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Our “Hair Growth Supplements” section covers (as you would expect) hair growth supplements. This is an industry that has boomed over the last few years, taking advantage of a problem that is said to affect more than 25% of all males over the age of 21, as well as over 30 million young adult women. It is a problem is often dismissed, a problem with which we are forced to suffer alone. But there are solutions out there and these supplements may be one of the most effective.

There are many effective hair growth supplements on the market, containing all kinds of wonderful vitamins, minerals and extracts. However, for every effective and safe supplement, there is another two or three unsafe and useless supplements. After all, whenever you have an industry that is worth so much, you have a lot of fake products.

At Hair Growth Pills we make it our mission to detect the good and warn you against the bad. In this section we will highlight the products that are effective and help you to ignore the ones that are not.

Wild Growth Hair Oil (Ingredients, Side Effects, How to Use)

Wild Growth Hair Oil (Ingredients, Side Effects, How to Use)

Wild Growth Hair Oil

One of the biggest hair loss treatments out there right now is Wild Growth Hair Oil. This oil is taking over the industry and is quickly becoming one of the biggest, the most popular and, if Wild Growth Hair Oil reviews are anything to go by, the most effective. In this article we will answer all of your questions about this substance, including:

  • How Do I Use Wild Growth Hair Oil?
  • What are the Side Effects of Wild Growth Hair Oil?
  • What are the Before and After Pictures of Wild Growth Hair Oil?
  • Where Can I Buy Wild Growth Hair Oil?
  • Does Wild Growth Hair Oil Work?

Wild Hair Growth Oil

So, just what is this product? Well, there are actually several products that are similar, but they typically come from one single oil. This is known as “Wild Growth Hair Oil”, but there are similar ones out there that go by names like “Wild Hair Growth Oil”.

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The genuine product is created by a company named Wild Growth and despite the fact that it has gained quite a big following, the bottle itself looks fairly amateurish. It is not much to look at and it certainly doesn’t have the appeal or the styling of a big brand, but the oil inside seems to work and what’s all that really matters.

Wild Growth Hair Oil Ingredients

Wild Growth Hair Oil Ingredients

So, just what does this contain? Well, all Wild Growth Hair Oil ingredients are 100% natural, which is one of its biggest selling points. As we have already discussed here on Hair Growth Pills, sometimes natural is the best. There are many simple vitamins, minerals and supplements out there that can work wonders for the health of your hair. And judging by the list of Wild Growth Hair Oil ingredients it seems that many of them are in this product.

Some of the main ingredients have been listed below. If you click the links you will be taken to pages on the HGP website that discuss these in more detail and show you why they are useful when used on their own. The fact that all of these effective Wild Growth Hair Oil ingredients are brought together in one product essentially makes it a potent supplement that stands a very good chance of working:

  • Olive Oil: The health benefits of this oil are greatly understood and mostly relate to consuming it. But it also works just as well when applied to the skin and the hair. It is even used to clear wax from ears.
  • Coconut Oil: This is a miracle product being used for many conditions.
  • Vitamin D: This is the sunshine vitamin and it is one that packs a powerful punch.
  • Calcium: Not only is this great for strong bones, but it can also help with your hair and skin.

Other Wild Growth Hair Oil ingredients include:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Choline
  • Magnesium
  • Inositol
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Natural Colors and Fragrances*

*You will probably be surprised that any fragrances are added, as this is not a pleasant smelling product. But maybe it smelled even worse before.

How to Use Wild Growth Hair Oil

Use Wild Growth Hair Oil

You only have to use Wild Growth Hair Oil a few times a week and you may start seeing results within just a few weeks. That’s unusual, as it often takes many months and many products require you to use them every single day, and often twice a day.

There are instructions on the bottle that tell you how to use it. You simply need to apply it to the scalp and then leave it in overnight before washing it off in the morning. Many first-time users end up applying far too much oil to their hair and then create all kinds of mess when they go to bed. So, we would recommend that you apply a very small amount of Wild Growth Hair Oil to your hair and then work it in steadily. If that doesn’t quite feel like enough then add a little more.

The bottle recommends that you use between 5 and 15 drops. But this is quite a big difference and it doesn’t really explain what to do if you have really short or really long hair, so it’s all down to you to figure it out.

Wild Growth Hair Oil Side Effects

There should be few side effects, if any, with Wild Growth Hair Oil. That’s because this is an all natural product. So, unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this product then you should be okay.

Wild Growth Hair Oil side effects may include rashes and irritation though. That applies to anything that you add to your hair or your skin and while it’s something to look out for, the chances of it happening are minimal. If it does, however, then you should stop using Wild Growth Hair Oil immediately.

Wild Growth Hair Oil Before and After

Wild Growth Hair Oil Before and After

There are a number of Wild Growth Hair Oil before and after pictures out there, but not all of these are genuine and not all of them are reliable. We have seen many of them ourselves and unless you know the person and can trust them, it’s not something you should focus too heavily on. Also, you don’t know how long the product was used for, how much was used or whether they used anything else at the same time.

That’s why Wild Growth Hair Oil reviews should always be checked before you focus on Wild Growth Hair Oil before and after pictures. It takes a little more time to go through a review and it definitely takes more time to read several of them, but it will give you a legitimate impression of the effectiveness of this product.

We have discussed these in a little more detail below.

Wild Growth Hair Oil Review

Our own experience with Wild Growth Hair Oil was quite positive. We asked one of our writers to test this product for two months, taking it between 2 and 4 times a week and leaving it in overnight. After two weeks he did notice that his hair looked and felt stronger. It also had a little more of a shine to it.

To give you an idea of context, the reviewer was a female with shoulder length hair and alopecia areata, causing thinning hair and occasional bald patches. She reported that some of those patches had gone after several weeks (but that they come and go anyway) and that her hair seemed better overall. The reviewer was also buoyed on by the claims that Wild Growth Hair Oil can protect against people who regularly straighten, curl and color their hair, something she does a lot herself.

This protection seemed to work well for her and after remaining on the product for 6 weeks and then coloring her hair, she felt that her hair was in better condition than it usually was. The positive effects were minimal, but they existed and our reviewer was keen to try more of this product and to keep the treatment going for longer.

