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Is there a cure for baldness? It’s a question we get asked a lot, and one that we have answered many times in this Baldness Cures section. Of course, it’s not one where we can provide a straightforward answer. There is both a yes and a no answer, and in truth it all depends on the issue that you have, as well as genetics and a number of other factors.

To learn more about this, just browse the many baldness cures articles below. All of these have been written by the expert writers at Hair Growth Pills. These include scientists that specialize in human hair, as well as freelancers who have done their research and have spoken with doctors and experts. Hair Growth Pills is not just another content site, it is a site that can truly help you with your problem, and the best example of this unique perspective can be seen in these articles.

Hair Transplant: Costs, Process, Before and After

Hair Transplant: Costs, Process, Before and After

Hair Transplant

We have covered a great number of hair loss treatments on this site and more than once we have said that a hair transplant is one of the most effective. It is the only one that works every time and the only one that actively works to regrow hair, as opposed to simply stopping hair loss.

But just how effective is a hair transplant? In this guide we aim to answer all of the questions that you have about hair transplants, questions that have been put to us over the last few months. These include the following, all of which have bene answered in full below:

  • What Should I Expect with a Hair Transplant?
  • How Long Does a Hair Transplant Take to Heal?
  • Where do they Take the Hair From?
  • How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?
  • Is It Worth It?
  • Is it Safe?

What is a Hair Transplant?

Simply put, a hair transplant involves taking hair from one place and surgically implanting it into your scalp. They take the actual hair follicles, which means that the hair will grow like it should.

There are two types of transplant, known as Follicular Unit Strip Surgery and Follicle Unit Extraction. These are often shortened to FUSS and FUE respectably. With FUSS, a strip of skin is taken as a graft; with FUE, hairs are taken one by one.

Where do They Take Hair From?

Hair Transplant Cost

There is a misconception that the hair is taken from the backside. This is perhaps the fault of the tabloids, who can’t resist writing articles about celebrities covering their heads in hair that was once on their backsides. The headlines practically write themselves.

However, they need to cut the hair out, which means the place will be tender to the touch and will need time to heal. You need to sit on your buttocks, so this is not ideal. Instead, the hair is often taken from the actual scalp, but at the back so that the hair easily falls over it. It can also be taken from the leg.

What Can I Expect from the Procedure?

Hair Transplant Process

The procedure should take place in a doctor’s surgery, as opposed to a hospital. Firstly, your scalp will be cleaned and numbed via an injection. The graft will then be taken and the hair follicles will be added to your scalp in the places previously chosen. To add the follicles, small slits are made and they are inserted into place.

This is a laborious process and it can take up to 10 hours to complete, depending on the number of hairs being added.

How Long Does it Take to Heal from a Hair Transplant?

Your scalp will be very tender after the surgery. It also won’t be very pretty to look at. You will probably be prescribed pain meds to get through the pain and will be told to rest up and wear bandages. You may be given anti-inflammatory drugs as well to keep potential swelling to a minimum.

A few weeks after the surgery, the hair that was transplanted will have fallen out. From there the new hair will begin to grow into place. It will take a few months for this to grow in fully, which is why many patients are told to use products like Minoxidil as they wait. Typically, within a year all patients will be able to style their hair as they see fit, with no visible signs of a transplant having taken place.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair Transplant Before and After

The costs differ depending on the amount of hair that needs to be transplanted and the person that you choose to do it. There are many specialists out there that offer this service and the prices can be competitive as a result. But if you choose a well known and respected physician then you’re obviously going to pay a premium.

If you are on limited budget then you can look around and get the job done for as little as $3,000, providing you don’t need a full head of hair to be transplanted. Just make sure you check that they are accredited and licensed. You may also want to read some reviews on them beforehand. Any doctor worth their degree in this day and age will have reviews online.

The price can go as high as $20,000, so it pays to do your research. You can also ask for a discount and try to negotiate a deal. You have more chance of doing this if you’re working with a self-employed physician, as opposed to one working for an organization.

Will my Insurance Cover a Hair Transplant?

Unfortunately, no. There might be some companies and policies out there that do, but we haven’t seen them. It is not life threatening, it is not a health issue.

Is a Hair Transplant Safe?

Is a Hair Transplant Safe?
There are always risks associated with surgery. This is minor surgery, but there are still some potential problems. Infection is one of the biggest, which is why many doctors will prescribe a course of antibiotics after the surgery, making sure that if there is an infection, it will be cured before it displays any symptoms.

As with all surgery, scarring is also a possibility. Your hair may grow-in strange. You may experience some visible scarring on the front or the top of your head. You may experience problems with the graft area and you may also experience some inflammation, both on the head and around the graft area, which is where the anti-inflammatory drugs come in.

Again, all of this is rare, but it’s something that needs to be considered before you jump head-first (quite literally) into this procedure. These days we are often too quick to volunteer our bodies for surgeries that we deem to be quick, easy and safe ways to get the look we want. But they are not miracle cures and things can go wrong.

You should discuss these issues with your doctor during the consultation, which will happen prior to the surgery and prior to any agreements being made. They should provide an unbiased perspective on the procedure. They should be honest and upfront with you. This can be essential for someone going through this procedure as it’s important for them to understand the potential risks, while also understanding just how rare such risks are.

