Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss

Is evening primrose oil an effective baldness cure? Does it work for hair loss or is it just a myth? These are the questions you have been asking and they are the questions that we aim to get to the bottom of in this article.

We have covered a great number of hair growth pills, vitamins for hair loss and much more on this site. Evening primrose oil isn’t one that has appeared a lot in the past and it’s not one of the more common hair loss supplements. However, that’s not to say that it’s not effective. So, that begs the question, what is the verdict on evening primrose oil for hair loss?

Evening Primrose Oil

This product is extracted from the evening primrose plants that are commonly found throughout North America and Europe. It’s an abundant species, which means its oil is found and produced in abundance as well. The plant got its name because it typically flowers on an evening. It has been somewhat prized for is medicinal content for a number of years.

Evening primrose oil has been used to treat a number of conditions and ailments. There are old wives tales that say that evening primrose oil can work to cure bruises, stomach upsets and external injuries. Of course, they are old wives tales for a reason—none of them are true. However, there may be some beneficial qualities. And when it comes to evening primrose oil for hair loss, it may not be complete nonsense.

One of the reasons for this is evening primrose oil contains a lot of fatty acids. As we have discussed in our article on Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, these are essential for promoting hair growth and can also help with the conditioning of your hair, your skin and your scalp. Therefore, these fatty acids bode very well for evening primrose oil and are one of the main reasons it has been considered a cure for hair loss and baldness over the years.

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Less

The question is, how effective is evening primrose oil for hair less? Well, probably not very. Certainly no more than many other vitamins, minerals and extracts on the market. There are many effective ones out there that have been proven. These include saw palmetto, which we know can help to reduce DHT in the body and therefore help with hair growth.

Evening primrose oil, on the other hand, is not quite as effective. Nor has it been studied as extensive for hair loss. However, it has been studied for other ailments and there are some positive results here. Based on these studies it may help to prevent everything from nerve damage to Alzheimer’s. But, there is very little to suggest evening primrose is effective in curing hair loss.

There are many advocates of using evening primrose oil for hair loss and many of them rave about its effectiveness. But individual reports are not validated studies and there is no way of knowing if the oil is actually having the positive effect that they think it is. And if it is, then there is no way of knowing if it will have the same affect on others.

Should You Take Evening Primrose Oil?

Evening Primrose Oil for Baldness

Don’t dismiss it yet though. Many of the products we have advocated on this site are not guaranteed to help you. Some of them are based on personal experiences. Some of them are based on small studies. Others, like Omega 3 and Omega 6, are purely based on the fact that we know fatty acids have a positive effect on the skin and may also help with the hair.

And this is one of the reasons you might want to consider taking evening primrose oil. Because while there is no concrete proof that it works, the same could be said for anything After all, if there was concrete proof that such a harmless, widely available extract worked to cure baldness, then the companies behind Rogaine, Propecia and countless other hair loss medication would go out of business.

On the one hand, we have no proof that evening primrose oil works for hair loss. On the other hand, we have nothing concrete to the contrary. Not only that, but evening primrose oil is relatively harmless and it can help with other problems. For instance, regular consumption of evening primrose oil can help to improve the condition of your nails and your skin. It can help to improve your cognitive function and it may even help your cardiovascular system.

It’s rich in fatty acids, and we know that they have a never-ending list of benefits. So, while we’re not really sure how effective evening primrose oil is for hair loss, we do know that this is a potent, super-helpful extract that works wonders on many ailments. And that should be all the information you need to supplement with it.

Where to Find Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

We probably didn’t give you the answer you wanted to hear. We didn’t tell you that this will give you back those luscious locks that you thought were long gone. Still, hope is not lost. You should seriously consider adding evening primrose oil to your supplement regime. If you have read the other articles we have written on supplements, vitamins and minerals, you will already have a idea of what these are. By reading them, doing some research and buying them separately, you can essentially create your own super concoction and that may just help with your hair loss.

You can find evening primrose oil in many health food stores and online supplement stores. You shouldn’t need to pay a lot of money for this as it is widely available and fairly cheap to produce. So, avoid anything that claims to be offering a premium product, because you’re really only paying for the label and you’re probably not getting product that is any better than its cheaper variant.

You should look to buy it in oil or capsule form and try to for a couple of months. If it is going to improve the condition of your hair, skin or whatever else you want it to do, then this is the time it will need. The idea dose for this is around 500mg taken twice a day. A two month supply should cost you less than $50 on average.

And of course, if you do see some positive effects and it does help with hair loss, then be sure to get in touch and let us know. It’s still just one opinion. But if we collect enough of them then we can gain a greater insight into its effectiveness.

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