Castor Oil for Hair Growth (Side Effects, Uses, Hair Loss)

Castor Oil for Hair Growth (Side Effects, Uses, Hair Loss)

Castor Oil for Hair Loss

You have probably heard about the benefits of castor oil for hair growth. In fact, if you have spent any length of time here on Hair Growth Pills then you most definitely have heard about the benefits. We love this product and we can’t get enough of it. It is one of the few substances that has received 100% positive reviews from us. We use it for all kinds of things and we have reviewed it so many times.

In this article we will cover castor oil in full, focusing on castor oil for hair growth. We’ll show you how to use it, why you would want to, how it works and where you can use it.

Castor Oil for Hair Loss: How it Works

There are many reasons you can benefit using castor oil for hair growth. One of these is the fact that it has a very high concentration of Vitamin E. This is a vitamin that has been shown to provide a great number of benefits to your skin and to your hair, even when applied directly. It also contains many other ingredients that we know can help with hair growth, including Omega 3 and Omega 6.

There are also other vitamins and minerals, and a high ricinoleic acid content. All of these things can provide a wealth of benefits to your scalp, your skin and you hair. As a result, it’s almost like castor oil was made to grow hair. But of course it wasn’t, and that’s another great benefit. This is an entirely natural product. It’s one that is available in abundance and one that is sourced directly from nature.

Using Castor Oil for Hair Growth

To use castor oil for hair growth you only need a very small amount. When using it on your scalp you should heat the oil to a comfortable temperature and then use small amount, massaging them into the bald patches. You can also mix with other substances and then use all over your head. However, it’s important not to just throw it on your head. Take it easy. Use smaller amounts and make sure you massage it in.

If you are using castor oil for hair growth on the face, then it is important to mix it without something else. Aloe Vera works well for this. Just use aloe vera gel, mix the castor oil in with it and then coat whatever part of your face you want with the substance. It will stick, it will dry and it will give your skin plenty of time to benefit from the goodness in both of those ingredients.

Other Castor Oil Uses

Castor Oil Uses
There are uses for castor oil. It used to be a very common constipation treatment as it is a powerful laxative. But due to the strength of the product and the unpleasant side effects when consumed, it’s no longer recommended for that purpose. There are far better products on the market that can do the job without such…explosive results.

It is also used as a lubricant in industry and as something that can condition the skin. A lot of its benefits for the skin and the hair are down to the fact that it is high in Vitamin E. But there are many other reasons, including the fact that it can kill nasty little organisms that would otherwise inhibit hair growth.

Where to Buy Castor Oil

You can buy this product in many supermarkets. There are countless brand names, including Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This is one of the better products on the market and should cost you no more than $13 for an 8 ounce bottle. It’s also important to remember that while this product comes from the same place and should be the same wherever you buy it from, the means of processing it and the fact that it is occasionally mixed with other ingredients, means that there are higher quality products out there.

That doesn’t mean that you should be willing to pay over the odds for something that pretends to be a premium product though.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This is, without a doubt, the most popular form of castor oil on the market. And unlike traditional castor oil, which is commonly used as a laxative, Jamaican Black is actually marketed as a product that can help to grow your hair and to condition hair that is damaged, brittle or dry. There are many great reviews out there for this product and if you want to see just how effective castor oil can be for hair growth, you only need to take a peek at a review page for Jamaican Black.

This is an all natural product that doesn’t contain any hidden ingredients and is completely pure. It’s also a special kind of castor oil, one that is said to be more potent.

Castor Oil for Eyebrows

Castor Oil for Eyebrows

Castor oil works wonders for all hair on your body. So, there is a growing trend for using it on the face. We have heard of people using castor oil for beard growth. But the best way is to use castor oil for eyebrows. This is becoming increasingly popular with young women who pluck or shave too much and want to grow their eyebrows quickly so that they can prune them better the second time around.

It is not a miracle cure. So, it’s not going to give you full, bushy eyebrows the next morning, But it does work and if you visit our Eyelash Growth Serum page you will learn more about how to use Castor Oil on eyebrows.

Castor Oil for Eyelashes

As many women as there are who can benefit using castor oil for eyebrow growth, more will benefit using Castor Oil for eyelashes. It works in much the same way and is just as effective. What’s more, because the eyelash hair is smaller, thinner and grows less, the results are easier to spot.

You can learn how to use castor oil for eyelashes by visiting our Grow Eyelashes Faster page. It is one of the many methods that we discuss, and one of the best.