Nizoral Hair Loss (Ketoconazole, Reviews, Studies, Side Effects)

Nizoral Hair Loss (Ketoconazole, Reviews, Studies, Side Effects)

Nizoral for Hair Loss

We have dealt with many medications and supplements on Hair Growth Pills. One of the rarer ones is Nizoral, with many customers enquiring whether they can use Nizoral for hair loss and whether it is effective.

We look to answer these questions in this article, hoping to come to a conclusion whether Nizoral can be used to cure baldness, thinning hair, receding hairlines and alopecia.

What is Nizoral Shampoo

Nizoral shampoo is a medicated hair treatment that is primarily used to treat fungal problems and dandruff, as well as other issues. It has a number of “off-label” uses, and one of the suggestions is that Nizoral can be used for hair loss.

Is this the case? Does Nizoral work for hair loss? Well, yes, no, and probably not. The truth is, it all depends on how you look at it.

How to Use Nizoral Shampoo?

This medicated shampoo contains the act ingredient “ketoconazole”. This is an anti-fungal medication that is used to treat yeast infections. The way it works is by attacking the cell membranes of the yeast. It breaks though the membrane, leaving holes and causing the yeast cells to gradually break down. Basically, it kills them, and it does so incredibly effectively, which makes this a very potential anti-fungal medication.

Nizoral shampoo is primarily used to treat severe cases of dandruff, known as “seborrhoeic dermatitis”, as well as many other forms of dandruff. It is sold in boxes that give you around 5 months worth of shampoo, but you only need to use it for a maximum of 4 weeks. The shampoo needs to be applied to the scalp and left there for up to five minutes, before being washed of. This process should be repeated every day throughout the course of your treatment,

Does Nizoral Shampoo Work?

For dandruff and other infections, it works brilliantly well. 4 weeks into your treatment the issue that was there should be gone. Simple as that. However, there is a big “but”. Several of them in fact. Firstly, while Nizoral is being used for hair growth, it has yet to be proven as effective in that area. Secondly, there are a number of side effects with Nizoral shampoo, and these actually include hair loss.

Basically, that means the shampoo you are using to treat hair loss could actually make you bald. That’s not the only Nizoral side effect either. It can also cause irritation and burning sensations.

Nizoral for Hair Loss

A study has been performed on Nizoral for hair loss. This study involved the use of topical applications of ketoconazole, with around 40 participants involved. They were split into two groups, with a group given daily applications of ketoconazole and a control group given nothing. After few weeks, there was a “difference in hair growth” between the two groups and a suggestion that ketoconazole does work for hair growth.

However, this is not really enough. Not only was the study very small, but the results weren’t even that conclusive. When you add in the potential for side effects, it seems like a massive risk to use ketoconazole or Nizoral as a hair growth treatment.

There are many medications out there that don’t have a great deal of side effects. If they don’t work, you don’t lose anything. Such is the case with the treatments we described in our Eyelash Growth DIY page, as well as the ones discussed in countless other HGP articles. However, in this case there is a huge risk. Because you may end up with more problems and less hair than when you started.

Nizoral Shampoo Reviews

Nizoral Reviews

So, what do the users say about this product? You’ve heard what we think and you’ve heard what the studies say. But what about individual users like you? Well, Nizoral shampoo reviews are fairly inconclusive, as you might expect after reading the information above.

There have been a lot of positive reports regarding the effectiveness of Nizoral for dandruff and infections. The reports of hair loss and other nasty side effects are also minimal, which is a good thing. However, of the very small number of people that have tried ketoconazole and/or Nizoral for hair loss, very few of them seem to have anything positive to report.

This is something that is still pretty much undecided. It’s something that will need to be tested more, reviewed more and studied more before a conclusion can be reached. In the meantime, if you use it yourself and have experienced negative side effects or hair growth, then please get in touch and let us know. If everyone can pool their results together then it will give us a better idea of just how effective Nizoral is for hair growth.

Nizoral 2

Nizoral 2

Nizoral 2 is simply another name for the same product. The “2” refers to the concentration (2%) of the active ingredient ketoconazole. There are some customers who have seemingly bought this product believing it to be a sequel of sorts, thinking that somehow Nizoral 2 is better than simple “Nizoral” (although they should know that the sequel never beats the original). But it’s the same product. It comes with the same risks and it will have the same results (or lack of results, as the case may be).

Other Hair Loss Treatments


As you probably know, there is no shortage of treatments out there. If you’re not interested in Nizoral for hair loss (and let’s be honest, the information isn’t exactly inspiring) then you may want to look to many of these. You can more information on articles such as Hair Growth Pills, Hair Growth Supplements, Best Vitamins, and Hair Loss Treatments. We have also extensively covered Keranique, which contains Minoxidil and which you can read about in our Keranique Questions guide and our Keranique Reviews article.

Ketoconazole and Nizoral may not be that effective when it comes to curing baldness. But it’s important to remember that it wasn’t intended for that. This is a very useful medication when used for what it was prescribed for. Many users just jumped onto the false hope that it could help them with other issues, and that is simply not the case, at least, not that anyone can prove.