Where to Buy Wild Growth Hair Oil

You can purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil online and you can also find it in many stores, including Walmart. It’s quite cheap, much more so than medications like Rogaine and Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment. The fact that is is also natural and has very few side effects makes it even more appealing. So, if you are suffering from hair loss issues then we would recommend seeking out a bottle of Wild Growth Hair Oil and giving it a go.

Hair Growth Products: The Best and the Worst Products for Hair Growth

Hair Growth Products: The Best and the Worst Products for Hair Growth

Products for Hair Growth

There are a number of effective hair growth products on the market, products that work for all forms of hair loss and products that are effective for both men and women. Some of these hair growth products are safer than others, some come loaded with side effects and some are more hyperbole than hair growth.

In this hair growth products guide we will help you to separate the effective products from the useless ones, focusing on the very best hair growth pills, hair loss treatments and more on the market.

The Best Hair Growth Products

Rather than pointing out the best products on the market, we’re going to focus on a few key ingredients. These are all supposed to be applied topically (although some will also be beneficial if consumed orally) and you can find them either in pure formulations or mixed in with other ingredients.

Your goal as a consumer is to find products that use these ingredients and don’t use too many other harmful chemical alongside them. These are effective and well known, for the most part. But there is tendency to water them down, to mix them with hair growth products that are mostly useless or even harmful. So, pay attention, focus on pure products or even ones that contain all or most of the ingredients listed below.


Hair Growth Products

Argan oil is one of the best oils on the market right now and one that is finding its way into countless beauty and health products. It can also be eaten. Speaking of which, olive oil is just as beneficial. It may not be as trendy as argan oil, but it serves many of similar benefits. It’s loaded with nourishing, healthy fats that can strengthen your hair from the root to he tip. It also contains vitamins like Vitamin E which is good for both the skin and the hair.

Other oils to look out for include omega 3 and omega 6. Castor oil is also a very potent oil for hair loss and one that we have discussed many times already on this website. Fish oil, flax oil and other nourishing oils should also be considered, although it takes a brave person to smother their scalp in fish oil.

Topical Vitamins

Many vitamins just won’t work when applied directly to your head, no matter what the shampoo labels and commercials want you to believe. There are ones that have been proven to be effective when applied direct though. These include Vitamin E, as mentioned above. It also includes B Vitamins like Biotin and Niacin.

Biotin in particular is essential in the formulation of new and strong hair follicles. It is used by the body when producing hair and without it very little keratin would be produced and very little hair would grow. It’s very difficult to get too much Biotin, so you can consume it through your food, through a supplement and through a topical solution. It’s still important not to overdo it though, but for the most part it is safe in high doses, which is why Biotin supplements contain such a high concentration.

FDA Approved Medication

Best-Hair Growth Products

If you’re a man then you can use Finasteride, which also goes by the brand name Propecia. This works by stopping the production of DHT. This chemical is known to enlarge the prostate and it can also trigger hair loss. In those sensitive to DHT the hair loss can be particularly bad, which is why this is one of the main causes of hair loss in men.

This medication works for the majority of men that use it. It has side effects, but these are mostly harmless. However, it has not been approved for use in women because some of the more serious side effect include the potential to cause birth defects in pregnant women.

If you are a woman then Minoxidil is a good alternative, and one that has been approved by the FDA for both sexes. There are specific formulations of Woman’s Minoxidil and Men’s Minoxidil, and you can also find this substance used in formulations like Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment.


Saw Palmetto works in much the same way as Finasteride and, like Finasteride, it is also a very effective hair loss treatment for men. It reduces DHT, it stops hair loss at the source and it can also help to make the hair stronger. What’s more, this is a natural extract taken from the berries of a plant that grows in the wild. It has been used for its curative properties for many years and is seen as an essential medication in older men who are suffering from prostate problems and do not want to use, or can not use, Finasteride. Aloe vera is also an effective extract, one that is soothing and moisturizing and one that may be ale to work wonders on your hair as well.

There are other extracts as well, although few of them have been proven to be as effective. For instance, the product Viviscal uses something known as Nettle Extract. This is an effective product, so it could be an effective extract, but even if that was the case then it is likely only effective when consumed. The same may apply to things like Blueberry Extract, which are also used in similar formulations.

Balms and More

Worst-Hair Growth Products

Coconut oil is another top product that is safe, natural, easy to acquire and may be able to help. This is actually the meat of the coconut as opposed to an oil, but it can be made into an oily, waxy substance that is easy to massage into the scalp and the hair. You can also make your own balms, either by combining ingredients mentioned above or by using things like lemon peel. If you leave this to sit in an oily substance then the Vitamin C and the starchy goodness of the peel will leech into the oil and create an effective hair growth balm.

The Worst Hair Growth Products

There are hair growth products that just don’t work, at least in our opinion. There are many reasons for this and as a consumer it’s up to you to determine if any of them apply to the product in question.

One of the first things you should focus on is the marketing claims made on the label. Many poorer quality products will make big claims about certain ingredients, even though they only contain them in very small quantities. One of the biggest claims being made right now is for “argan oil shampoo”. There are many top products out there that contain this oil in abundance, and some of there are 100% pure argan oil. But there are also many that contain an infinitesimal amount and yet make bold claims on the label and in the promotional materials. They know as well as you do that a product containing such a small amount of argan oil is not effective, so if they are claiming otherwise then they’re just after your money and should be avoided.

We would also advise caution against products that contain caffeine. This seems to be one of the “in” things right now and there are many bold claims being made about it. But the truth is, there is no proof regarding the effectiveness (or otherwise) of caffeine when used in a shampoo. In our experience, products like Alpecin can help to condition your hair, but we have yet to receive any proof that it actually helps to grow your hair or to limit hair loss.

Best Argan Oil Shampoo: Moroccan Oil for Hair Growth and Conditioning

Best Argan Oil Shampoo: Moroccan Oil for Hair Growth and Conditioning

Best Argan Oil Shampoo

Argan oil is unique oil produced by a nut that is taken from a tree native to Morocco. Argan oil shampoo is basically a shampoo that contains argan oil, either in combination with other ingredients or in 100% pure form. These shampoos can help with hair loss, they can condition and strengthen, and they are also completely safe.

In this article we will look to find the best argan oil shampoo, looking at a few top brands out there and trying to find the very best one.

