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6 Amazing Stats you Didn’t Know About Hair

6 Amazing Stats you Didn’t Know About Hair

Hair is an amazing thing, which is why we get so upset when we start to lose it! But it’s more amazing than you could have ever imagined, as these 6 surprising stats about hair prove.

Hair Growth and Weather

Hair grows quicker in warm weather, as heat stimulates the follicles and causes them to grow a a faster rate. This is true for all types of hair and the opposite is true for cold weather. In fact, cold can cause hair to become brittle and prone to damage, and in extreme temperatures the follicles can be damaged beyond repair.

Same for Both Sexes

You could be forgiven for thinking that women have lusher locks than men, but in actual fact male hair is identical to female hair. Of course, men tend to cut their hair short while women let it grow long, but this is purely a preference thing and on a structural level there is no difference between the two.

If you’re a man and you’re envious of a woman’s hair, know that it’s not their gender that made them that way. It’s how they look after it, as well as some genetic and environmental factors.

The Most Common Hair Colors

Black is by far the most common natural hair color, while red is the least common, accounting for 1 person out of every 100. Blonde is also somewhat rare, accounting for just 2 people out of every 100, making it twice as common as red hair but much less common than black.


It has been said that a healthy strand of hair can hold up to 100 grams in weight. If you multiply them by the amount of hairs on the average head, this means that your hair can support the weight of two elephants.

It’s made of strong stuff. In fact, it’s mostly carbon and oxygen, with these two elements accounting for around 70% of its composition. The substance it forms is known as “keratin” and is basically a form of dead tissue, the same stuff that forms claws, nails, beaks, horns, and even feathers.

Hair Tells All

With the right technology, a strand of hair can show someone a trace of everything that has ever been in your bloodstream, and it can hold this information for much longer than urine, blood or saliva. This is why hair is commonly used during drug tests.

If you have soothing to hide then your only hope is that there is a short timeframe between consumption and testing, as it takes longer for traces of substances to be visible in your hair than it does for urine and blood tests.

Hair Related Accidents are Common

Hair styling accounts for a huge number of accidents in the home, with many house fires and electrical fires being the result of hair styling accessories, and many burns coming from hair straighteners.

Take a look at this page on construction accident lawyers to see the extent for yourself. It is amazing to see how damaging basic products can be (from talcum powder that is carcinogenic to hair products that lead to slips in the shower).

Legal Cases Brought Against Haircare Supplements and Companies

Legal Cases Brought Against Haircare Supplements and Companies

Legal Cases Haircare

The haircare industry is not always clean and above board. The beauty industry on the whole attracts a lot of fraudsters, as well as companies willing to take a chance at the expense of customer health. This is why there are people out there still wary of taking supplements, even if they don’t contain anything harmful. It’s why there is a certain stigma attached to “miracle cures”.

Of course, for the most part, the industry really is clean and the companies that profit from it really do have the customer’s best interests at heart. Not because they are really nice people, but because they don’t want to get sued. Killing your customers is never good for business.

There are exceptions though and when these occur they can be shocking, providing a wake-up call to everyone who ever thought that just because a product was endorsed by a big celebrity or had a huge marketing campaign behind it, it was perfectly safe.

WEN Hair Care

We have discussed the WEN Hair Care legal case before here on Hair Growth Pills. It is a line of haircare products that is currently the subject of a class action lawsuit. This brand is owned by a huge company, one that has its hands in many pies, and so this is a particularly shocking case.

The allegations here are that WEN caused customers to lose their hair and suffer damage to their scalp. This is a product that they took in order to reverse those issues in the first place and to basically improve the conditioning of their hair, but according to this lawsuit, it had the opposite effect. The claims were disputed and as far as we can tell, a direct link was not established between the product and the issue caused, but the circumstantial evidence is huge and it looks like the company is lining up the funds to pay customers involved in the class action lawsuit.


There are different reasons for filing a class action lawsuit and a personal injury claim. It could be a case of defective drugs, whereby the product is somehow defective and causes harm as a result. It could be that claims are being made that have no basis in truth, and it’s the latter that has gotten BabyGanics a lot of bad press over the years.

This brand sells organic baby products, including shampoo. They claim that this shampoo is “tear-free, gentle, non-allergic and safe for infants”. But many customers disagreed and a few lawsuits have been filed as a result. Some of the allegations lodged against this company include statements that suggest some of their organic ingredients were not organic, and that some claims of products being “mineral-free” were false and/or misleading.

There were some more worrying cases as well, as discussed by ClassAction. These include an allegation that their shampoo led to an infant’s eyes burning and that their wipes caused a rash to spread on a five-week old child.