Keranique Reviews (Hair Growth Treatment, Shampoo Review)

Keranique Reviews (Hair Growth Treatment, Shampoo Review)

Keranique Reviews

We have fielded a number of questions about the effectiveness of Keranique. So, we have decided to pool many different Keranique reviews into one place, aiming to answer those questions more clearly.

As you may know, we have already covered this topic a few times on Hair Growth Pills. We recently launched a page that covered a number of your Keranique questions and essentially exposed the truth (in our opinion) of this topic. In that page we made it clear that this is a product that works for some. But it is also a product that doesn’t work for everyone, a product that has some side effects and a product that needs to be used with care.

Use this Keranique link to save $65 on your order courtesy of HairGrowthPills.

As if to emphasize that, here are a few Keranique reviews. These have been taken from readers of Hair Growth Pills, as well as a couple of our writers. We’ve tried to provide some varied opinions and have also provided a variety of test subjects so you can find someone who relates to you and might have similar experiences.

Keranique Reviews

So, let’s get to it. Below you will find a list of Keranique reviews from genuine users of this product. These should be taken as they are: opinions. At the time of writing we are not affiliated with this product or with any of their rivals. Our goal is to provide genuine, helpful opinions. We ask our readers to remember that because one user had a bad experience or a positive experience, it doesn’t mean they will.

These Keranique reviews have been provided by the reviewer and then compiled and edited by our own writers in order to ensure they are ready for publication.

Keranique Review 1: Sandy

Keranique Shampoo Review

Sandy is a 40 year old female with thinning hair.

My hair began thinning after pregnancy. I suffered from postpartum hair loss like many women, but poor diet, poor care and a number of other factors made that issue continue.

After letting it get out of hand, I had really bad thinning hair. It was wiry, thin, uncomfortable. I was embarrassed, so I used Keranique in the hope I could fix it.

Within 3 weeks I didn’t see any improvements. However, a few weeks later I began noticing that my hair was thicker. I am now 8 weeks in and I do notice some positive changes. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it cured me. But it does seem to have done something and that’s a plus.

Keranique Review 2: Michael

Michael is 56 and only has hair on the sides and back of his head.

I have been bald as a baby since I was 35. In fact my niece was born with more hair on her head than I’ve had grow on mine in 20 years!

I have used Saw Palmetto before. I have used Propecia before. I’ve used hair growth vitamins. Supplements. You name it, I have used it. Usually, it’s not easy to tell whether something works or not when you’re using so many products together like I was. But I know that none of them worked, because I didn’t see a single new hair sprout on my head!

I had avoided using Minoxidil because a friend of mine had a bad experience with it. I know it’s just one experience, these things happen. But I’m a little bit of a hypochondriac, so it put me off. If I had known that Keranique contained Minoxidil when I first took it, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near it, but I didn’t. I saw an ad for a product that was just a simple shampoo and I dived right in. Stupid really, I know. But I did’t have any bad side effects, so everything work out in that regard.

As for positive effects, I didn’t see any of those either.

I followed the label. I did as I should have done. But I didn’t see anything on the top of my head. I did notice that the hairs on the sides and back of my head seemed to grow. I’m not sure if that’s just my imagination or if that is actually the case. I’m now wondering if the hair follicles on the top of my head are somehow dead, in which case the Keranique never stood a chance.

I know many Keranique reviews are hit and miss. I’m a rarity in the sense that I’m still up in the air with this one. I imagine that it probably will work, but that my scalp, on the top at least, is beyond help. I’m now contemplating hair transplants and will maybe order some more Keranique when that happens. That way I can truly understand if it works. And if it does, it will mean thicker, longer hair in a place I previous had none!

Keranique Review 3: Kieran

Kieran is a 25 year old man with a rapidly receding hair line.

I have grey hairs. But I don’t care. It’s something that my partner and mother always pointed out, as if I was supposed to be concerned about them. I think the same applies to many men and most of us don’t care. We know that grey hair is not an issue and that the real worry is a receding hair line.

Such is the case with me. I have a young face, but the hairline of a 50 year old. Add the fact that I’m a little chubby, and I look like a full-grown baby. Not ideal. If I wasn’t already married, I’d have a hard time getting a girlfriend I’m sure.

My hairline has always been a problem and a concern. So, I used Keranique to try and fix the problem. Within a few weeks I began to notice some positive effects. My hair did look thicker and it did seem to grow longer. I have always struggled with my hair. I’ve never liked it, so I’ve usually just shaved it off, which doesn’t help with the hairline problem.

But as it grew, I began liking the way it looked and felt, so I let it grow more. After 6 weeks or so, I became convinced that the Keranique had worked. My partner, on the other hand, tells me that my hairline just looks better because my hair is longer.

I’m not sure what to believe. I know for a fact that my hairline hasn’t grown back. But I also know that my hair looks and feels better and that I’m more confident than ever as a result. Who knows, maybe I’ll start slathering some of it on my chin as well. Always wanted a big beard

Keranique Review 4: Jessica

Keranique Hair Growth Treatment Review

Jessica is a 32 year old female worried about brittle, damaged hair from years of tight hairstyles.

