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There are a lot of positive reviews out there for the Dermaroller. There are people who have been convinced that this is a miracle treatment for baldness. They have been told that it can help with all kinds of skin complaints, from scars and stretch marks, to acne and more. There are just as many claims that Dermaroller can help to grow hair where there was none before, such as on a receding hairline.

The question is, are these claims genuine? Is this a helpful product? We like to provide honest and unbiased reviews here on Hair Growth Pills, and we have followed through with that promise by providing a Dermaroller review that is every bit as honest, every bit as genuine and every bit as helpful as everything that we have done before.

It may not be as positive as the reviews you have read before. In fact, it is most definitely not. But at least it is honest. So, to see what we have to say about this product, just follow the linked articles below and take a look at what we offer on Hair Growth Pills.

Rare Treatments to Reverse Hair Loss (Cortisone, Stem Cell, Microneedling)

Rare Treatments to Reverse Hair Loss (Cortisone, Stem Cell, Microneedling)

Reverse Hair Loss

We have covered a great number of treatments to help you reverse hair loss here on Hair Growth Pills. In this guide we’ll cover the areas as yet untouched. You probably already have a good idea of what the common treatments are. If you have been suffering with hair loss yourself, then there’s a good chance you have gone over these many times before. But there are many more treatments out there if you read the literature, take onboard the available research and prepare yourself to try something new.

It’s those treatments that we will focus on here. So, we’re taking a break from common treatments like Minoxidil, Finasteride and Hair Growth Products and we’ll cover options such as:

  • Cortisone Shots for Hair Loss
  • Microneedling for Hair Loss
  • Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss
  • Baking Soda for Hair Loss
  • Cedarwood Oil for Hair Loss

The question is, do these work, is the research genuine and promising, or is it just more expensively branded snake oil for an industry that already has its fair share?

Cortisone Shots for Hair Loss

Cortisone Shots Hair Loss

There are very few prescribed treatments out there to assist with hair growth, but this is one of them. If you are using cortisone shots for hair loss then they should have been prescribed by a qualified physician and they should be given by a medical professional in a controlled environment.

You can use cortisone shots for hair loss in many forms, including alopecia, which is often considered to be completely incurable. You can also use them to reverse hair loss that is temporary, as discussed on the NHS site in the UK, where it is considered a viable treatment for all kinds of hair loss, including Male Pattern Baldness.

Cortisone shots for hair loss involves the injection of steroids into the bald patches of the scalp. This is repeated over the course of several weeks and should be able to stimulate growth more or less immediately. They can be used on the scalp and they can also be used on the face to help with beard growth and other hair growth.

The purpose of cortisone shots for hair loss is to stop the immune system from attacking the hair follicle, which is the main cause of alopecia. It can also help to reverse hair loss in those who do not suffer from this condition. However, while there are few effective treatments out there for people who suffer from alopecia, there are many from those whose hair loss is triggered by something else. If you’re in the category, then you should always look to try another solution before opting for cortisone shots to control your hair loss.

Microneedling for Hair Loss

Microneedling Hair Loss

Microneedling is one of the most popular methods out there right now to reverse hair loss, and it seems that you can’t visit a clinic, a salon or indeed a hair growth website without hearing about microneedling for hair loss. The most popular method out there right now is the Dermaroller, which we have already discussed in our Dermaroller Review page.

Microneedling for hair loss has been shown to be effective in some patients, but it’s primary purpose seems to be to help with skin problems such as acne and stretch marks, and it hasn’t shown as much promise with regards to hair loss. This one is still very much open for debate, and while we generally had a negative opinion on it in the aforementioned review (experts advice caution as it can be unsafe and should not be performed unsupervised or by anyone other than licensed professional) it’s one that we are still considering ourselves.

We would advise leaving microneedling for hair loss to the professionals. Try other methods first and only come back to this if nothing else works, if you can get it done by a professional and if you’re not resorting to buying the expensive roller yourself and performing the treatment in your own home.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss

Stem Cell Therapy Hair Loss

Stem cell therapy for hair loss is one of the most effective treatments out there as far as we can tell. It is a non surgical treatment that involves the triggering of stem cells, which are forced to regrow new hairs to reverse hair loss. These cells can be found in the hair follicle and the goal of stem cell therapy for hair loss is to activate them in order for that hair to come through like it should and like it perhaps one did.