TRESemme Naturals

When it comes to haircare giants, they don’t come much bigger than TRESemme. These guys are generally very well respected in this industry and many experts recommend their products. However, this one in particular has been at the heart of a lawsuit by, as well as many allegations lodged by suspicious customers online.

The legal team behind this lawsuit alleged that some of the ingredients used in TRESemme Naturals were synthetic even though the product was marketed as being 100% natural. This might sound like an innocent claim, but if it’s true then it’s false advertising and it’s something that many customers take very seriously. If you’re buying something based on the fact that it’s 100% natural, then you expect that to be the case.

Apparently, the lawsuit was actually settled by owners Unilever in 2016. A similar one was also filed against Herbal Essences Wild Naturals for similar reasons, although this one seems to still be open.

What To Do?

Just because these lawsuits exist and this is happening behind the scenes of the biggest companies, doesn’t mean you should stop buying your favorite product. After all, in many cases the lawsuits are brought against companies for false advertising, as opposed to anything that could cause serious harm. What’s more, while you might expect many of these to be brought against supplements, the number of shampoos involved in such lawsuits actually outnumbers those brought against supplements.

Of course, you could avoid synthetic, branded shampoos and hair pills altogether. You can still get by using quality (and safe) tools and techniques. So, for the best hair tips, check out this guide and click here to get more information on the right tools for proper haircare.

How Much Can you Make as a Hair Stylist (Jobs in Haircare)

How Much Can you Make as a Hair Stylist (Jobs in Haircare)

How Much Can you Make as a Hair Stylist

Hair stylists are not exactly known for earning the highest paychecks in the personal care industry. In fact, it’s often seen as an entry level job, albeit one where a skill is needed and where experience can lead to higher paid positions. But just how much can you earn as a hair stylist and what other jobs pay well in the haircare industry?

How Much do Hairstylists Make?

In the United States, a hair stylist can expect to make between $12 and $13 an hour on average, which equates to a country-wide average of just under $30,000 a year. That’s not a huge amount, but it’s more than many popular entry-level jobs in the US, including the in the retail and hospitality sector.

Of course, this is the average and it is inflated by those who are earning more, with a percentage of higher earners picking up paychecks of more than $45,000 a year. At the bottom end of the pay grade stylists are making around $16,000 a year, typically because they are working fewer hours, are new to the job and/or are working on some kind of internship.

More than 90% of stylists in the US work for a personal care business, which includes saloons, spas and beauty shops. The average here is around $26,000, with between $35,000 and $40,000 being paid to the more experience workers in areas with more traffic and in shops with better reputations.

If you move away from this sector, the pay grade increases. Self employed stylists can expect to earn twice as much as this if they have the customers to fill their schedules, while stylists working for motion pictures and TV earn an average of around $70,000 in the United States. This is basically the upper limit for stylists that are not self-employed.

Pros and Cons of Working as a Hair Stylist

The money isn’t all that bad. It’s not high enough to consider it a positive, or low enough to consider it a negative, but there are certainly other things we can put into these categories. As far as cons go, it’s not the healthiest job and it’s not fun spending evenings picking customers’ hair out of your skin, nor is it healthy to work with so many sprays and liquid chemicals.

As for pros, hair stylists are able to benefit from promotions that promise a higher pay grade and if they are good enough and fortunate enough, they can also become stylists to the stars, self-employed stylists and business owners, all of which will allow them to use their skills and experience while earning significantly more than the base wage for this profession.

If we focus on those entry level jobs, then there are still many more benefits. This is a very social job and one that keeps standard hours, which means hair stylists can enjoy time with friends an families and tend not to struggle to build their social life around their working life. There are also many employee benefits and employee rights, all of which ensure that should they suffer from an injury or an illness in the workplace, then they can receive compensation. Many hair stylists will also benefit from health insurance, not to mention cheap or even free hair products, cuts and styles.

Alternative Jobs for Hair Stylists

Here are a few alternative options for stylists with the skill, experience and desire to take it a little further.


We have covered countless hair growth pills on this site. It’s what we do and it’s in our name. Many of these have been created by large supplement companies who spend millions on getting their brand out there. But the products themselves are usually created from basic ingredients that are easy to get your hands in and cheap when bought in bulk.

Many haircare supplements are simple vitamin concoctions, with a few extracts thrown in. These are easy to recreate and if you have worked as a stylist for many years, then you have a customer basis already and you can grow from there. There are also oils, shampoos and other topical treatments. Stylists have experience of working with these products. They know what works and what doesn’t and some of the richest stylists in the world are ones with their own line of supplements and haircare products.