I never realized I had a problem with my hair because it was always contorted into an elaborate hair style (editor note: never a good idea, as described on our Hair Loss for Women and Hair Loss for Men articles). When I was 30, I decided to just let my hair grow. I had a new boyfriend who hated the previous hairstyles and encouraged me to let out my natural hair.

I was shocked to discover that it was in terrible condition. It was breaking, practically falling out. So, I stopped the tight hairstyles. I stopped dyeing and even straightening. I started using Keranique and also tried to increase my level of B Vitamins and other vitamins for hair growth.

Within 3 months, my hair was much better. And I mean much better. I attributed a lot of this to the Keranique, but in truth, it might have been a combination of everything. Still, my hair looks better. It’s thicker. It’s not falling out and it even has a shine to it. So, if it is the combination that worked, then it’s a combination that someone should be bottling and selling.

Dermaroller for Hair Loss: Reviews, Results, Impact on Hairline

Dermaroller for Hair Loss: Reviews, Results, Impact on Hairline

Does Dermaroller work for Hair Loss?

You don’t have to go very far to read an article on “Dermaroller for hair loss” or to find a glut of Dermaroller reviews. We know because we have seen them ourselves. But there are a few problems with those reviews.

Firstly, Dermaroller, like a lot of “premium” hair growth products and beauty products, seems to have a lot of affiliates. There are adverts, sponsored posts, and plenty of reviews that point to sales pages, Amazon affiliate pages and more. All of this means it’s very hard to find a genuine opinion on whether Dermaroller works for hair loss.

For something that actually works, checkout Keranique,
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Here on Hair Growth Pills, we understand the need for affiliates. It’s how content sites make money. We know that because we use them ourselves. However, we have always put honesty first, because we know that fake reviews can be spotted a mile off, and that readers just don’t want anything to do with them.

So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide a Dermaroller review of our own. In this guide we’ll answer the following questions and more, all of which have been put to us by our readers:

  • How Effective is Dermaroller for Hair Loss?
  • Are Dermaroller Before and After Photos Genuine?
  • Does Dermaroller Work for Acne Scars?
  • Can Dermaroller Help my Hairline?
  • Does Dermaroller Work for Stretch Marks?

What is Dermaroller?

First, let’s get the basics out of the way. This product is as the name suggests: it’s a simple roller that you apply to the skin. It is designed to “regenerate” and “repair” the skin and has been hailed as a natural, effective treatment for all kinds of conditions. If you heed to the many Dermaroller reviews, as well as the claims made by people trying to sell this product (either directly or indirectly) then it can help with everything from receding hairlines, hair loss, dry skin, wrinkles and more.

One of the things that has helped to draw so much attention to this product is the claims that it can get rid of stretch marks and acne scars. These are some of the holy grails of the beauty industry. Anyone who finds a cure for stretch marks and acne scars has found a goose that will never stop laying golden eggs. But does this seemingly simple product do that?

Probably not. In fact, we’d be amazed if it did.

How it Works

Dermaroller Review

Dermaroller essentially works by puncturing small holes into your skin and then waiting for them to heal. That’s it. This is not a miracle hair loss treatment. It’s not a game-changing supplement. And that seems to be one of the things that has attracted to many to this product. They have grown tired of supplements that promise a lot and don’t work, or have a long list of side effects. They want something quick, easy, relatively painless, and completely devoid of side effects. Dermaroller is the perfect product for them, promising everything. But that’s all it is: a promise.

This device is everything that we want from a miracle treatment. And like all “good” miracle treatments it sells because it does show some positive results, just not to the extent you might think.

The Dermaroller Does Work

There is some science behind the claims of the Dermaroller. This gradual damage to your skin will speed-up the regeneration process. It will lead to skin that looks better and feels better. It will take time, but the benefits are there. We have seen many before and after pictures and we have tried it ourselves as well. From what we can gather, some of these images are legitimate. But the ones that look too good to be true, nearly always are.

We tried it ourselves several months ago when we just couldn’t avoid this fad anymore. We’d heard so much that we just had to try it. We were skeptical, as you can expect. To begin with, we didn’t feel anything (except the pain of a dozen needles, of course) and we didn’t notice anything. We actually hated it more at this stage as it has a way of making your skin look like it has been severely sunburned. Not a great look when you’re hitting the tiles or going on a date.

Over time, however, that faded away and the results came through. When the skin healed, it seemed to be firmer. It looked better. It felt better. Not by a great deal, but there were positive effects there, there was no denying that.

Of course, then you have to go through the process again. More pricks. More damage and more looking like you’ve been pulled face-first through a rose bush. And again, the effects are there. Each time we noticed a slight improvement and each time we were surprised by this.

However, when we say “slight” we mean it, and that is the problem with this treatment.

Dermaroller Results

Dermaroller Results

Our Dermaroller review isn’t as positive as the ones you might be used to. We will admit that there are some results, and they are positive…in the end. However, there are a few points that need addressing before we decide if this is indeed a worthwhile product.

Firstly, we have no experience using Dermaroller for stretch marks or acne scars so we can’t comment on that. We personally can’t see how it would work though. We have searched through many reviews and have tried to focus on the ones that seem genuine. But even then, the jury is still out on whether it works for stretch marks and acne scars or not.

