How to Care for Your Hair as you Age

How to Care for Your Hair as you Age

Your hair suffers as you get older. It gets thinner and weaker—it falls out. It doesn’t age gracefully, but there are a few things that you can do to keep those luscious locks a little longer and stave off the deterioration some more.

1. Change Your Brush

A brush or a fine-toothed comb can physically damage your hair, ripping them out every time you brush. If you don’t have a lot of strands to spare in the first place, this is the last thing you need.

Get yourself a wide-toothed comb or brush and be careful when you brush your hair. You should also try to work tangles carefully out of your hair rather than driving the brush through them and ripping out your hair in the process. It was okay when you were young and could regrow it quickly, but it stops being that easy when you get older.

2. Don’t Wear Tight Hairstyles

Ponytails, braids and other “tight” hairstyles are terrible for the health of your hair. They are bad enough when you’re young and can lead to premature hair loss and scalp damage but when you’re old they are disastrous.

It’s never too late to change you hairstyle, so don’t assume that just because you’ve worn a ponytail all your life you might as well continue to do so.

3. Avoid Heat Curlers and Dyes

Curling irons, chemical dyes and straighteners can damage your hair at the root, making it weaker, thinner, and potentially stopping those important color pigments. Some chemicals are okay and we’re not suggesting that you should abandon all chemical shampoos and go vegan or natural (although that would certainly be beneficial).

You just need to avoid the really harsh ones and avoid using dyes at the same time.

4. Use Minoxidil

Finally, one of the most effective ways to keep those locks luscious and to potentially grow new ones is to use minoxidil. We have discussed this formula many times here on Hair Growth Pills and have noted that while it doesn’t always work, it’s often more effective than people claim, as they simply don’t give it the time it needs to work.

It needs to be used for several months at a time. People see these instructions and presume it’s a marketing ploy to get them to use more and buy more, but it really does need that long for it to really work its magic.

Maintaining Quality Hair

If you follow the tips outlined above then you can have stronger and thicker hair as you age. It will still gear somewhat, but potentially not as much. Your genetics will also come into it as well, of course, and if all your family gets bald by their fifties then there isn’t much hoe for you!

So, grab yourself a bottle of Minoxidil and maybe a nursing home abuse lawyer and you’ll be prepared for everything life will throw at you when you’re older.

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