Best Argan Oil Shampoo

In a previous article we answered your questions about Argan Oil. We discussed the best argan oil shampoo in that article, but we didn’t quite draw a conclusion. So, that will be the purpose of this article. We will look at a number of different factors, including the quality of the oil used, the price of the product and the availability, all of which will help us to discover the best argan oil shampoo.

Josie Maran Argan Oil

Josie Maran Argan Oil

There are three products on this list and the ones that come after this, in second and first place, are not pure argan oil formulations. They are cheaper, they are still very effective and they are affordable for everyone, regardless of budget. That’s why they have been included and why one of them is our best argan oil shampoo. However, Josie Maran Argan Oil is different.

We couldn’t have a list of the best argan oil shampoos and not include a product that is 100% pure, and that is exactly what Josie Maran Argan Oil is. This is a small tincture of around 2 fluid ounces, but it contains 100% pure argan oil. This is a liquid gold that you can use on your skin, on your scalp, or even on your beard if you want.

The beauty of argan oil is that it’s a product with many uses, a product that can help with acne, stretch marks and more. It can be used to dip your bread into and it can also be used as the ultimate hair loss supplement. So, the fact that Josie Maran Argan Oil gives you a 100% solution means it is one of the most versatile products on the market, and by far the most versatile on this list.

Just as an afterthought, we still wouldn’t recommend dipping your bread into Josie Maran Argan Oil. You can eat argan oil, and people in North Africa have been using it like we use olive oil (or sprayable cheese, if you’re that way inclined) for many years. But this is a pharmaceutical grade product and one you should not be consuming.

Marc Anthony Argan Oil

Argan Oil Shampoo

This is actually a spray and not a shampoo. If this list was of the best argan oil products as opposed to the best argan oil shampoo, then it might make it to the very top. But as it is, it only just misses out.

Marc Anthony Argan Oil releases a fine mist of ingredients that contains both argan oil and olive oil. There is also some Shea butter in there. These are three ingredients that have lit the beauty industry up in the last few years, three products that seem to be used in countless formulations, and three products that are all brought together in Marc Anthony Argan Oil.

This spray costs around $10 for a bottle, for which you get just over 4 fluid ounces. That’s quite a lot of product for your money, but a lot of that is down to the fact that the concentration of argan oil is quite low. Not low enough to stop being effective, but low enough to keep costs down. The fact that olive oil and Shea butter is used helps to boost the argan oil and to make it that little bit more effective.

Marc Anthony Argan Oil will leave an instant shine and will ensure your hair looks alive and feels stronger from the root to the tip. It’s also very easy to apply and you can take the bottle with you wherever you go, giving your hair a quick spray to spruce it up when the weather, the central heating or just life has dragged you down and made your hair look like Diana Ross after a power nap.

One and Only Argan Oil

One and Only Argan Oil

It’s rather apt that One and Only Argan Oil makes it to the top of our list and becomes the best argan oil shampoo according to Hair Growth Pills. This is not quite the “One and Only” as the shampoos above come very close, but it does have the edge, and there are several reasons for that.

Firstly, One and Only Argan Oil is very cheap, costing less than $10 for a bottle. For that, you get just 2 fluid ounces of product, but that can go a long way if you use it sparingly. Argan oil is not the main ingredient in this product, but there is a strong concentration of it. One and Only Argan Oil is one of the best products out there for getting rid of frizzy hair, which is one of its main purposes.

It’s perfect for the colder months and the alcohol-free formula means it is also an incredibly potent shampoo when it comes to conditioning and strengthening the hair. It leaves you hair feeling silky and strong and also helps to lock in moisture. Many shampoos can leave your hair dry and brittle after an extended period of time. Alcohol plays a big role in this and the fact that this product doesn’t contain any, as well as the fact that it contains moisturizing argan oil, ensures that you don’t have that problem.

There are countless good reviews out there for One and Only Argan Oil and for that alone it deserves to top our list of the best argan oil shampoo. The fact that we have also experienced the benefits of this shampoo is just a further reason why you need to make sure there is a bottle of One and Only Argan Oil in your bathroom at all times.

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment (Shampoo, Side Effects, More)

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment (Shampoo, Side Effects, More)

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

We get a lot of questions about Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment and whether it is effective or not. In the past week we have been hit with a deluge of them, including:

  • Does Keranique Work?
  • Is Keranique a Scam?
  • Is Keranique Safe?
  • What are the Side Effects of Keranique?

For whatever reason, this seems to be the treatment of choice right now. Never mind hair treatments like transplants and Propecia. This is the one that everyone is asking questions about. As a result, we’ve decided to do a full article on it, discussing how effective it is and answering your questions. We have also asked our readers to review Keranique and we have provided some Keranique reviews ourselves.

To see these, simply pay a visit to our Keranique reviews page. To learn more about Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment, read on.

Is Keranique a Scam?

Is Keranique a Scam?

It’s important to get this one out of the way first. The internet is very distrusting of anything that promises anything, and indeed anything that involves the movement of money. The “Is Keranique a scam?” question pretty much applies to every single product or service out there. Just swap the word “Keranique” and you can guarantee that question will be in the top ten Google searches.

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It’s quite amusing actually, as it works for anything. It seems that when the internet is not asking, “Is [Insert Name of Celebrity] gay?” they are asking, “Is [Insert Product/Service] a scam?”. Trust us on that one. Just type, “Is [Name]” on Google and look at the search terms that appear. You could say that we have a one-track mind, but we actually have a two-track mind, because we’re either convinced that someone is not as heterosexual as they claim or that something is not as legitimate as it claims.

Anyway, enough about that. We’ve detoured a little bit.

So, is Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment a scam? Well, no. That’s the short answer. It’s not snake oil. It’s not out to rip you off and leave you hair mangled mess. In this day and age, advertising standards agencies ensure that companies don’t make big promises that they can’t at least back up in some form or another. That doesn’t apply as stringently to the online world (where “miracle cures” are always just a banner ad away) but it applies to TV and product packaging, and Keranique is a product primarily advertised on TV.