Secondly, we can say for sure that as far as Dermaroller for hair loss goes, it’s not effective. Not in the least. We have personally seen it vigorously tested on bald patches on the body and on thinning hair. It doesn’t seem to work, and quite frankly, we’re not sure how it could. We are willing to accept that it might have a positive affect on the skin. In fact we have seen and felt that ourselves, so we can consider that proved. But we don’t get the hair thing.

Dermaroller for hair loss is not a comment you see made by many of the product manufacturers. It seems to be something that is added by affiliates as a way of pushing the product, as well as a question that seems to be heavy on the minds of the users. That cold be because of a rumor, a throwaway claim, or even just hope. Whatever the reason, we’re fairly sure that Dermaroller is not effective for hair loss.

And that brings us to the most important part of our Dermaroller review. The third and final issue we have with this product is the fact that it straddles the line between a good product and a rip-ff and is always one price rise, one claim or one discovery away from being either.

Dermaroller Review: Our Thoughts

Dermaroller Hairline

To clarify what we said above: Dermaroller’s results are positive. They do exist. However, they are fairly minimal. They are something you might get from using a really good cream for a few weeks. In fact, the feeling we got from Dermaroller when the sunburned look had faded was not unlike the feeling we get after a really good facial. Your face feels cleaner, firmer. Your skin looks and feels better. It doesn’t last forever, but it lasts for a few days and then you have another course of treatment.

If we had to choose between buying the Dermaroller and applying it ourselves regularly, or getting the occasional facial, we would choose the latter anytime. Dermaroller has caused a storm in the healthcare community because it has been deemed unsafe. It is putting users at risk of doing damage and even getting an infection.

Not only that, but it makes them look terrible afterwards and, to top it off, it’ll set you back around $250!

Our Dermaroller review comes down to this summary: It’s risky, it’s painful, it’s uncomfortable, it’s incredibly expensive, it doesn’t do half of the things that users want it to do, but it does make your skin look and feel a little better in the long-term.

From our point of view, it’s not worth it. Give us a good facial, a good oil or a good supplement any day. But if you have the money, if you’re up for trying something new and if, like us, you’re sick of hearing about this fad and are itching to try it out for yourself, then go for it.

Hair Loss Forum: Where to Discuss Baldness and Cures

Hair Loss Forum: Where to Discuss Baldness and Cures

Hair Loss Forum

Looking for a hair loss forum to openly discuss your issue? This review article may be able to help. In this day and age message boards feel a little redundant. After all, we have Facebook and Twitter, so why would we need them?

Regardless of what you might think, they are actually more popular than ever. Hair loss forums are a great example of just why this is. Your Facebook account is connected to your name and your face. It is connected to your family and your friends, not to mention prospective dates and employers. On a hair loss forum, however, you are open to discuss under any alias and image you choose. It is as anonymous as you want it to be and this means there is no need to hold back. There is no need to avoid asking the questions you want to ask because you are worried they might be embarrassing.

So, let’s get straight to it. These are out favorite hair loss forums out there right now, ones that we know are used extensively by many of our readers and ones that we have also used ourselves from time to time.

Hair Loss Talk (Visit Hair Loss Talk)

This is a well laid out and professional hair loss forum that should be able to answer all of your questions. That’s because the forum is very active, and new posts are responded to very quickly. This is one of the top results for “Hair Loss Forum” and it also generates a huge amount of activity from its posts. As a result, millions of people pass through this site every year, which ensures your question will not go unanswered.

Of course, a big forum can be a bit impersonal for some. It takes away the personal touch. It makes it difficult to establish a rapport with the other members. On a hair loss forum like this, where there are so many users, so many posts and so many different categories, it’s difficult to get noticed and only those who posts regularly and have hundreds of previous posts tend to get noticed.

So, if you want something personal and long term, this might not be it. If you want something that will simply answer your questions quickly, something where you can browse extensively beforehand and learn a wealth of information on baldness and hair growth, then it’s ideal.

Bald Truth Talk (Visit Bald Truth Talk)

In many ways, this is the polar opposite of the hair loss forum mentioned above. It is smaller, more personal and much better for anyone looking to build a rapport. Many of the sections have no had any posts on them for days or weeks and there are fewer posts throughout this entire hair loss forum than there are on a single section of Hair Loss Talk.

Bad Truth Talk is also a little different in nature. The emphasis is more on baldness and the potential cures for it. What’s more, because it is smaller and because it is more focused, it might be easier to search through and to find the information that you need. Bald Truth Talk is also full of specialist advice and the members tend to be professionals who know what they are talking about.

So, if you want something small and personal. If you want to learn about hair transplants or the highly specialized topics, then give this hair loss forum a go.

Hair Loss Help (Visit Hair Loss Help)

Hair Loss Forums

If Bald Truth Talk is personal and Hair Loss Talk is impersonal, then Hair Loss Help is somewhere in between. This is a hair loss forum that is big and has a lot of subjects, but still has a personal touch of sorts. There are a lot of interesting topics, sections and posts to work your way through. However, many of the action seems to be focused on the “Open Topic” section. In here you will find everything from baldness cures and hair loss problems, to random chat that has nothing to do with hair at all.

