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It may seem like a simple, delicious foodstuff, but there are a wealth of benefits to honey. Not only does it have plenty of antibacterial properties, but it may also help your skin and your hair. In these articles we look at the many benefits of honey. We will ask whether this is an effective cure for hair loss and baldness, whether it can stimulate hair growth in anyway, or whether it’s all hype.

On Hair Growth Pills we are always looking for cheap and safe ways to grow hair. We give equal time to FDA approved medications, of course. But these are expensive and many potential users are worried about their effectiveness. So, we look to foodstuffs like honey as an alternative. It is something you can buy cheaply in your local grocery store, something that you may already have in your home. And after applying it into your hair or your scalp, who knows just what wonders it can work.

E’TAE Hair Products: Review, Cost, Where to Buy

E’TAE Hair Products: Review, Cost, Where to Buy

ETAE Hair Products

Natural is always best. That’s what we believe and it’s what many of the better companies in the haircare industry also believe. One such company is E’TAE Hair Products, who create natural products for natural hair. These products may be able to help with everything from hair loss to damage, split ends and other issues.

Or at least, that’s what the marketing says. But what is the truth? In this E’TAE Hair Products review we’ll look at this brand and at these products; we’ll see what they contain and that the science says; and we’ll also ask customers for their opinions.

Whether you’re new to E’TAE Natural Products or not, you’ll be fully educated on them by the end of this guide.

What are E’TAE Hair Products

As a brand E’TAE Hair Products have been going strong for over 16 years. They were first founded back in 1999 by Kisha Tompkins-Hudson, who had over 25 years as hairstylist behind her. The goal was to create a range of natural products for natural hair, inspiring women to stick with what they have and to avoid using damaging weaves and hair extensions.

E’TAE Natural Products have been used by thousands of customers all over the world and they have achieved a sizable following throughout the United States. There is actually an E’TAE salon, and a very popular one at that, but you can find E’TAE Natural Products in online and offline stores everywhere.

Do E’TAE Hair Products Work?

They are not miracle hair growth formulas and they probably won’t even trigger any hair growth. But they do contain a wealth of helpful ingredients that should be able to improve the condition of your hair and to give it everything it needs to grow strong and healthy. As we have said many times on this site, hair loss is often the result of bad hair care, bad nutrition, and an excessive use of chemicals.

By using E’TAE Natural Products you are helping with the haircare aspect and you are avoiding the use of chemicals. You are also getting some of those essential hair vitamins in a topical form. So, while E’TAE Natural Products probably won’t trigger hair growth, they may be able to stop hair loss.

Not quite the same thing, but it is just as useful and beneficial for many of us.

What do E’TAE Natural Products Contain?

There are many different products in the E’TAE range and they all make use of natural ingredients. Some of these have been discussed already here on Hair Growth Pills. Basically, E’TAE Natural Products have done their research and have learned what natural ingredients are helpful for the hair growth process, what ingredients can add volume and what ingredients can improve the overall quality of the hair.

You will find all of the following used generously in E’TAE Natural Products:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: A natural product wouldn’t be complete without a little apple cider vinegar. This is a cure-all when consumed and when applied direct.
  • Honey: An antibacterial product, honey also adds a gentle sweetness and thickness. It’s 100% natural and it has been used by humans for thousands of years.
  • Vitamin E: This is a vitamin that works wonders for the skin and is effective as a topical solution. It can be found in aloe vera and is often added to skin creams and haircare products.
  • Lavender: A natural plant that we all know can relax us, lavender can also soothe the scalp and relax the hair follicles. It also smells great and has a soothing effect on the mind.
  • Rosemary and Sage: When turned into essential oils, these two herbs unlock a huge array of benefits that are great for your hair, your skin and your body in general.
  • Coconut Oil: Another popular ingredient that can help with haircare and skincare.

They also include a few chemicals. These aren’t as freely advertised on the E’TAE Natural Products website, but they are used. Fortunately, they are not harmful and they are nothing to worry about. They include a simple glycerin, sourced from vegetables, and citric acid.

What we Think of E’TAE Hair Products

ETAE Natural Products

We are big fans of this brand. It is often seen as something that should only be used by black women and girls. This is where the brand had is beginnings, but everyone can benefit from natural and healthy hair products like this. So, not only is E’TAE Hair Products a brand that helps to bring out the beauty in natural African-American hair, but it is one that everyone else can benefit from as well.

Hair is hair, and natural ingredients are beneficial to all. So, if you want the best then we suggest you pickup some E’TAE Hair Products or book yourself into their state-of-the-art salon.

E’TAE Hair Products Reviews Elsewhere

E’TAE Natural Products has been well received throughout the United States and has become a leading brand in this industry. It has had a long time to establish itself, but it was one of the few bands to start offering completely natural haircare products back then, which has helped to keep it in the public conscious today. These days everyone is doing it, but it’s easier to trust a brand that has been doing it for longer and therefore has a better idea of what works and what doesn’t, while also understanding just what customers want.