They have studies and research to back up their claims and there are also customers who will back them up. Whether that means it is effective for you, however, is a different story. But just because something doesn’t work for you does’t mean it’s a scam. After all, that’s how medication and supplements work. It’s why they have such long side effects and it’s why one particular medication may be the answer to one person’s concerns, while it could be nothing more than a placebo to a second person and something toxic to a third.

The question you should be asking is “Does Keranique work?” and that’s what we’re going to address next. And if that wasn’t a genius segue, we don’t know what is (even though we just ruined it).

Does Keranique Work?

Does Keranique Work?

At the time of writing, if you punch “Does Keranique work?” into Google you get a site that claims, rather resoundingly, that no, it does not work. As far as that site is concerned, Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment may as well be water branded as fairy dust. But there are a few things to consider when looking for reviews. Firstly, someone with a bad experience is more likely to voice their opinions to the world.

The internet has turned us into angry reviewers. When we find something we might recommend it to a few friends and we might use it regularly, but we tend not to post positive reviews. But if we are offended by a product or a service, then everyone is going to find out about it. We can use cable providers as an example. How many of you would post a positive review along the lines of, “I’ve been a customer for years and have had no problems.”? Not many, right? You probably wouldn’t even know where to post it. But when you encounter a problem, when they lower your opinion of them and make your life difficult, how many of you would now rush to leave a bad review?

Bad reviews exist because nothing is perfect and because a high proportion of reviews are only focused on the negative. At the same time, you also have to factor in the fact that many positive reviews could be (we’re not saying they are) posted by the company and its affiliates. That doesn’t seem to be a huge problem in this industry, but it has become a problem elsewhere.

Simply put, reviews aren’t always reliable. If you’re going to pay attention to them, make sure you can trust them and that there is no bias either way. On our Keranique reviews page, for instance, we tried to remove the bias and compile as many honest reviews as we could. But we had to ask our readers and then decide if we were going to take their word. So, even that wasn’t a flawless method.

So…Does Keranique Work?

If you take reviews out of the equation, you have a product that contains ingredients that have been shown to be effective in regrowing and conditioning hair. We have talked about these ingredients a lot on this site. You can find such articles on our Hair Growth Pills section and our Hair Growth Supplements section.

There are ingredients that we know can help to strengthen hair and they are contained in Keranique shampoo. The main addictive ingredient is minoxidil, which also goes by the brand name Rogaine and is available in many generic formulas.

There are many topical treatments out there that consist purely of vitamins and minerals. In our Beard Growth Pills and our Eyelash Growth page we discussed a few of them. They are safe, moderately effective and completely harmless. It’s important not to put Keranique Hair Growth Treatment in the same category. It is a medication.

Is Keranique Safe?

Keranique Side Effects

Keranique Hair Growth Treatment is just a shampoo. So it can’t cause any problems, right? Well, not really. That seems to be the general consensus, but it’s a dangerous misconception to have.

As mentioned above, Keranique Hair Growth Treatment contains minoxidil, which does have a long list of side effects. Keranique shampoo also contains other potentially harmful ingredients. We’re not scaremongering. In fact, we think it is one of the best treatments out there when it comes to trading off potential effectiveness versus side effects. But those side effects do exist.

What are the Side Effects of Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment?

So, what are the side effects of Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment? Well, these include the side effects associated with minoxidil use. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not safe. Bear in mind that minoxidil has been FDA approved, so these side effects are considered to be rare or uncommon at most:

  • Inflamed Scalp
  • Itchiness
  • Swelling of Extremities
  • Chest Pain
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Unwanted Facial Hair Growth
  • Weight Changes

If you experience any of these, you will want to stop immediately. The side effects of minoxidil don’t pain a pretty picture of what you might turn into, so you will want to put a stop to that.

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss

Is evening primrose oil an effective baldness cure? Does it work for hair loss or is it just a myth? These are the questions you have been asking and they are the questions that we aim to get to the bottom of in this article.

We have covered a great number of hair growth pills, vitamins for hair loss and much more on this site. Evening primrose oil isn’t one that has appeared a lot in the past and it’s not one of the more common hair loss supplements. However, that’s not to say that it’s not effective. So, that begs the question, what is the verdict on evening primrose oil for hair loss?

Evening Primrose Oil

This product is extracted from the evening primrose plants that are commonly found throughout North America and Europe. It’s an abundant species, which means its oil is found and produced in abundance as well. The plant got its name because it typically flowers on an evening. It has been somewhat prized for is medicinal content for a number of years.

Evening primrose oil has been used to treat a number of conditions and ailments. There are old wives tales that say that evening primrose oil can work to cure bruises, stomach upsets and external injuries. Of course, they are old wives tales for a reason—none of them are true. However, there may be some beneficial qualities. And when it comes to evening primrose oil for hair loss, it may not be complete nonsense.

One of the reasons for this is evening primrose oil contains a lot of fatty acids. As we have discussed in our article on Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, these are essential for promoting hair growth and can also help with the conditioning of your hair, your skin and your scalp. Therefore, these fatty acids bode very well for evening primrose oil and are one of the main reasons it has been considered a cure for hair loss and baldness over the years.

Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Less

The question is, how effective is evening primrose oil for hair less? Well, probably not very. Certainly no more than many other vitamins, minerals and extracts on the market. There are many effective ones out there that have been proven. These include saw palmetto, which we know can help to reduce DHT in the body and therefore help with hair growth.

Evening primrose oil, on the other hand, is not quite as effective. Nor has it been studied as extensive for hair loss. However, it has been studied for other ailments and there are some positive results here. Based on these studies it may help to prevent everything from nerve damage to Alzheimer’s. But, there is very little to suggest evening primrose is effective in curing hair loss.

There are many advocates of using evening primrose oil for hair loss and many of them rave about its effectiveness. But individual reports are not validated studies and there is no way of knowing if the oil is actually having the positive effect that they think it is. And if it is, then there is no way of knowing if it will have the same affect on others.

Should You Take Evening Primrose Oil?

Evening Primrose Oil for Baldness

Don’t dismiss it yet though. Many of the products we have advocated on this site are not guaranteed to help you. Some of them are based on personal experiences. Some of them are based on small studies. Others, like Omega 3 and Omega 6, are purely based on the fact that we know fatty acids have a positive effect on the skin and may also help with the hair.