The lack of activity on the specialized areas of this hair loss forum can make it frustrating to find the info that you want. However, the Open Topic forum is interesting and that’s where you should put most of your efforts.

Juts make sure that if you have a question to ask, you ask it in the Open Topic. It might get moved, you might have people telling you that it doesn’t belong. But it will get answered and it will receive the attention it needs, as opposed to being ignored in forums that no one visits.

The most popular forum is the General Hair Loss forum. However, you can also see just as much action in a few of the other treatment sections. And if you’re talking about a popular topic then your thread will likely generate a lot of interest site wide and be seen immediately, due to the way this hair loss forum is setup.

Regrowth (Visit Regrowth)

This is a very active forum. And because it is attached to a site that focuses on plenty of other hair growth and hair loss topics, it gets a lot of action from people who can help and people who have genuine questions that need answering.

This hair loss forum is not the most active that we have listed here. However, it comes close. It’s personal, it’s easy to navigate and you should be able to get a reply within a day or two, depending on what your question is. The majority of this forum is based around hair growth treatments and the sections cover individual treatment options. For instance, you can discuss natural hair loss treatments such as the hair treatments and hair loss vitamins we have mentioned on this site.

You can also learn about the causes of hair loss in men and the causes of hair loss in women, which we have also discussed extensively on this site.

Hair Loss Treatments: The Best and the Worst Cures for Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatments: The Best and the Worst Cures for Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatments

The medical sector is always innovating, improving and advancing, and this is as true with hair loss as it is with anything else. Not so long ago hair loss treatments consisted of spraying black “hair” onto your scalp or wearing a wig. It was a joke. It left sufferers feeling hopeless and—if they chose the spray option—a little stupid.

Thankfully, times have changed and there are so many better and more effective hair loss treatments out there today. In this article we’ll take a broad look at all of the options available for someone suffering from alopecia, thinning hair, and other hair loss problems.

Hair Transplants

Hair Transplants

This option is quite expensive, but it is getting cheaper as it becomes more widely available and more widely accepted by both the healthcare community and the public. Hair transplants essentially take hair from one part of your body and then transport it to your scalp. The extraction part is known as “harvesting” and involves taking the whole hair follicle. To do this, they have to puncture the skin and make sure the hair follicle is 100% intact when it is removed.

They will then insert this into the scalp. This allows the hair to grow as it would and indeed as it should. As with all hair loss treatments and all treatments in general, this has as many pros as it does cons.

  • Pros: This is an effective treatment and one that, if done properly, works all of the time. There are also no medication side effects to worry about because there is no medication besides a local anesthetic.
  • Cons: The main con is that this is surgery. The anesthetic may be local and it may not be life threatening, but it’s still surgery and that will put people off. It can also be expensive, it can take a few weeks for the scalp to heal and it can lave a scar in the donor area.

This is not a perfect practice. However, you can’t argue with the results. When it comes to hair loss treatments that work quickly and are effective all of the time, nothing comes close. In fact, based on those parameters, hair transplants are the only thing available.


Minoxidil for Hair Loss

There are two main medications that can be used to treat baldness and to stop thinning hair and receding hair lines. These include Rogaine and Propecia. Both of these have been used for many years and have been advertised extensively throughout that time. As a result, they have cemented themselves into the public consciousness. So, there’s good chance you already know about them, but an equally good chance that you see them as useless, ineffective products.

That’s because these medications don’t work all of the time. And when you have something that isn’t always effective and is used by millions of people, you have something that is not short on bad reviews. Make no mistake about it, these products do work, but they don’t work for everyone and even when they are working, the positive effects may not be as pronounced in you as they were in your friend.

These medications are fairly cheap and they are FDA approved. These are all good points, but there are a few downsides that need to be considered. Firstly, while cheap, they have to be taken over the long term and that can make them very expensive. Also, both of these hair loss treatments come with a long list of side effects. As with their effectiveness, these effect aren’t felt by all, but if you’re one of the unlucky few then you’re in for an unpleasant time.

Side effects can range from diarrhea to heart palpitations. We always recommend that you get checked up and have a discussion with your doctor before taking the medications. But don’t dismiss them out of hand just because there are a few side effects, the same can be said for all medications.

Natural Treatments

Lasers Hair Growth

There are many new trends for hair loss treatments that are relying on desperation in order to succeed. Some of these show promise, but others are based on pseudoscience and should be ignored. Some of the more promising ones include the use of lasers. The idea behind this is that the lasers stimuli the follicles and help them to produce more hair, while making sure that the hair is thicker and stronger. This has shown some promise, but it’s still very early so it’s hard to say.

If you encounter a new hair loss treatment the first thing you should do is enquire about the science. If what you had sounds like it was dreamt up by a marketing agency, then you should be wary. Don’t dismiss it out of hand, but do your research and don’t take it on face value.

Vitamins and Supplements

There are hair loss treatments that are as effective as Rogaine and Propecia for some people, and also come with little to no side effects. Hair loss supplements and hair loss vitamin formulas promise the world, but not all of them deliver. As a consumer, it’s up to you to separate the truths from the advertising, to distance the genuine products from the snake oil.