The fact that these jobs tend to be 9 to 5 and 5 days a week also means that hair stylists that are very career minded can earn more money on the side. They can offer their services as a freelance stylist, they could open a side business, take a weekend job or they could even review products on Youtube. We recently worked with a stylist who made a decent side income working as a reviewer and freelance writer focusing on healthcare. She wrote a review of a dryer at, had been featured in a a local beauty magazine and even had her name on a YourTango piece.

These jobs may be small, but they can also be fun, with freelancing contracts like this paying upwards of $0.10 per word, giving faster writers the chance to earn over $100 an hour. Of course, the work isn’t endless and you may only get one or two articles a week, but for that rate, it’s still worth it. Checkout this guide, written by a pro freelancer, to learn more.


Many stylists will also be asked to perform other beauty treatments and in some cases they will be paid commission for selling these services. This is where the money really stats to roll in because these services have a huge markup. These days everyone wants the latest beauty trend, whether it be botox or mud masks. There is always something new and if you can be the one to offer it to customers after they have heard their favorite celebrity talking about it, then you can earn a sizable income, either directly or through your employee.

Be proactive and stay up to date with the latest trends. Even small town beauty shops can inject a bit of Hollywood glitz and glamor into their offerings because small town females are just as hungry for these treatments as everyone else.

Problems with Flat Irons: Dangers, Risks and More

Problems with Flat Irons: Dangers, Risks and More

Flat Iron Dangers

Flat irons are a staple in many homes these days, with most women considering them to be an essential part of their beauty routine. Few hair tools can change your hair as quickly and as drastically as a flat iron, which is why they are considered to be such essential tools.

But these hair care tools are also causing serious injuries to many people around the world, and these seem to be on the rise.


There are more and more burn cases being reported ever year from these products. The products themselves are getting safer and the regulations tighter, but the issue stems from the fact that they are becoming more popular. Kids as young as 10 and 11 are being bought them by their parents and those parents are also leaving their own flat irons lying around.

This is a recipe for disaster, which is why so many burn accidents are reported every year in the United States and the United Kingdom. According to some reports, flat irons are responsible for as many as 1 in 10 burn incidents in the home. When you consider that many of these victims are as young as 18 months old and that the majority will need skin grafts and life-saving surgery, that’s serious risk and a very serious problem.

The problem is not just that they are being left on, or that the parents are being distracted. A lot of the issues stem from the fact that they can take as long as 40 minutes to cool down and are dangerous and even life threatening for at least half of that time. So, even when you have finished and have unplugged, those irons could still cause serious harm if found and touched by a child.

Electricity Fires

Flat Irons
A lot of popular branded products are big made cheaply in China, before being shipped over to the US and being branded with big names. These are sold on the black market for the most part, but they can make their way into the retail marketplace where they are bought by people who don’t realize they are getting a fake product.

The wiring is not as good and the product is cheaply made, but the real issue stems from the fact that they don’t stop heating up and the parts are not strong enough to retain this heat. This is how electrical fires can start and how deaths and other serious issues can result.

If this happens to a legitimate product, then you have a lawsuit on your hands. You can make a product liability or personal injury claim and you stand a good chance of getting a lot of money. However, these cases are rare because the products are usually able to withstand a lot of use and abuse. When it comes to the fake ones that’s less true, but because you’re buying a counterfeit product you don’t have a case unless you bought it from a major high street retailer and it was advertised as being a legitimate product.

Hair Injuries

It goes without saying that excessive use of direct heat to the hair can damage your hair. We have discussed this many times on this site, including our Hair Loss in Women and Hair Loss in Men articles. This is an issue that many are either oblivious to or are ignoring completely. They don’t want to believe that they are damaging their hair in the name of vanity because admitting this would mean sacrificing that beauty regime.

You have probably seen the Youtube videos of youngsters using flat irons on their hair and then pulling their hair out with horrified expressions on their face. The fact that they are more available than ever and that they have become so common means that there is a false sense of safety and this leads to excessive use.

But hair is thin, vulnerable and susceptible to high heat, so it goes without saying that you are going to damage it if you use these excessively. Experts recommend occasional use, which is perfectly acceptable and safe, but every day use and prolonged exposure is not recommended.

Are They Safe?

You might want to give these tools a miss and focus on a brush instead of a flat iron. Or you could just be very careful with what you do, make sure you buy a quality product and get a guarantee that it is real and not a cheap counterfeit.

That’s what it all boils down to. Any product that is designed to transfer a lot of heat and to retain that heat without malfunctioning or blowing up requires a lot of testing and quality control. There are restrictions and regulations in place to make sure all of this happens and that the end product is perfectly safe. As mentioned above, if that turns out not to be the case then you have a lawsuit on your hands.

However, these regulations do not exist for black market/counterfeit products. So, if you want to stay safe then don’t buy cheap, don’t take a chance and make sure you get a product that abides by regulations.