Should you Buy E’TAE Hair Products?

Yes! They really do what they say and they really are beneficial. What’s more, E’TAE Natural Products are also as natural as they claim to be. Too many times “natural” products contain host of horrible ingredients that should not be added to your skin or hair. That’s because there is a very loose definition of “natural” that allows companies to take liberties.

E’TAE Natural Products haven’t done that. It is a brand created by a mother who wanted the best for her daughter and it is a brand that can also offer you the very best for you children and for yourself.

Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner: Do They Work? What’s the Best One?

Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner: Do They Work? What’s the Best One?

Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner
There are a number of hair growth products out there. To cater for the increased demand many manufacturers are creating hair growth shampoo and conditioner sets, offering a two-in-one product and marketing this product as the ultimate hair growth formula.

The question is, do these products work? Is it just big and bold marketing claims that have no basis, or do they do what they promise to do?

It’s time for some home truths about hair growth shampoo and conditioner sets. The manufacturers are not going to like this, but it’s about time the people knew.

Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner: The Truth

It’s time for a dose of honesty, because the hair industry has been lying to you. In fact, they have told a number of lies, so much so that it would take all day if we went through them and corrected them in turn.

In this case the most important lie to get out of the way is that shampoos and supplements are some kind of magic bullets that can give you the hair you want. We have mentioned this before here on Hair Growth Pills, but it’s worth mentioning again: these products are 90% snake oil and 10% truths.

We can compare using these products to taking a Vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C deficiency can cause problems with the skin and the immune system, and people who get a good dose of it can limit such problems. This doesn’t mean that those products that give you 1,000% of your RDA of vitamin C are going to cure the common cold, but because of the damage that a deficiency can do, it’s not a complete lie.

There are another couple of issues with these hair growth shampoo and conditioner sets:

Marketing Gimmicks and Labels

We all know that honey and olive oil are good for you and we know they are natural and safe. Shampoo companies play off this knowledge. They add products like this to their shampoo and they play on that addition, making a big deal about it and talking about it like it will aid in the process of hair growth and general haircare.

There is some truth to that, but not much. Olive oil is a great protector and nourisher for your hair, but not in the dosages you will find in shampoo. Honey, on the other hand, has strong anti-bacterial properties and does work in smaller doses, but unless you have a bacterial infection, then what good will it do you?

This gimmick is best seen with caffeine. The public perception of caffeine is of a drug that can speed things up, as that’s how it works in our bodies. This has led to all kinds of lies. They add it to painkillers and pretend that it can speed-up absorption, even though that’s just not true. And they have started adding it to hair growth shampoo and conditioner sets to claim that it works miracles.

Just because it wakes you up in the morning doesn’t mean it will do the same for your hair. Your follicles work in a completely different way and this is just not effective.

Price and Dosage

Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Sets, Learn the Truth

As mentioned above, the dosage of these ingredients is the main problem in most cases. Price is also a big issue. Many hair growth shampoo and condoner sites will focus on ingredients like argan oil, oats, honey and other natural products. But when you look at the ingredient list, it’s all water and chemicals, with only a trace amount of these natural products.

If you were to simply buy argan oil an those other ingredients in their pure form and then bring them together to crate your own product then you would have something more effective and more pure, while also costing you considerably less.

These shampoos are out to get your money and convince you that they are worth every cent. The benefits are second, the profits are first, and when marketing is such a powerful and effective tool, the benefits are often overlooked entirely.

Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner: Do They Work At All?

There are some exceptions to what we discussed above. It’s just a case of sorting the wheat from the chaff. Anytime something plays on the addition of caffeine, dismiss it. Whenever something claims to be natural, but contains ingredients better suited for a breakfast platter, dismiss it or make it yourself.

There are two types of hair growth shampoo and conditioner sets that work. The first of these are the ones that use FDA approved medications like Minoxidil. This is a proven and very effective medication that really can help you to grow hair. It’s not natural and it’s not entirely safe either, but it is effective.

The problem is you can also overpay here. There are products that contain Minoxidil and nothing more, but they are given a fancy label and a huge markup. Then there are products like Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment, which contain Minoxidil, but also has a few other helpful ingredients and is generally a pleasant formula.

The others substances you should focus on are the ones that combine healthy oils, essential oils and other ingredients that have been proven to actually help with hair growth. Such is the case with Wild Growth Hair Oil. This is a combination of all the things that work and while it’s still cheaper to make it yourself, it’s not by a great deal and the added convenience is worth a few dollars extra.

Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner: Do You Need Both?

In most cases you will just need a shampoo, but this is not always the case. The job of shampoo is to clean your hair. In doing this, however, it washes out natural oils that leave you hair exposed. So, by using conditioner you are adding those oils back to your hair. If you use a hair growth shampoo though then its job is often to clean and to add additional oils, so a conditioner may leave your hair with more oils.