And this is one of the reasons you might want to consider taking evening primrose oil. Because while there is no concrete proof that it works, the same could be said for anything After all, if there was concrete proof that such a harmless, widely available extract worked to cure baldness, then the companies behind Rogaine, Propecia and countless other hair loss medication would go out of business.

On the one hand, we have no proof that evening primrose oil works for hair loss. On the other hand, we have nothing concrete to the contrary. Not only that, but evening primrose oil is relatively harmless and it can help with other problems. For instance, regular consumption of evening primrose oil can help to improve the condition of your nails and your skin. It can help to improve your cognitive function and it may even help your cardiovascular system.

It’s rich in fatty acids, and we know that they have a never-ending list of benefits. So, while we’re not really sure how effective evening primrose oil is for hair loss, we do know that this is a potent, super-helpful extract that works wonders on many ailments. And that should be all the information you need to supplement with it.

Where to Find Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

We probably didn’t give you the answer you wanted to hear. We didn’t tell you that this will give you back those luscious locks that you thought were long gone. Still, hope is not lost. You should seriously consider adding evening primrose oil to your supplement regime. If you have read the other articles we have written on supplements, vitamins and minerals, you will already have a idea of what these are. By reading them, doing some research and buying them separately, you can essentially create your own super concoction and that may just help with your hair loss.

You can find evening primrose oil in many health food stores and online supplement stores. You shouldn’t need to pay a lot of money for this as it is widely available and fairly cheap to produce. So, avoid anything that claims to be offering a premium product, because you’re really only paying for the label and you’re probably not getting product that is any better than its cheaper variant.

You should look to buy it in oil or capsule form and try to for a couple of months. If it is going to improve the condition of your hair, skin or whatever else you want it to do, then this is the time it will need. The idea dose for this is around 500mg taken twice a day. A two month supply should cost you less than $50 on average.

And of course, if you do see some positive effects and it does help with hair loss, then be sure to get in touch and let us know. It’s still just one opinion. But if we collect enough of them then we can gain a greater insight into its effectiveness.

Hair Growth Pills: Medications and Supplements that Actually Work

Hair Growth Pills: Medications and Supplements that Actually Work

Hair Growth Pills

Looking for some hair growth pills to help you restore your hair? There is a wealth of different ones to choose from. So much so that finding the right one can be a little complicated.

Here on Hair Growth Pills we have looked at all kinds of hair loss vitamins, beard growth products and more. We have pointed you towards the best baldness cures and have asked if the right foods can help you to grow your eyelashes. But there’s still so much more that needs to be covered, so much more that need to be said.

In this article we’ll focus on a couple medications that you may have already heard of; medications that are said to work better than anything else on the market. The question is, do they really do that and are these hair growth pills as effective as the manufacturers claim?


Minoxidil Hair Growth Pills

Perhaps the best known of the two medications on this list, Minoxidil also goes by the brand name “Rogaine”. It is available over-the-counter and has been approved by the FDA. For a medication that promises such a life changing alteration, it has very few side effects and there is very little risk. As a result, Rogaine has been taken extensively over the years. It has gained a reputation as one of the best hair growth pills on the market.

Rogaine is rubbed into your scalp twice a day and can help to grow hair and to prevent hair loss. It’s fairly cheap and its effects are realized quite quickly. Of course, nothing is ever that simple and Rogaine is far from a miracle cure. There are downsides, and its up to you to decide if these are worth it or not:

  • Side Effects: “Very few side effects” doesn’t mean “no side effects” unfortunately. Even OTC medications like this can cause problems. They are rare and for the most part they are minor, but if you’re one of the unlucky ones then you may suffer at the hands of this medication. It can cause everything from minor irritations to tachycardia, which is definitely not minor.
  • Not For Everyone: Rogaine is typically effective in men of a certain age. It seems to work best in men who are losing most of their hair or have already lost it. If your hair is thinning or breaking and if you are female, the effects may be considerably less noticeable.
  • Price: Rogaine is cheap in the short-term. But if you only use it over the short-term then you will only experience benefits over the short-term. To keep experiencing the positive effects of Rogaine you need to keep taking it. Not only can needing to rub this medication into your scalp twice a day get tiring after a while, but it can also get expensive as you go through bottle after bottle.


Finasteride Hair Growth Pills

This is another FDA approved medication, and one that works in a different way to Rogaine. Also known by the brand name Propecia, this medication is primarily used to shrink prostates. It does this by shrinking the tissue around the prostate, which it is able to do by reducing the amount of DHT in the body. And because DHT can trigger hair loss, someone medicating with Propecia should experience noticeably less hair loss.

It has been said that all men above a certain age will have some form of enlarged prostate and even prostate cancer. It doesn’t always develop into something serious, but the problem is there and it’s not comfortable. As a result, Propecia use is common in older men. The main goal is to limit prostate growth. The limited hair loss is a pleasant side effect that most patients are happy with.

As with Rogaine, Propecia also has side effects and it can also be expensive to use over the long-term. Propecia side effects include a decreased libido, which is something that older men definitely do not need. This side effect doesn’t occur in all uses of Propecia, but it is one of the more common ones. Ironically, despite helping to reduce the size of the prostate, one of the rare side effects of Propecia use is prostate cancer.

It’s quite astonishing when you think about it. Here’s a drug designed to make older men feel and look younger, but they may never have sex again when they take it. It’s a drug that can help them to reduce the size of their prostate, but may also give them prostate cancer.

Fortunately, this side effect is very rare and if you are experiencing problems in that area and you’re also worried about hair loss, Propecia use may be a no-brainer. Just make sure that you get yourself checked over by your doctor before beginning a course of treatment and that you drop by for regular check-ups after that.

Other Hair Growth Pills

As mentioned already, there are many different options available for hair growth. However, if you want hair growth pills that have countless studies to back them up, hair growth pills that have been shown to be considerably more effective than any vitamins and minerals, then the two listed above are really your only options. There are also vitamin profiles, supplements like saw palmetto and much more. But if you ask the experts and the people who have used these hair growth pills before, nothing comes close to Minoxidil or Finasteride.

That is, unless you are happy to consider surgery. If that’s the case then even those FDA approved hair growth pills don’t offer you results like the ones you can get with a hair implant. This is an instant way to get the hair you want. There are no side effects, no long waits, and little need to concern yourself about contraindications. However, hair transplants don’t come cheap and are not for everyone.

