that many similar products (not to mention customers) ignore. This is a crucial aspect of eyelash growth and it’s good to see that Babe Lash have paid attention to it with this product.

Whats more, Babe Lash is very affordable. It’s not the cheapest eyelash growth serum out there and it’s standard price is actually quite expensive. But there seem to be a glut of sales out there for this product and we found more sites selling it at a deep discount than we did sites selling it for its suggested retail price.

2. GrandeLASH-MD


If you look for eyelash growth serums on Amazon, GrandLASH-MD will likely appear first. Thats because this is the bestselling eyelash growth serum on Amazon, one that has proved to be a huge hit with US customers. GrandeLASH-MD was designed to be used on both your eyelashes and your eyebrows. It promises results that you can see within just two weeks.

GrandeLASH-MD not only speeds up hair growth, but it also makes your eyelashes look thicker, adding volume and turning those overly-pruned eyebrows and those weedy eyelashes into something you can be proud of.

The reasons GrandeLASH-MD doesn’t make it to our number 1 spot are because it’s a little more expensive than some other products and some users have reported that it has irritated their skin and their eyes.

1. Talika Lipocils Expert Supplement

Talika Lipocils

This is a premium product in every sense of the word. It has a sleek design and a high quality feel, and it also has a rather substantial price tag. Talika Lipocils, which was created by Talika Paris, will cost you around $60. However, it promises to deliver results much quicker than other eyelash growth serums, and it lives up to that promise.

In our own experience, Talika Lipocils produces results in as little as a few weeks, with the average being just 28 days. Talka Lipocils is a gel that is easy to apply and doesn’t leak or run. The gel is enriched with many effective hair growth vitamins that you will find in most eyelash growth serums. But it also contains some unique ingredients like Horse Chestnut and Nettle Extract.

There are ingredients that soothe, ingredients that have a hydrating effect and ingredients that have an anti-inflammatory effect. It covers many bases at once, and that’s what makes this our number 1 eyelash growth serum.