Does Minoxidil Work? (Side Effects, Results, Kirkland/Walmart)

Does Minoxidil Work? (Side Effects, Results, Kirkland/Walmart)

Does Minoxidil Work?

Of all the hair treatments that we cover on Hair Growth Pills, few of them attract as much attention from our readers as Minoxidil. We’re constantly being asked, “Does Minoxidil Work?”, “What Are the Side Effects of Minoxidil?”, “Can I Use Minoxidil for my Beard?” and many more.

We have covered products that use this ingredient, including our Keranique Reviews page and our Keranique Hair Growth Treatment page. However, in this guide we’re going to cover Minoxidil shampoo in general, showing you how it works, where you can buy it, what the side effects of Minoxidil are, and much more.

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Does Minoxidil Work?

This is not an easy question to answer, but it’s one that we get asked a lot. On the one hand, Minoxidil is not a scam. If you’re worried that this is modern day snake oil branded with marketing lies and sold at a high markup, then don’t be, because that’s only half right.

Joking aside this is a product that doesn’t work for everyone, but one that has delivered positive results in many users. If you read the marketing claims then they would have you believe that the vast majority of users experience positive results. We’re not quite sure about that, but it seems that at least half of the people who use this product seem to show some hair growth.

So, it might work for you, it might not,

Minoxidil Shampoo

Minoxidil comes as a simple topical solution, and it also comes bundled into many different shampoo formulas. These include Keranique, which we mentioned above. This product contains 2% Minoxidil, but it is one of the few active ingredients. Generally, anything that contains Minoxidil is using it as the main–if not the only–active ingredient. Everything else is added to impress the user, to allow them to make bold marketing claims and to make you think that you’re getting more for your money.

Not only does that justify the high price tag that they charge, but it also lures you toward the products when in truth you could probably get just as much benefit from buying a generic formula.

Minoxidil Shampoo Walmart

Minoxidil Results

If there is a generic version of anything, then you’re probably going find it at Walmart. Such is the case with Minoxidil shampoo. This comes under the name “Equate” and is a 5% topical foam product. It is designed for men, and there is a warning that declares that it is not to be used by women.

The foam is easy to use, easy to apply, and because it contains Minoxidil, it does work. It’s also cheap. There are concerns that Minoxidil Shampoo from Walmart is simply not as effective as the real deal. That’s because we’re all conditioned to believe that the brand name stuff is somehow better, even though it uses the same drugs and the same formulas. The brand name might want you to believe that their product is better, but if they use the same active ingredient, then you’re getting the same product and you should get the same results.

So, don’t dismiss Minoxidil Shampoo from Walmart just because it is cheaper and just because the packaging isn’t as impressive.

Kirkland Minoxidil

Kirkland Minoxidil is not too dissimilar from the Walmart version. It is effective, it is cheap and it is very easy to come by. This is also a 5% foam formula and it carries the Kirkland brand name. This name is exclusive to Costco and just like everything else in Costco, it can be bought cheaply and in bulk.

You can generally get a one month’s supply for just $10 when on offer and around $15 when not. If you buy a longer supply, then you can save even more. Kirkland Minoxidil can also be purchased as an 18 month supply and a 12 month supply. You should really only look to purchase so much if you know that it works and you’re ready to go with it over the long-term. Otherwise, it’s best to stick with a single bottle to use over the short-term.

Minoxidil Eyebrows

Minoxidil Side Effects

You should also look to determine why you are losing hair before you rush to use a product like this. This is as true with your eyebrows as the hair on your head, if not more so, as the causes for eyebrow hair loss are fewer and can be more serious. So, take a look at our hair loss for men and hair loss for women articles, and you may also want to study our Eyebrow Growth articles.

If you determine that you do want to use Minoxidil for eyebrow growth then you can. You should be able to use a lot less and you should also notice results much quicker than you would on your hair. Just make sure you understand the causes first. If the hair loss was down to an infection or another, similar problem, then the application of Minoxidil may cause some serious skin conditions that only worsen the hair loss.

Minoxidil Results

As mentioned above, it’s hard to determine whether Minoxidil will work for you or not, because it just doesn’t work for everyone. There are many users out there who have claimed to use Minoxidil for many months and have not experienced any results at all. At the same time, there are also users who have used Minoxidil for just a few weeks and have noticed some big changes in their hair growth.

Minoxidil results therefore vary quite greatly. You may experience better results if you are male, you have thinning hair, if you have bald patches and if you are still fairly young. However, if you suffer from quite serious alopecia, are completely bald and have been bald for sometime, then Minoxidil results might be considerably less noticeable for you. That’s not what the science says, that’s just what our own experience has told us, because far more positive results come from those who have lost less hair, while those who have no hair in the first place just don’t seem to get any benefits from Minoxidil.

Minoxidil Side Effects

There are a number of Minoxidil side effects. Just because this is a topical solution doesn’t mean that you’re limited to side effects such as skin inflammation and rashes, as many seem to believe. There are many really serious side effects, including:

  • Swelling of Extremities
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Chest Pain
  • Fainting
  • Difficulty Breathing

Minoxidil side effects typically present when a patient takes a severe allergic reaction to the product and they are very rare. However, you need to watch out for them and make sure you see a doctor if any of them appear.