It has been hailed by many as a miracle baldness cure, with business site and magazine Forbes describing it as just that. As with all treatments to reverse hair loss, however, it’s not all positive. It doesn’t work all of the time, it’s not for everyone and it is also one of the most expensive treatment options available, if not the most expensive period.

Baking Soda for Hair Loss

Baking Soda for Hair Loss

There are people who believe that baking soda can fix anything, from cuts and bruises to stains and more. This isn’t just something you use to bake a cake and there are even suggestions that you can use baking soda for hair loss. As with any other cheap and “miraculous” cures, there are many faults with this method, but there are some benefits to it as well.

Firstly, it can help to remove harmful and toxic residue from your hair. This can come from the environment and from the things you come into contact with on a day-to-day basis. But the majority of the harmful residue comes from the products we use, whether to color, to clean or to style. By removing this you can successfully reverse hair loss and bring your hair back to a natural state.

This is especially true if you have recently spent time in a pool or hot-tub, as it can also help to remove chlorine. All of these chemicals can damage your hair and they can also stunt growth. It’s unlikely that you will experience any significant hair growth, but you can still use baking soda for hair loss. At best it will help with a little growth, at worst it will clean your hair and strengthen it.

To use it, simply mix the baking soda with water and then massage into your hair from the root to the tip. Leave it in your hair for a few minutes and then wash it off. You may begin to reverse hair loss immediately–assuming it works, that is.

Cedarwood Oil for Hair Loss

Baking Soda for Hair Loss

You can use cedarwood oil for hair loss because it is said to help stimulate the hair follicles, which in turn can help to promote growth. It does this by helping to increase circulation, which will help to supply the hair follicles with the nutrients they need.

Cedarwood oil is often used in combination with other oils, including rosemary oil and sage oil. Combined, these essential oils can be very powerful, but in all honesty, it’s unlikely that you will experience many results from them. This is definitely the case if you use cedarwood oil and the other oils by themselves.

However, as with the hair loss treatments mentioned above, while it might not help with hair growth, it can strengthen the hair and it will also smell rather unique. Other oils that are often used for hair growth, whether on their own or in combination with cedarwood oil include chamomile oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, thyme oil and peppermint.

Dermaroller for Hair Loss: Reviews, Results, Impact on Hairline

Dermaroller for Hair Loss: Reviews, Results, Impact on Hairline

Does Dermaroller work for Hair Loss?

You don’t have to go very far to read an article on “Dermaroller for hair loss” or to find a glut of Dermaroller reviews. We know because we have seen them ourselves. But there are a few problems with those reviews.

Firstly, Dermaroller, like a lot of “premium” hair growth products and beauty products, seems to have a lot of affiliates. There are adverts, sponsored posts, and plenty of reviews that point to sales pages, Amazon affiliate pages and more. All of this means it’s very hard to find a genuine opinion on whether Dermaroller works for hair loss.

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Here on Hair Growth Pills, we understand the need for affiliates. It’s how content sites make money. We know that because we use them ourselves. However, we have always put honesty first, because we know that fake reviews can be spotted a mile off, and that readers just don’t want anything to do with them.

So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide a Dermaroller review of our own. In this guide we’ll answer the following questions and more, all of which have been put to us by our readers:

  • How Effective is Dermaroller for Hair Loss?
  • Are Dermaroller Before and After Photos Genuine?
  • Does Dermaroller Work for Acne Scars?
  • Can Dermaroller Help my Hairline?
  • Does Dermaroller Work for Stretch Marks?

What is Dermaroller?

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. This product is as the name suggests: it’s a simple roller that you apply to the skin. It is designed to “regenerate” and “repair” the skin and has been hailed as a natural, effective treatment for all kinds of conditions. If you heed to the many Dermaroller reviews, as well as the claims made by people trying to sell this product (either directly or indirectly) then it can help with everything from receding hairlines, hair loss, dry skin, wrinkles and more.

One of the things that has helped to draw so much attention to this product is the claims that it can get rid of stretch marks and acne scars. These are some of the holy grails of the beauty industry. Anyone who finds a cure for stretch marks and acne scars has found a goose that will never stop laying golden eggs. But does this seemingly simple product do that?

Probably not. In fact, we’d be amazed if it did.

