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Legal Cases Brought Against Haircare Supplements and Companies

Legal Cases Brought Against Haircare Supplements and Companies

Legal Cases Haircare

The haircare industry is not always clean and above board. The beauty industry on the whole attracts a lot of fraudsters, as well as companies willing to take a chance at the expense of customer health. This is why there are people out there still wary of taking supplements, even if they don’t contain anything harmful. It’s why there is a certain stigma attached to “miracle cures”.

Of course, for the most part, the industry really is clean and the companies that profit from it really do have the customer’s best interests at heart. Not because they are really nice people, but because they don’t want to get sued. Killing your customers is never good for business.

There are exceptions though and when these occur they can be shocking, providing a wake-up call to everyone who ever thought that just because a product was endorsed by a big celebrity or had a huge marketing campaign behind it, it was perfectly safe.

WEN Hair Care

We have discussed the WEN Hair Care legal case before here on Hair Growth Pills. It is a line of haircare products that is currently the subject of a class action lawsuit. This brand is owned by a huge company, one that has its hands in many pies, and so this is a particularly shocking case.

The allegations here are that WEN caused customers to lose their hair and suffer damage to their scalp. This is a product that they took in order to reverse those issues in the first place and to basically improve the conditioning of their hair, but according to this lawsuit, it had the opposite effect. The claims were disputed and as far as we can tell, a direct link was not established between the product and the issue caused, but the circumstantial evidence is huge and it looks like the company is lining up the funds to pay customers involved in the class action lawsuit.


There are different reasons for filing a class action lawsuit and a personal injury claim. It could be a case of defective drugs, whereby the product is somehow defective and causes harm as a result. It could be that claims are being made that have no basis in truth, and it’s the latter that has gotten BabyGanics a lot of bad press over the years.

This brand sells organic baby products, including shampoo. They claim that this shampoo is “tear-free, gentle, non-allergic and safe for infants”. But many customers disagreed and a few lawsuits have been filed as a result. Some of the allegations lodged against this company include statements that suggest some of their organic ingredients were not organic, and that some claims of products being “mineral-free” were false and/or misleading.

There were some more worrying cases as well, as discussed by ClassAction. These include an allegation that their shampoo led to an infant’s eyes burning and that their wipes caused a rash to spread on a five-week old child.

TRESemme Naturals

When it comes to haircare giants, they don’t come much bigger than TRESemme. These guys are generally very well respected in this industry and many experts recommend their products. However, this one in particular has been at the heart of a lawsuit by ClassAction.com, as well as many allegations lodged by suspicious customers online.

The legal team behind this lawsuit alleged that some of the ingredients used in TRESemme Naturals were synthetic even though the product was marketed as being 100% natural. This might sound like an innocent claim, but if it’s true then it’s false advertising and it’s something that many customers take very seriously. If you’re buying something based on the fact that it’s 100% natural, then you expect that to be the case.

Apparently, the lawsuit was actually settled by owners Unilever in 2016. A similar one was also filed against Herbal Essences Wild Naturals for similar reasons, although this one seems to still be open.

What To Do?

Just because these lawsuits exist and this is happening behind the scenes of the biggest companies, doesn’t mean you should stop buying your favorite product. After all, in many cases the lawsuits are brought against companies for false advertising, as opposed to anything that could cause serious harm. What’s more, while you might expect many of these to be brought against supplements, the number of shampoos involved in such lawsuits actually outnumbers those brought against supplements.

Of course, you could avoid synthetic, branded shampoos and hair pills altogether. You can still get by using quality (and safe) tools and techniques. So, for the best hair tips, check out this guide and click here to get more information on the right tools for proper haircare.