The only way to do this is to educate yourself on what ingredients are effective and what ingredients are not. Once you do that you can begin to look at the ingredient potholes of these hair loss treatments to determine whether you’re getting a genuinely helpful product, or something designed purely to trigger big numbers on the late-night shopping channels.

Some of the vitamins and minerals to look out for include B Vitamins like Biotin and Niacin; Saw Palmetto, which works in a similar way to Propecia; Vitamin D, which is better absorbed when you get an adequate amount of sunlight; and Vitamin E. Products like olive oil, caster oil, coconut oil and even lemon peel have also been proven to be effective hair loss treatments. We have discussed these products in our guides on Eyelash Growth DIY and Eyelash Growth Serums, as well as a piece on How to Grow your Eyebrows.

Effective hair loss treatments are out there. The problem is, they are drowning in a see of ineffective treatments, marketing claims and cons. Here at Hair Growth Pills, we can help you to get some clarity.

Hair Loss Cure (Effective Cures Review, Minoxidil, Viviscal, etc)

Hair Loss Cure (Effective Cures Review, Minoxidil, Viviscal, etc)

Hair Loss Cure

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a valid hair loss cure. It’s not all snake oil and scams. This industry has taken a few hits over the years. It was once an industry filled with big promises and products that didn’t deliver. It was an industry where the highest selling products were fake hair in a can and suspect pills.

However, demand has increased along with scientific knowledge. These days some of the biggest and most respected companies in the world work to create hair loss cures, aiming to remedy a problem that affects more than half of all adult Americans before the age of 40. As a result, the marketplace is now tightly regulated and controlled.

So, that hair loss cure you’re looking for really does exist. And in this article we’ll put the best of them in the spotlight.


Cures Hair Loss

Vivisval is widespread. It is popular with celerities, it is popular with the average user. There are countless reviews online that rave about this product and even when you filter out the obvious affiliate reviews there are still a high majority of positive opinions. It is a hair loss cure that we’re very optimistic about, but Vivisval is far from perfect.


  • Safe: Vivisval is composed entirely of vitamins and minerals. Most of these, including amino acids, iron and B Vitamins, are found naturally in the foods we eat. As a result, there are no serious side effects to worry about and this is relatively natural.
  • Established: Vivisval was created by a company that has been around for more than 20 years and is rated as A+ by the BBB. Those ratings don’t come lightly.
  • Price: Vivisval is fairly cheap and typically costs just $1 for a day’s supply, which means you’ll spend around $30 for a month’s supply.


  • Shark: Some of the ingredients in Vivisval are a little odd, to say the least. They include the “AminoMar Complex” which, rather vaguely, contains “Shark Powder”. It’s not really a big negative, but it’s certainly one that made us think twice.
  • Long-term: Vivisval needs to be used over the long-term to really feel the effects. As a result, that $30 monthly cost soon mounts up and turns into $360 for a year.
  • Hair Growth: The main issue with Vivisval when compared to many of the other hair growth cures on this list is that, well, it’s not strictly a hair growth cure. Its purpose is to strengthen your hair and improve its condition, as opposed to promoting growth in those suffering from hair loss.


Baldness Cure

Better known by the band name “Rogaine”, Minoxidil is the gold star hair loss cure. This is the product that changed the industry, as it was one of the first hair loss cures that actually worked. Minoxidil is not a magic bullet though, and it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s also not accessible for everyone, which is why there are so many successful competitors on the market.


  • Effective: Minoxidil works. It’s as simple as that. And it seems to work for the majority of users that try it. It really is an effective hair loss cure, and it’s not everyday that you get to say that. It’s not perfect, but it’s a big seller for a reason.
  • Safe: Studies have suggested that Minoxidil is perfectly safe. As discussed in the “Cons” section below, we can’t be sure about this over the long-term, but there are no nasty short-term side effects.
  • Approved: Minoxidil is FDA approved and is one of the only hair loss cures that can make that claim.
  • Over The Counter: Minoxidil may be effective, it may be FDA approved, but it is also available over the counter. Those things rarely go hand in hand, but they do in this case.


  • Time: It can take as long as a year for Minoxidil to take effect. That’s an incredibly long time to wait, and it’s something that has put many prospective users off. In today’s instant gratification society, people want everything done yesterday. Minoxidil just doesn’t fit that bill.
  • Action: Minoxidil may be relatively safe, but only as far as we know. The truth is that we don’t really know why Minoxidil works, which means we can’t really know for sure that it is safe. After all, how can you guarantee the long-term safety of a product if you’re not even sure why it does what it does in the short-term?
  • Price: This medication is actually reasonably price. However, the fact that you need to use it for many months at a time means the costs can mount up. A thirty day or even sixty day supply may look very reasonable. But there’s a good chance you’ll be using it for 6 or even 12 months.


Keranique provide a complete hair restoration package that can be added to your everyday beauty regime. It is a little different to the others on this list, but it is still a hair growth cure that has its benefits. The Keranique package includes shampoo and conditioner.


