Minoxidil for Men (Minoxidil Beard, Results, Rogaine, Side Effects,)

Minoxidil for Men (Minoxidil Beard, Results, Rogaine, Side Effects,)

Minoxidil for Men

Minoxidil is an FDA approved medication that is prescribed for use in the treatment of alopecia, a form of hair loss. It is applied topically and can help with hair loss on the head and the face. Minoxidil for Men, also known by brand names like Men’s Rogaine and Rogaine for Men, is a formulation of this medication that is designed to be used by men.

In this article we will look at Minoxidil for Men in full, covering everything from results and application, to side effects and more. If you’re thinking about using Rogaine for Men or any of the generic formulas, then this is the article for you. If you’re female, then check with our Minoxidil for Women article instead.

The goal of this guide is to answer the following questions, all of which are asked on a regular basis by our readers, and the answers will be addressed here:

  • Can I use Minoxidil on my Beard?
  • How Long Before Minoxidil Begins to Work?
  • Why Does Minoxidil Not Work for Me?
  • Is Minoxidil Safe for Men?

Minoxidil for Men: How to Use

To use Men’s Rogaine or a generic formula of Men’s Minoxidil, you just need to follow the instructions on the packaging. Typically, this will involve washing your hair, applying the product and then repeating this process a set number of times a day and for a set number of months. We can’t give you the instructions here simply because they differ from product to protect. However, they will all include detailed instructions, as well as a leaflet that describes potential problems that you might encounter; the length of time that it might take for you to notice results; and what you should do if you make a mistake.

There are many formulas that use this substance and they go by many names. Rogaine for Men is one of the most popular, but there are also generic version of Men’s Minoxidil that can be bought either under other brand names like Keranique Hair Growth Treatment, or as simple, affordable solutions from Walmart, Costco and other major stores.

The application, the amount of times you need to apply it and the length of time you need to wait will depend on the brand, the concentration (Minoxidil 2% or Minoxidil 5%, for instance) and any other active ingredients that are present. So, make sure you always read those instructions and make sure you follow them to the letter.

Minoxidil for Men: Does it Work?

Rogaine for Men

It does work for some men. There is no denying that. However, it doesn’t work all of the time for every single man that tries it. Rogaine for Men is something that can be very hit and miss. After all, if that wasn’t the case then there would be very few bald men in the world. They would all be taking some form of Minoxidil for Men, they would all be experiencing positive results and they’d all be walking around with a big mane of hair.

Unfortunately for those men, that’s just not the case.

The reason it works for some men and not for others is not entirely clear. The cause of baldness may have something to do with it (read our guide on Causes of Hair Loss in Men to learn more). Sometimes, there is just no hope, as sad as it is to say. The majority of failed treatments are the result of people just not following the instructions.

In many cases, they use it for a few weeks, don’t see the results they expect or want, and then give up. Some may even wait for couple months before thinking they have been throwing their money away and then giving up. Others may not be applying it correctly, washing it off too soon, or using something that stops the drug from working.

If you follow the directions to the letter, as mentioned above, then you are giving Minoxidil for Men every chance to work. It might still not work, of course. But your chances certainly increase when you use it properly and you give it plenty of time to show some results.

Minoxidil Beard?

Minoxidil Beard

We get asked this a lot: Can I use Minoxidil on my beard? The simple answer is yes. In fact, many users have used Minoxidil for Men to grow their beard. It helps to speed up the process. It helps to give the the beard they want without needing to wait countless months for it. In our Beard Growth and Beard Products articles we discussed many products that you can use that are 100% safe. Minoxidil for Men is not one of those, but it is certainly effective.

To use Minoxidil on your beard you should first wash your face and then start applying small drops of Minoxidil for Men to the area. Once you have finished, make sure your wash your hands thoroughly. You don’t want to end up with hairy hands.

You will need to use less on your face than you would on your head. In fact, many users of Rogaine for Men have seen results with as little as 0.5ml. This is a very small amount and means that you can stretch your formula for many months. As a result, it’s much cheaper, and because you’re using a smaller amount you may also be reducing the potential for side effects.

Of course, when you start showing off your new beard to your fully-bearded friends, you might want to omit the fact that you used Rogaine for Men to get there. Let them think that you grew it with your own manliness and then bathe in the glory of their bearded appreciation.

Minoxidil for Men: Side Effects

Minoxidil for Men Side Effects

So, just what are the side effects for this medication? Well, many of them are actually the result of an allergic reaction, which is a very rare occurrence to say the least. If you have a reaction to it then you may experience everything from a rash to chest pains and swelling of the extremities. There are other side effects though, including:

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Dry Skin
  • Headaches
  • Temporary Hair Loss
  • Overeating

Add the many side effect of allergic reactions to that list and it’s fair to say that Minoxidil for Men is not safe, at least not 100%. However, it’s important to note that these side effects are rare. The majority of users will not experience any side effects at all. In fact, the main complaint has nothing to do with side effects and everything to do with the Rogaine for Men formula not working as they thought it would.

That’s something that you have to consider; it’s a risk that you have to take. Because whether you are using Minoxidil on your beard or you head, there is a good chance that it just won’t work. If that is the case then you have just wasted a small fortune on something that didn’t do anything for you.

You might think that’s a small price to pay for the chance at getting that full head of hair or that full beard. You might think that it’s just not worth it. That’s up to you to decide. Just make sure that you don’t half-ass it. The worst thing you can do is invest big, try it for a couple months and then stop. Trust us when we say that the results probably won’t show at that point and that you need to give it time.

So, make a note of when you started, pay close attention to the bald patches that you are looking to fix; take pictures, take notes, follow instructions and then see where you are in 6 months. If nothing has happened by that point then you can start thinking that you have just wasted your money.

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