Who Wears a Toupee? Pat Sajak, Seth McFarlane, Ken Burns, Rand Paul

Who Wears a Toupee? Pat Sajak, Seth McFarlane, Ken Burns, Rand Paul

Which Celebs Wear Toupees

When we’re not worrying about going bald, gray, or getting lice, it seems that we’re fascinated about everyone else going bald, turning gray or getting lice. One of the most commonly asked questions on Google is, “Does [Insert Celebrity] wear a toupee?” With everyone from Seth Macfarlane to Pat Sajak being thrust into the spotlight.

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We’re already discussed bald actors, and that article generated a lot of interest. So, now it’s time for toupees as we dive into the rumor mill.

Does Pat Sajak Wear a Toupee?

Does Pat Sajak Wear a Toupee?

Everyone’s favorite grandfather figure, Pat Sajak, was the host of Wheel of Fortune and while he is no longer a common feature on prime time TV, he has earned himself legendary status in this industry.

If you punch his name into Google you’ll see suggestions raising from, “Does Pat Sajak have a tattoo?” to “does Pat Sajak wear a toupee?”. We can’t comment on the former, and we’re not really bothered either way, but we can offer some insight into the latter.

In a 2008 episode of Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak pulled off a toupee and revealed his bald head, thereby kickstarting this speculation that would follow him around in the years that followed. This was an April fool though, and believe it or not, that’s his real hair.

That might be hard to believe for a 70 year old as he probably has better hair than half of the younger men reading this article. But that doesn’t mean he’s bald. It just means that he knows how to take care of himself. And he’s probably using finasteride like every other man his age.

Seth MacFarlane Toupee

Does Seth MacFarlane Wear a Toupee?

It’s fair to say that Seth Macfarlane polarizes opinion. The Family Guy creator has as many haters as he has fans, and we’re guessing that the questions of, “Does Seth Macfarlane wear a toupee” littering Google come from the former and not the latter.

This rumor started after before-and-after pictures began circulating showing a receding hairline one year and a full head of hair the next. It’s hard to say for certain and we’re not going to comment either way. We would have thought that he would sooner opt for a hair transplant than a wig, but the majority of celeb watchers out there are convinced that Seth Macfarlane does wear a toupee.

Ken Burns Toupee

The public are divided on this. But the same has been said for Ken Burns that has been said for Trump: if it is a toupee, then it’s a really bad one.

Ken Burns’ hair might look like it’s not real, but that has more to do with a really bad hairstyle than a wig. Or so we like to think. Because there is a good chance he just bought a really shitty wig and is getting his money’s worth regardless of how stupid it looks.

Does Lt Joe Kenda Wear a Toupee?

On the subject of bad hair/terrible toupee…this one actually seems to be a wig. The rumor mill is very confident of that, even though it looks like a loose fitting mop that was thrown at him from a great height.

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It seems that the Homicide Hunter Lt Joe Kenda does wear a toupee, even if it’s a little hard to believe.

Does Rand Paul Wear a Toupee?

Does Rand Paul Wear a Toupee?

With an exception of the president, who has few hair problems of his own, politicians rarely find themselves the subject of such aesthetic curiosity. Most of the time the public is only interested in whether or not they are secretly having an affair and whether their mouth moves when they talk, or if they are actually speaking out of their asses.

In Rand Paul’s case, it seems all of the attention is on his hairpiece, or lack thereof. So does Rand Paul wear a toupee?

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This one is actually very easy to answer. Many people have gotten close enough to confirm and have openly stated that he doesn’t wear a wig. It may not look like it, but it seems that that’s his own hair.

Does William Shatner Wear a Toupee?

Depending on which site or publication you read, Shatner has either worn a wig all of his life or has never worn one. The truth is probably the latter. William Shatner plays on the myth that he wears or has worn a toupee, but he doesn’t actually wear one.

In fact, for much of his life William Shatner has had great hair, with only light thinning on top. In his later years he began to developing a receding hairline, but he has still steered clear of wearing a wig.

Kevin Spacey Toupee

Does Kevin Spacey Wear a Toupee?

Kevin Spacey is a living legend, one of the true greats of Hollywood. But as much as we respect him and admire him, his hair clearly isn’t on the same page. Spacey has been progressively going bald over the last decade or so and seems to have taken to wearing a toupee to cover up lately.

Which Other Celebs Wear a Toupee?

The “do they wear a toupee” question has also been asked about many other stars. Here is a quick rundown of the ones who seem to get the most attention:

  • Ted Danson: In Cheers Danson played a bar owner who was very proud of his looks and his hair in particular. But in later years Ted Danson would admit to wearing a toupee. At least he’s not trying to hide it.
  • John Travolta: We have asked does John Travolta wear a toupee before, and we arrived at the conclusion that he almost certainly has something going on, but has most likely had a hair transplant.
  • Sean Connery: Rumor is, SeaN Connery has been bald since he made his name as the secret agent with the license to kill and a collection of STDs that are just as deadly. Most of that time he has embraced his baldness, but in the times you’ve seen him with hair there is a good chance it was a wig.
  • Karl Ravech: We’re almost certain that Karl Ravech wears a toupee, and the internet seems to agree with us on that one.
  • Steve Harvey: It seems the internet is more concerned with whether or not Steve Harvey has veneers than whether he wears a toupee. But this is still question that makes regular appearances. No one can answer this with 100% certainty as no one close to him has come forward to make a definite statement either way. But if you study his TV appearances it certainly looks like Steve Harvey a toupee.

One More Note

It’s worth mentioning that in many cases we can’t say for sure whether any of these people actually wear a toupee or not. This was all written in jest and we did less research than your Facebook friends do when they begin sharing articles about cancer cures and Elvis sightings.

So, in the unlikely event that anyone mentioned in this article actually reads this and gets offended by it, we sincerely apologize. And….please don’t sue us.

  • Lionheart59

    Sorry, but EVERYONE knows Shatner wears a piece….couldn’t be more obvious

  • Appyammer

    Got to the end of the article before i stopped and read “Kevin Spacey is a living legend, one of the true greats of Hollywood. But as much as we respect him and admire him…..”

  • Guampe Krloss

    Hola buenas tardes muy interesante tu articulo, en esta pagina pueden ver extensiones de cabello naturales para mujeres con lace front y en hay Protesis capilares para hombres o tupe.

  • Damien Gallee

    William Shatner totally wears a toupee – he was balding in Star Trek – and over the years he has sported several different styles and hairlines. His worst toupee was during the bouffant TJ hooker years. It was a clip on – glue in front – unit with a mono-filament base. Burt Reynolds wore the same kind. It was state of the art in the 70s and 80s but is obsolete now. These days he wears a state of the art swiss lace full cap with an age-appropriate amount of thinning built into the unit so that it looks natural for an 80 year old. During chemo, Alex Trebeck is wearing the same kind of unit. It probably cost him about $3,000 but he’s getting robbed — it can be bought customized for about $400 and cut to style by any good hair stylist.

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