  • Safe: Keranique is not a medication. It’s not even something that you consume. It contains mostly natural, entirely effective ingredients that are perfectly safe.
  • Easy: Keranique is perfectly easy to add to your daily regime. It is non-intrusive and there is no need to worry about side effects or any contraindications with other medications. Keranique is also a hair loss cure that you can use with other hair loss cures.
  • All-In-One: As well as being an effective hair loss cure, Keranique is also a great beauty product. It can help to strengthen you hair, add shine and make it smell great.


  • Price: Keranique is a premium hair loss cure, and it comes with a premium price tag as a result. It’s priced like you would expect for a top of the range haircare set.
  • Efficiency: Let’s be honest, as good as Keranique is as a beauty product, it’s not as effective of a hair loss cure as the others on this list. And like Viviscal, it is geared more towards strengthening what you have than replacing what you lost.
Baldness Cure: Is There Such a Thing?

Baldness Cure: Is There Such a Thing?

Baldness Cure

We can’t count how many times we have heard the question, “Is there a cure for baldness?” and not just because we’re really bad at math. This is a question that many men and women ask at some point in their lives, typically as they discover their hair is thinning and they desperately search for a solution.

Hair loss is so often seen as one of those natural things that you can’t control. It’s something we all fear and something we all face. That’s life—death, taxes, and the looming threat of baldness. But does it have to be like that? Is there a cure for baldness?

Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a thin veil of hope for that wispy, barren scalp you call hair. There is such a thing as a baldness cure. In fact, there are many of them.

Baldness Cure Number 1: Hair Growth Vitamins

How to Cure Baldness

If you have a poor diet then it will reflect on your appearance. Your skin, your hair, your nails, everything—it all suffers when you don’t give you body the sustenance that it needs. If you smoke too much, if you drink too much or if you don’t get your daily dose of essential vitamins, then your hair will begin to thin, your scalp will weaken and eventually it’ll all just fall out.

Okay, so it probably won’t happen that drastically, but the point remains. The best baldness cure is baldness prevention and the best way to prevent baldness is to ensure you eat healthily and don’t abuse your body.

There are many hair growth vitamins on the market. These come branded as everything from “Special Hair Growth Formulas” to “Mighty, Magic Cures for Baldness” and other hyperbolic BS. As with all marketing, 90% of it is nonsense and to be ignored, but there is a small glimmer of truth. These vitamins won’t help you to start sprouting hair when there was none before. They are not really baldness cures at all. However, they will help to strengthen your hair and scalp, giving it the foundation it needs to grow and ensuring that hair loss is limited.

These work for hair loss in women and hair loss in men. But you don’t need to spend excessive amounts on “Special Formulas”. Most of them contain basic vitamins you can buy for a few dollars at your local health food store. So, checkout our guide on Hair Loss Vitamins to learn which ones you need and then make you own formula.

Baldness Cure Number 2: Medications

There was a time when a baldness cure came in a bottle and looked distinctly like shoe polish. You sprayed it on your head, your gave yourself the thumbs-up in the mirror and your presumably ignored the high-pitched giggles from passers-by and the irate screams from friends as you ruined their sofas.

The informercials selling this “hair-in-a-can” then gave way for medication that promised to help you grow the real thing. There are a number of the medications on the market and they have been around for a few years. Some are FDA approved, some look like they’ve been made in your cousin’s bathtub.

These medications do work though, at least for the most part. They really have helped people to regrow their hair and they really do live up to many of the promises that the labels carry. The problem is, like all medications, they don’t work for everyone. Also, all medications come with side effects and that puts a lot of people off, as you can imagine.

The truth is, half of the stuff we consume every day has a long list of side effects, from the aspirin you take for a headache to the medicated shampoo you use to convince yourself that you still need it. But for some reason, when these side effects are placed on products that haven’t always had the best rep, and products that are primarily sold through infomercials (which is perhaps why they don’t have the best reputation) people are even more wary.

Baldness Cure Number 3: Hair Transplants

Hair Transplants for Baldness

We’re more focused on pills and natural treatments than we are on surgery. After all, the site is called Hair Growth Pills, so it doesn’t really fit within the business plan. However, we’re willing to admit that hair transplants are a decent option for anyone looking to restore their luscious locks.

Hair transplants essentially take hair from your backside and then transplant it on your hair. Basically, you get the head hair you’ve always wanted and you get a free ass-shave thrown in. Sounds good, right? Well, this baldness cure isn’t exactly available to everyone.

It doesn’t come cheap. It can be painful, and it takes time for your new ass-head hair to bend together. Price has always been the biggest factor. This has come down over the years and a practice that was once limited to the most expensive clinics has now been made available everywhere. But it’s still not cheap.

You typically pay by the hair, which we think is hilarious. And because you only pay around $10 per hair, it means you can look like Homer Simpson for jus $30. If you want a full head of hair, however, then you’ll need to have several grand burning a hole in your wallet.

Baldness Cure Number 4: The Comb-Over

This is our personal favorite. Forget the surgery. Forget the supplements. Just grab a comb, scoop-up what little hair you have left and then mat it over your head like that rug you use to hide stains on your bedroom carpet. Not only will the baldness disappear, but you’ll look like a stud. A regular James Bond. Your friends might disagree, but they’re just jealous. They envy you and your organic flat-cap. So, wear it with pride you handsome devil.

Now that’s a baldness cure we can get behind.