Hair Loss Cure (Effective Cures Review, Minoxidil, Viviscal, etc)

Hair Loss Cure (Effective Cures Review, Minoxidil, Viviscal, etc)

Hair Loss Cure

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a valid hair loss cure. It’s not all snake oil and scams. This industry has taken a few hits over the years. It was once an industry filled with big promises and products that didn’t deliver. It was an industry where the highest selling products were fake hair in a can and suspect pills.

However, demand has increased along with scientific knowledge. These days some of the biggest and most respected companies in the world work to create hair loss cures, aiming to remedy a problem that affects more than half of all adult Americans before the age of 40. As a result, the marketplace is now tightly regulated and controlled.

So, that hair loss cure you’re looking for really does exist. And in this article we’ll put the best of them in the spotlight.


Cures Hair Loss

Vivisval is widespread. It is popular with celerities, it is popular with the average user. There are countless reviews online that rave about this product and even when you filter out the obvious affiliate reviews there are still a high majority of positive opinions. It is a hair loss cure that we’re very optimistic about, but Vivisval is far from perfect.


  • Safe: Vivisval is composed entirely of vitamins and minerals. Most of these, including amino acids, iron and B Vitamins, are found naturally in the foods we eat. As a result, there are no serious side effects to worry about and this is relatively natural.
  • Established: Vivisval was created by a company that has been around for more than 20 years and is rated as A+ by the BBB. Those ratings don’t come lightly.
  • Price: Vivisval is fairly cheap and typically costs just $1 for a day’s supply, which means you’ll spend around $30 for a month’s supply.


  • Shark: Some of the ingredients in Vivisval are a little odd, to say the least. They include the “AminoMar Complex” which, rather vaguely, contains “Shark Powder”. It’s not really a big negative, but it’s certainly one that made us think twice.
  • Long-term: Vivisval needs to be used over the long-term to really feel the effects. As a result, that $30 monthly cost soon mounts up and turns into $360 for a year.
  • Hair Growth: The main issue with Vivisval when compared to many of the other hair growth cures on this list is that, well, it’s not strictly a hair growth cure. Its purpose is to strengthen your hair and improve its condition, as opposed to promoting growth in those suffering from hair loss.


Baldness Cure

Better known by the band name “Rogaine”, Minoxidil is the gold star hair loss cure. This is the product that changed the industry, as it was one of the first hair loss cures that actually worked. Minoxidil is not a magic bullet though, and it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s also not accessible for everyone, which is why there are so many successful competitors on the market.


  • Effective: Minoxidil works. It’s as simple as that. And it seems to work for the majority of users that try it. It really is an effective hair loss cure, and it’s not everyday that you get to say that. It’s not perfect, but it’s a big seller for a reason.
  • Safe: Studies have suggested that Minoxidil is perfectly safe. As discussed in the “Cons” section below, we can’t be sure about this over the long-term, but there are no nasty short-term side effects.
  • Approved: Minoxidil is FDA approved and is one of the only hair loss cures that can make that claim.
  • Over The Counter: Minoxidil may be effective, it may be FDA approved, but it is also available over the counter. Those things rarely go hand in hand, but they do in this case.


  • Time: It can take as long as a year for Minoxidil to take effect. That’s an incredibly long time to wait, and it’s something that has put many prospective users off. In today’s instant gratification society, people want everything done yesterday. Minoxidil just doesn’t fit that bill.
  • Action: Minoxidil may be relatively safe, but only as far as we know. The truth is that we don’t really know why Minoxidil works, which means we can’t really know for sure that it is safe. After all, how can you guarantee the long-term safety of a product if you’re not even sure why it does what it does in the short-term?
  • Price: This medication is actually reasonably price. However, the fact that you need to use it for many months at a time means the costs can mount up. A thirty day or even sixty day supply may look very reasonable. But there’s a good chance you’ll be using it for 6 or even 12 months.


Keranique provide a complete hair restoration package that can be added to your everyday beauty regime. It is a little different to the others on this list, but it is still a hair growth cure that has its benefits. The Keranique package includes shampoo and conditioner.


  • Safe: Keranique is not a medication. It’s not even something that you consume. It contains mostly natural, entirely effective ingredients that are perfectly safe.
  • Easy: Keranique is perfectly easy to add to your daily regime. It is non-intrusive and there is no need to worry about side effects or any contraindications with other medications. Keranique is also a hair loss cure that you can use with other hair loss cures.
  • All-In-One: As well as being an effective hair loss cure, Keranique is also a great beauty product. It can help to strengthen you hair, add shine and make it smell great.


  • Price: Keranique is a premium hair loss cure, and it comes with a premium price tag as a result. It’s priced like you would expect for a top of the range haircare set.
  • Efficiency: Let’s be honest, as good as Keranique is as a beauty product, it’s not as effective of a hair loss cure as the others on this list. And like Viviscal, it is geared more towards strengthening what you have than replacing what you lost.
Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

It’s a question we have received many times and one that many people seek the answer to: Can you use saw palmetto for hair loss? Is it a myth or is this supplement actually beneficial to help you retain those luscious locks?

What is Saw Palmetto

To understand whether you can effectively use saw palmetto for hair loss we first have to understand just what saw palmetto is. It is a substance that some of you will have heard of, a substance that some of you may have even used. But it’s typically not included in common multi-vitamins and is considered to be somewhat of a specialist extract.

Put simply, saw palmetto is a fruit-bearing plant. And it is from this fruit that we get the saw palmetto extract. This extract is perhaps more commonly used to treat prostate problems, including infections. It has also gained a following in the bodybuilding community, with supplement and steroid users taking it to support their prostate while using other substances.

Saw palmetto can also be used for colds, coughs and other common ailments. There is also suggestions that it can be used as a muscle relaxant. Although its effectiveness in such cases is not as widely studied. What we do know for sure is that saw palmetto seems to have a positive effect on people with prostate problems. Studies suggest that it works by shrinking the inner lining of the prostate. This is what puts pressure on the bladder and the tubes that lead from the bladder, which is why saw palmetto can help to make life easier and more comfortable for men with such problems.