So, our advice is to use as instructed. If you find a treatment that contains both a shampoo and a conditioner then you should use them together, as they were likely made that way for a reason. If there is a shampoo on its own, then make sure you use it on its own and that you don’t use a separate conditioner afterwards. Doing so may undo some of the work done by the hair growth shampoo, washing out the beneficial ingredients.

How to Make Your Eyebrows Grow: Cheap, Effective Home Remedies

How to Make Your Eyebrows Grow: Cheap, Effective Home Remedies

How to Make Your Eyebrows Grow

Women have a close relationship with their hair and their eyelashes. There are times when they think the former could be thicker and the latter could be longer, but for the most part, they are happy (somewhat) with them both. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find a woman who is 100% happy with their eyebrows 100% of the time.

Some women like to shave them off and pencil them in everyday. Others prefer to go for a tattoo, essentially making that process permanent. However, it’s much better to keep your original eyebrows and to play with what you have. If they are thick and strong, there’s so much you can do with them and they look infinitely better than those thin, emotionless lines you’re drawing on your face everyday!

In this article we’ll show you how to make your eyebrows grow. Once they are thick and strong, then the world (or rather your face) is your oyster and you can make of it what you will. We take no responsibility for anything that you create beyond that point (unless it’s amazing, in which case it was all us) but we will help you to get there.

How to Make Your Eyebrows Grow

There are a number of home remedies that you can use to make your eyebrows grow and that’s what we will cover in this guide on “How to Make Your Eyebrows Grow”. Before we get to that point though there are a few other things you can do to ensure your hair and your skin is well prepared. Consider it a foundation of good beauty and great hair.

The first thing you should do is take a look at our baldness cures, which can help to get rid of those bald spots; our vitamin for hair loss article, which can strengthen your hair; and our hair loss in women article, which can help with a number of issues. If you’re a man then you can also check with our beard growth products article and our guide on saw palmetto.

Right, now that we’ve got that self promotion out of the way, it’s time to get to the reason you’re here: how to make your eyebrows grow. First up, it’s a favorite of ours, something that should be found in every beauty collection, but something often resigned to your grandmother’s medicine box, along with a bottle of iodine and enough painkillers to kill a herd of elephants.

Caster Oil

Caster Oil for Eyebrows

You grandmother’s favorite constipation cure is also our favorite hair growth cure. If you want to know how to make your eyebrows grow then look no further. Not only can this oil effectively kill the microorganisms that cling to your hair and restrict growth, but it can also stimulate your hair follicles and encourage growth. What’s more, it is rich in Vitamin E, which is brilliant for speeding up hair growth.

To use caster oil on your eyebrows, simply coat a cotton swab in the substance and then gently rub it on your brow. Don’t use too much of it—you don’t want it to drip into your eyes. Once you have applied a thin layer, then spend a few minutes massaging your eyebrows. By that point it should have dried and stopped running.

You can either leave it in for a few hours and then wash off, or you can leave it in overnight. But even the simple act or rubbing it in and massaging will be effective.

Coconut Oil

This has been hailed as the “next big thing”. If you believe bloggers and “health experts” then coconut oil is both a superfood, a medical marvel and the ultimate mouthwash. We don’t know about any of that, but we do know that it is effective at making your eyebrows grow longer.

To use coconut oil, just follow the same steps as outlined above for the caster oil. Its effects tend not to be as instant though, so in this case you should look to leave it in overnight.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil for Eyebrows

This can also be used in the same way as the caster oil treatment, and it will react in much the same way as well. Just make sure you warm the oil slightly first. You don’t want it boiling hot and spitting, of course, but you want it to be warm to the touch. You can also mix the oil with a little honey so that it sticks to your face better. What’s more, honey has an antibacterial effect that may help to kill those troublesome organisms that are restricting growth.

Olive oil is a little more readily available and is probably already sitting in your kitchen cupboards. This is a truly wonderful substance and is every bit of a medical marvel that coconut oil has been labelled as.

Not only is it a great foodstuff, but olive oil’s benefits have also been noted by the medical community. It is used to clear blocked ear wax and is also prescribed for certain skin conditions. It’s a miracle substance and it works just as well at growing your eyebrows.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds for Eyebrows

A staple of middle eastern and Asian cooking, fenugreek seeds are a great way to spice up a dish, but they can also help you to grow your eyebrows. They are rich in amino acids and protein, which is what all hair needs. They also contain nicotinic acid, which can help to promote hair growth and rebuild damaged policies.

To create a concoction with these seeds, simply soak a handful of them in water for at least 6 hours. That will soften them up and allow you to easily grind them into a paste. Once you do that you can add a little honey, olive oil and/or coconut oil. Not too much. You still want a paste-like substance, but if you can also benefit from the goodness of those substances, then why not go for it?

Apple the paste to your eyebrows and wait for it to harden before going to bed. You can wash it off in the morning and then repeat the process a few times a week. You should notice the effects in a matter of weeks.