Hair Loss Forum: Where to Discuss Baldness and Cures

Hair Loss Forum: Where to Discuss Baldness and Cures

Hair Loss Forum

Looking for a hair loss forum to openly discuss your issue? This review article may be able to help. In this day and age message boards feel a little redundant. After all, we have Facebook and Twitter, so why would we need them?

Regardless of what you might think, they are actually more popular than ever. Hair loss forums are a great example of just why this is. Your Facebook account is connected to your name and your face. It is connected to your family and your friends, not to mention prospective dates and employers. On a hair loss forum, however, you are open to discuss under any alias and image you choose. It is as anonymous as you want it to be and this means there is no need to hold back. There is no need to avoid asking the questions you want to ask because you are worried they might be embarrassing.

So, let’s get straight to it. These are out favorite hair loss forums out there right now, ones that we know are used extensively by many of our readers and ones that we have also used ourselves from time to time.

Hair Loss Talk (Visit Hair Loss Talk)

This is a well laid out and professional hair loss forum that should be able to answer all of your questions. That’s because the forum is very active, and new posts are responded to very quickly. This is one of the top results for “Hair Loss Forum” and it also generates a huge amount of activity from its posts. As a result, millions of people pass through this site every year, which ensures your question will not go unanswered.

Of course, a big forum can be a bit impersonal for some. It takes away the personal touch. It makes it difficult to establish a rapport with the other members. On a hair loss forum like this, where there are so many users, so many posts and so many different categories, it’s difficult to get noticed and only those who posts regularly and have hundreds of previous posts tend to get noticed.

So, if you want something personal and long term, this might not be it. If you want something that will simply answer your questions quickly, something where you can browse extensively beforehand and learn a wealth of information on baldness and hair growth, then it’s ideal.

Bald Truth Talk (Visit Bald Truth Talk)

In many ways, this is the polar opposite of the hair loss forum mentioned above. It is smaller, more personal and much better for anyone looking to build a rapport. Many of the sections have no had any posts on them for days or weeks and there are fewer posts throughout this entire hair loss forum than there are on a single section of Hair Loss Talk.

Bad Truth Talk is also a little different in nature. The emphasis is more on baldness and the potential cures for it. What’s more, because it is smaller and because it is more focused, it might be easier to search through and to find the information that you need. Bald Truth Talk is also full of specialist advice and the members tend to be professionals who know what they are talking about.

So, if you want something small and personal. If you want to learn about hair transplants or the highly specialized topics, then give this hair loss forum a go.

Hair Loss Help (Visit Hair Loss Help)

Hair Loss Forums

If Bald Truth Talk is personal and Hair Loss Talk is impersonal, then Hair Loss Help is somewhere in between. This is a hair loss forum that is big and has a lot of subjects, but still has a personal touch of sorts. There are a lot of interesting topics, sections and posts to work your way through. However, many of the action seems to be focused on the “Open Topic” section. In here you will find everything from baldness cures and hair loss problems, to random chat that has nothing to do with hair at all.

The lack of activity on the specialized areas of this hair loss forum can make it frustrating to find the info that you want. However, the Open Topic forum is interesting and that’s where you should put most of your efforts.

Juts make sure that if you have a question to ask, you ask it in the Open Topic. It might get moved, you might have people telling you that it doesn’t belong. But it will get answered and it will receive the attention it needs, as opposed to being ignored in forums that no one visits.

The most popular forum is the General Hair Loss forum. However, you can also see just as much action in a few of the other treatment sections. And if you’re talking about a popular topic then your thread will likely generate a lot of interest site wide and be seen immediately, due to the way this hair loss forum is setup.

Regrowth (Visit Regrowth)

This is a very active forum. And because it is attached to a site that focuses on plenty of other hair growth and hair loss topics, it gets a lot of action from people who can help and people who have genuine questions that need answering.

This hair loss forum is not the most active that we have listed here. However, it comes close. It’s personal, it’s easy to navigate and you should be able to get a reply within a day or two, depending on what your question is. The majority of this forum is based around hair growth treatments and the sections cover individual treatment options. For instance, you can discuss natural hair loss treatments such as the hair treatments and hair loss vitamins we have mentioned on this site.

You can also learn about the causes of hair loss in men and the causes of hair loss in women, which we have also discussed extensively on this site.

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