The Best Hair Tools for Proper Care (Curling, Straightening, Locking, Cutting)

The Best Hair Tools for Proper Care (Curling, Straightening, Locking, Cutting)

Best Hair Tools

We’ve covered vitamins, minerals and supplements plenty of times in the past. But you also need to have some quality hair tools on your side if you want the best hair. So, let’s take a look at the best hair tools across many different categories, including hair locking tools, hair straighteners, hair cutting tools and everything else you could need.

Hair Locking Tool

Hair locking tools can help you to get dreadlocks and there are many patented tools on the market that do this, including the Loc-Key. These are good, but they are not really necessary. If you don’t have any of the specific issues that products like this aim to help with, then you’ll be okay with the Dreadlocks Latch Hook. This simple device has a wooden handle and looks like the sort of hook your grandmother might have used when knitting.

It costs around $5 and you can get it from many places. On specific hair tools websites they tend to cost up to $10, a significant increase. But you can get them on eBay for less.

These hair tools are basic, widely available and very cheap. Because of the commercial nature of the beauty industry we’re all programmed to believe that you need to spend big on branded products that do a host of things, look great and come in many bright coors. That may be the case for some hair tools, such as the ones discussed below, but your collection of quality hair tools should also include plenty of smaller, cheaper devices like this hair locking tool.

Hair Straighteners

Best Hair Braiding Tools

This is one of the main areas that requires proper care and attention. You need good tools to style your hair and you can’t afford to take shortcuts. GHD Straighteners are the business in the UK and across Europe and if you’re in the US it’s all about BaByliss and similar brands.

This is where price really is a sign of quality and where the most famous and the most well known are the best. In the US there are actually many top brands, but it’s all about those GHDs in Europe, so much so that many US stylists and customers are shipping them over.

Whatever you do just make sure that you avoid rip-offs on eBay and elsewhere. These products are often faulty and dangerous. They are a dream for personal injury lawyers everywhere and have triggered countless product liability claims.

Best Hair Braiding Tool

Sick of hand braiding your hair or your child’s hair? Then get yourself a hair braiding tool to make this easier. It sounds like one of those superfluous things that costs too much and will probably never be used. But it’s actually very cheap.

We find that the French Hair Braiding Tools you can find on eBay are more than well suited to the job. These cost just a couple dollars and while simple, they do what you need them to do. There are electric hair braiding tools that cost a little more, but these can be fiddly and they also tend to break easily.

So, opt for cheap, simple plastic. They basically act as templates and while they do require some work on your part, it’s minimal and therefore well worth it.

Best Hair Cutting Tools

Best Hair Cutting Tools

If you like to cut and style your own hair then you’ll want a pair of good scissors and a clipper. A cordless clipper is best, as it allows for more maneuverability. The cord can get in the way and while it does eliminate the need for charging, if you get a good clipper then they will last for a few sessions and charge quickly.

There are some great clippers that have wires, such as Oster Fast Feed, but that cordless function is crucial. That’s why the Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper gets our vote for the best hair cutting tool. It is cordless, it has a great, streamlined design, and it’s use of a lithium ion battery means that it takes just 15 minutes to charge and lasts for a good length of time.

The quick charge means that if it runs out during a cut, you can just quickly plug it in and then finish the job after a minute or two. Considering that some clippers take hours to charge, this is a huge plus.

Best Hair Dryer

Best Hair Drying Tools

If you’ve ever been to a hotel room and have tried to use the free hair dryer they provide then you will know that no two hair dryers are alike and that quality really does count. Not only will a better hair dryer last for longer, but it will also get hotter and blow stronger. You may as well be throwing your hair to the wind and waiting for it to dry with some of the cheap and weak hair dryers out there right now.

The best hair dryer on the market is the Dyson Supersonic, but you need to be prepared to drop $400, which many of you (understandably) won’t be willing to do. It’s powerful, it’s quiet (like nothing you’ve used before) and it’s a beautiful piece of machinery. We personally don’t believe that this high price increase justifies the slight quality improvement, but it is the best and it is therefore deserving of a mention.

In terms of power, cost and reliability, the BaByliss Pro and the Bosch Classic are both worth a look and come under the $50 mark.

Hair Tool Organizer

This is where you can afford to go cheap, because a wooden box isn’t going to blow up and leave you with a liability claim. You can find good organizers on eBay and on the Amazon marketplace. These are basic products, with the more expensive ones being made from wood and the cheaper ones constructed from plastic.

Focus on what you will have and what you will need space for, as opposed to what you need space for right now. If you’re opting for something with a strong and sturdy build, you might be better off going to an actual high street store to save on postage.