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

Saw Palmetto Baldness

Of course, we’re not here to ease your nightly trips to the toilet. We’re here to discuss baldness and the role that saw palmetto can play in curing it. As discussed below, very few studies have actually been conducted on saw palmetto for hair loss. But those studies have been promising, as have the effects.

Saw palmetto has been proven to be very effective at stopping hair loss in those suffering from alopecia, male pattern baldness and similar concerns. The effects seem to be more positive in men suffering from thinning hair and receding hairlines, but this may simply be because men are typically the target group for saw palmetto studies.

Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss Research

It’s not entirely clear how saw palmetto works, but it seems to work by blocking the production of DHT. It does this by limiting the production of 5-alpha-reductase, which is converted to DHT. We know that an increase in DHT correlates to an increased loss of hair. This is essentially the same way that saw palmetto works on the prostate, as DHT can enlarge the prostate.

Many of the saw palmetto for hair loss studies seem to be a byproduct of studies done on saw palmetto’s effect on the prostate. However, a number of studies have been conducted focusing purely on saw palmetto benefits in those suffering from hair loss. All of these studies have reported some positive benefits, and some of them have reported drastic improvements in hair growth in as many as half of the participants.

Of course, these studies target different demographics, they focus on people with different genetics and needs, and they use different doses. Saw palmetto for hair loss studies have also been relatively small to date, with some using just 10 or fewer participants.

Until those numbers increase and until we get some uniformity, it’s unlikely that we’ll know for certain whether saw palmetto is effective for hair loss. However, this is a relatively safe supplement, so if you’re struggling with hair loss and want to build an effective hair loss vitamin to take everyday, then there’s no reason why you can’t include saw palmetto.

Saw Palmetto for Hair Growth

Saw Palmetto Hair Growth

If the theory on DHT is true, and if saw palmetto works for hair loss by keeping this hormone to a minimum, then it is unlikely to have any sort of effect on hair growth. No major studies have been conducted on saw palmetto and its effects on hair growth. However, based on what we know about this supplement, as well as the studies that have been done on saw palmetto in hair loss, we can assume that it has no positive effect on hair growth.

Saw palmetto’s benefits have actually been compared to the medication Finasteride, which can be used to promote hair growth and to limit hair loss. Studies suggest that saw palmetto probably isn’t as effective, but it may come with fewer unpleasant side effects. Finesteride, like saw palmetto, can also help with prostate problems and works in a similar way.

Just make sure that you don’t take these two medications together and that you avoid taking any other OTC medications alongside saw palmetto without consulting your doctor first.

Where to Find Saw Palmetto

You can buy saw palmetto as dried berries and extracts. The extracts provide more potency and should be able to give you the dose you need without having to consume too many dried berries. The extracts will also give you greater control over your dosage.

The easiest way to consume saw palmetto is just to take it as a tablet, preferably with food. It should be consumed twice a day, and you should consult with your doctor before getting started. There are very few side effects to saw palmetto. However, everyone responds differently and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

This is especially true if you are pregnant or if you have any prior medical conditions. Some of the side effects of saw palmetto include a thinning of the blood much like aspirin. This may cause complications during surgery and means it should also be avoided for anyone with problems of the blood or the heart.

Although rare, one of the other side effects of saw palmetto is stomach pain, headache and other general discomfort. These are generally well tolerated by users and they typically only present during the early stages. However, if you do experience any side effects, regardless of how minor they are, you should consult your doctor to make sure everything is in order.

Baldness Cure: Is There Such a Thing?

Baldness Cure: Is There Such a Thing?

Baldness Cure

We can’t count how many times we have heard the question, “Is there a cure for baldness?” and not just because we’re really bad at math. This is a question that many men and women ask at some point in their lives, typically as they discover their hair is thinning and they desperately search for a solution.

Hair loss is so often seen as one of those natural things that you can’t control. It’s something we all fear and something we all face. That’s life—death, taxes, and the looming threat of baldness. But does it have to be like that? Is there a cure for baldness?

Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a thin veil of hope for that wispy, barren scalp you call hair. There is such a thing as a baldness cure. In fact, there are many of them.

Baldness Cure Number 1: Hair Growth Vitamins

How to Cure Baldness

If you have a poor diet then it will reflect on your appearance. Your skin, your hair, your nails, everything—it all suffers when you don’t give you body the sustenance that it needs. If you smoke too much, if you drink too much or if you don’t get your daily dose of essential vitamins, then your hair will begin to thin, your scalp will weaken and eventually it’ll all just fall out.

Okay, so it probably won’t happen that drastically, but the point remains. The best baldness cure is baldness prevention and the best way to prevent baldness is to ensure you eat healthily and don’t abuse your body.

There are many hair growth vitamins on the market. These come branded as everything from “Special Hair Growth Formulas” to “Mighty, Magic Cures for Baldness” and other hyperbolic BS. As with all marketing, 90% of it is nonsense and to be ignored, but there is a small glimmer of truth. These vitamins won’t help you to start sprouting hair when there was none before. They are not really baldness cures at all. However, they will help to strengthen your hair and scalp, giving it the foundation it needs to grow and ensuring that hair loss is limited.

These work for hair loss in women and hair loss in men. But you don’t need to spend excessive amounts on “Special Formulas”. Most of them contain basic vitamins you can buy for a few dollars at your local health food store. So, checkout our guide on Hair Loss Vitamins to learn which ones you need and then make you own formula.

Baldness Cure Number 2: Medications

There was a time when a baldness cure came in a bottle and looked distinctly like shoe polish. You sprayed it on your head, your gave yourself the thumbs-up in the mirror and your presumably ignored the high-pitched giggles from passers-by and the irate screams from friends as you ruined their sofas.

The informercials selling this “hair-in-a-can” then gave way for medication that promised to help you grow the real thing. There are a number of the medications on the market and they have been around for a few years. Some are FDA approved, some look like they’ve been made in your cousin’s bathtub.

These medications do work though, at least for the most part. They really have helped people to regrow their hair and they really do live up to many of the promises that the labels carry. The problem is, like all medications, they don’t work for everyone. Also, all medications come with side effects and that puts a lot of people off, as you can imagine.