How it Works

Dermaroller Review

Dermaroller essentially works by puncturing small holes into your skin and then waiting for them to heal. That’s it. This is not a miracle hair loss treatment. It’s not a game-changing supplement. And that seems to be one of the things that has attracted to many to this product. They have grown tired of supplements that promise a lot and don’t work, or have a long list of side effects. They want something quick, easy, relatively painless, and completely devoid of side effects. Dermaroller is the perfect product for them, promising everything. But that’s all it is: a promise.

This device is everything that we want from a miracle treatment. And like all “good” miracle treatments it sells because it does show some positive results, just not to the extent you might think.

The Dermaroller Does Work

There is some science behind the claims of the Dermaroller. This gradual damage to your skin will speed-up the regeneration process. It will lead to skin that looks better and feels better. It will take time, but the benefits are there. We have seen many before and after pictures and we have tried it ourselves as well. From what we can gather, some of these images are legitimate. But the ones that look too good to be true, nearly always are.

We tried it ourselves several months ago when we just couldn’t avoid this fad anymore. We’d heard so much that we just had to try it. We were skeptical, as you can expect. To begin with, we didn’t feel anything (except the pain of a dozen needles, of course) and we didn’t notice anything. We actually hated it more at this stage as it has a way of making your skin look like it has been severely sunburned. Not a great look when you’re hitting the tiles or going on a date.

Over time, however, that faded away and the results came through. When the skin healed, it seemed to be firmer. It looked better. It felt better. Not by a great deal, but there were positive effects there, there was no denying that.

Of course, then you have to go through the process again. More pricks. More damage and more looking like you’ve been pulled face-first through a rose bush. And again, the effects are there. Each time we noticed a slight improvement and each time we were surprised by this.

However, when we say “slight” we mean it, and that is the problem with this treatment.

Dermaroller Results

Dermaroller Results

Our Dermaroller review isn’t as positive as the ones you might be used to. We will admit that there are some results, and they are positive…in the end. However, there are a few points that need addressing before we decide if this is indeed a worthwhile product.

Firstly, we have no experience using Dermaroller for stretch marks or acne scars so we can’t comment on that. We personally can’t see how it would work though. We have searched through many reviews and have tried to focus on the ones that seem genuine. But even then, the jury is still out on whether it works for stretch marks and acne scars or not.

Secondly, we can say for sure that as far as Dermaroller for hair loss goes, it’s not effective. Not in the least. We have personally seen it vigorously tested on bald patches on the body and on thinning hair. It doesn’t seem to work, and quite frankly, we’re not sure how it could. We are willing to accept that it might have a positive affect on the skin. In fact we have seen and felt that ourselves, so we can consider that proved. But we don’t get the hair thing.

Dermaroller for hair loss is not a comment you see made by many of the product manufacturers. It seems to be something that is added by affiliates as a way of pushing the product, as well as a question that seems to be heavy on the minds of the users. That cold be because of a rumor, a throwaway claim, or even just hope. Whatever the reason, we’re fairly sure that Dermaroller is not effective for hair loss.

And that brings us to the most important part of our Dermaroller review. The third and final issue we have with this product is the fact that it straddles the line between a good product and a rip-ff and is always one price rise, one claim or one discovery away from being either.

Dermaroller Review: Our Thoughts

Dermaroller Hairline

To clarify what we said above: Dermaroller’s results are positive. They do exist. However, they are fairly minimal. They are something you might get from using a really good cream for a few weeks. In fact, the feeling we got from Dermaroller when the sunburned look had faded was not unlike the feeling we get after a really good facial. Your face feels cleaner, firmer. Your skin looks and feels better. It doesn’t last forever, but it lasts for a few days and then you have another course of treatment.

If we had to choose between buying the Dermaroller and applying it ourselves regularly, or getting the occasional facial, we would choose the latter anytime. Dermaroller has caused a storm in the healthcare community because it has been deemed unsafe. It is putting users at risk of doing damage and even getting an infection.

Not only that, but it makes them look terrible afterwards and, to top it off, it’ll set you back around $250!

Our Dermaroller review comes down to this summary: It’s risky, it’s painful, it’s uncomfortable, it’s incredibly expensive, it doesn’t do half of the things that users want it to do, but it does make your skin look and feel a little better in the long-term.

From our point of view, it’s not worth it. Give us a good facial, a good oil or a good supplement any day. But if you have the money, if you’re up for trying something new and if, like us, you’re sick of hearing about this fad and are itching to try it out for yourself, then go for it.