The truth is, half of the stuff we consume every day has a long list of side effects, from the aspirin you take for a headache to the medicated shampoo you use to convince yourself that you still need it. But for some reason, when these side effects are placed on products that haven’t always had the best rep, and products that are primarily sold through infomercials (which is perhaps why they don’t have the best reputation) people are even more wary.

Baldness Cure Number 3: Hair Transplants

Hair Transplants for Baldness

We’re more focused on pills and natural treatments than we are on surgery. After all, the site is called Hair Growth Pills, so it doesn’t really fit within the business plan. However, we’re willing to admit that hair transplants are a decent option for anyone looking to restore their luscious locks.

Hair transplants essentially take hair from your backside and then transplant it on your hair. Basically, you get the head hair you’ve always wanted and you get a free ass-shave thrown in. Sounds good, right? Well, this baldness cure isn’t exactly available to everyone.

It doesn’t come cheap. It can be painful, and it takes time for your new ass-head hair to bend together. Price has always been the biggest factor. This has come down over the years and a practice that was once limited to the most expensive clinics has now been made available everywhere. But it’s still not cheap.

You typically pay by the hair, which we think is hilarious. And because you only pay around $10 per hair, it means you can look like Homer Simpson for jus $30. If you want a full head of hair, however, then you’ll need to have several grand burning a hole in your wallet.

Baldness Cure Number 4: The Comb-Over

This is our personal favorite. Forget the surgery. Forget the supplements. Just grab a comb, scoop-up what little hair you have left and then mat it over your head like that rug you use to hide stains on your bedroom carpet. Not only will the baldness disappear, but you’ll look like a stud. A regular James Bond. Your friends might disagree, but they’re just jealous. They envy you and your organic flat-cap. So, wear it with pride you handsome devil.

Now that’s a baldness cure we can get behind.

Hair Growth Supplements: 4 of the Best Products

Hair Growth Supplements: 4 of the Best Products

Hair Growth Supplements

If your hair is falling out or thinning; if your hairline is beating a retreat on your scalp, then there are hair growth supplements that can help. In fact, you probably came here because those things are already happening.

If so, you’re not alone. Hair loss effects over a quarter of all men over the age of twenty-one, and while hair loss in women is not as common, there are 30 million American women who wish it was just that little bit rarer.

There are so many products on the market that can help. There are products designed to help you grow your eyelashes, products designed to assist with beard growth. You can also find hair loss vitamins, hair transplants and supplements. It’s never ending, it’s confusing. But in this article we’ll try and make it a little less so, pointing out the 4 best hair growth supplements around.

Hair Growth Supplement #4: Hairfinity

Hair Growth Supplements Hairfinity

Hairfinity has been endorsed by a number of celebrities, including members of the Kardashian clan. It contains a specially formulated blend of vitamins and minerals and is relatively cheap when compared to other products on the market. You can see countless “Before and After” success stories on the Hairfinity website and they promise that you will notice some hair growth within the first month of us.

This is a highly reputable product that has received acclaim both from those suffering from hair loss and from the beauty community. It’s safe and it’s effective. And at less than $1 for a day’s supply, it won’t cost you a great deal to try it out for yourself.

Hair Growth Supplement #3: Keranique

Keranique call themselves the “Women’s hair growth experts”. They sell more than just one product and have an entire range of hair growth supplements and formulas. These products have been approved by the FDA and Keranique pride themselves on being the “Number 1 hair regrowth system for women in the United States”.

So, what makes Keranique so special? Scientifically formulated, Keranique is essentially a shampoo and conditioner set that can help to strengthen your hair. The Keranique shampoo contains keratin, which is what your hair is made out of; and Vitamin B5, which can help to strength that keratin and keep your hair strong down to the root. This formula works to cleanse your scalp and provide a strong foundation. The Keranique conditioner is then applied to add volume, to fortify the hair, and to promote growth.

There are also a few other products in the Keranique rage. These include a spray that can help to “lift, repair and style” and can be used everyday just like the shampoo and conditioner.

The beauty of Keranique is that it can be used in place of your normal shampoo and conditioner. It can also be used in conjunction with other hair growth supplements. And if you’re disappointed with the results then you can just get your money back via a 120 day money-back policy. These things usually aren’t worth the paper they are written on. But Keranique have a reputation of following through with this policy.

This is just as well: Keranique is a little more expensive than the other products on this list. So, if it doesn’t work for you then you’ll want to make sure that you take them up on their offer, get your money back and then try one of these other hair growth supplements.

Hair Growth Supplement #2: Viviscal

Hair Growth Supplements Viviscal

This is one of the best selling hair growth supplements on the market. In fact, for many years it has been ranked as the biggest seller for both men and women in the United States. You don’t sell that many products without following through with the promises you make on the label, and Viviscal make some pretty big promises.

This product is backed by several clinical trials, all proving its efficiency. The ingredients include many of the essential vitamins that you will find in other products, but they also include some added extras such as an “Amino Acid Complex”. These are the building blocks of protein. And because hair consists of protein, they are essential to maintain the integrity of your hair while promoting growth.

Viviscal also contains horsetail extract and a number of other minerals. This product has proved popular with those suffering from hair loss, as well as those keen to avoid any such issues in the future. It has even gained a following with celeibitries.

Hair Growth Supplement #1: Multi-Vitamins

There are many formulas out there that focus on hair growth. These tend to be loaded with B vitamins like Biotin and Niacin, as well as everything from Vitamin C to Iron. The problem with these supplements is that they don’t contain all of the things that can assist with this problem.

If you have ever searched for a multivitamin with a specific set of needs in mind you will know the frustration of looking at bottle after bottle, finding one that has 4/5 of the ingredients but not the other one; finding another that has that final ingredient, but none of the other 4. Such is the case with many of the cheaper hair growth vitamin supplements.

So, if you don’t have the money for effective formulas such as the ones listed above, and those cheaper formulas just don’t tick all the boxes, then the best thing to do is just to build your own. You don’t need to be a master chemist and you don’t need your own bulk powders and capsule kits. You just need to buy several basic formulas and hair vitamins. Look at the RDAs of each and make sure you’re getting the essentials, such as:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Biotin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin A
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

You should also avoid the ones that provide ridiculously high RDAs. They are gimmick products. You just don’t need this amount of any vitamin. Any product that says something to the contrary is probably lying about other things as well.