Biotin for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Biotin for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Biotin for Hair Loss

Biotin is a B Vitamin that can work wonders for you body. Biotin for hair loss is something we have covered extensively on this site, praising the benefits of this great vitamin. On this page we’ll look more closely at it, asking if biotin can be used for hair growth, where you can find it, why it is effective and what the effects of biotin deficiency are.

Biotin for Hair Loss: Does it Work?

Biotin does work. It is rare that we can say anything so assuredly and so clearly, but in this case it is true. You can use biotin for hair loss on your head, your face and anywhere you want. It’s simple, it’s natural, it’s safe and it’s effective. It was one of the main vitamins we covered in our Vitamins for Hair Growth page and we have covered it many times here on Hair Growth Pills.

Not without reason either.

The reason biotin works is because it mimics the process of hair growth. Your hair is keratin, which is a form of protein that is also found in your nails. Proteins are formed after enzymes react with biotin in your body. So, it goes without saying that if you have more biotin in your body then your hair will grow thicker, longer and it will be healthier when it does.

Biotin Side Effects

This is a soluble B Vitamin that the body needs, so there are few side effects. If you consume too much of it, then your body will simply passes it out as urine. However, if you consume excessive amounts over an extended time, and if your kidneys are not functioning as they should and not getting rid of it quickly, then you may experience a number of side effects.

In this case, biotin side effects can include skin rashes, high blood sugar and reduced levels of other vitamins. However, as mentioned, this is rare and for the most part it is a very safe vitamin.

Biotin for Hair Growth

Biotin for Hair Growth

To use biotin for hair growth you actually need to consume it, as opposed to rubbing it into your scalp. You may find it contained in topical formulas, but there is a good chance they have only done this because of the public perception that biotin is used for hair growth.

The RDA of biotin is 2,500mcg. The average does of a biotin supplement is often 2 or 4 times this amount. All of these should be safe amounts, but in reality you should be able to see effects as long as you are consuming your recommend daily allowance. In such cases, the hair loss you experienced in the first place may have actually been the result of you not consuming enough biotin.

That’s the conundrum with biotin when it comes to hair loss and hair growth. Because while it does work for hair loss, it seems to be at its most effective in those who weren’t getting enough to begin with. So, in that case it is essentially filling a gap that should have never been open in the first place.

Whether it will have as much of an effect on someone who was getting plenty of biotin in their diet and has experienced hair loss through some other means is a different matter. In such cases, they will need to consume more than they were and will be giving their body the means to produce thicker, longer hair. But there’s a good chance it will be passed out of the body before it is used, which means it won’t be able to trigger any kind of hair growth and will essentially be wasted.

Other Biotin Benefits

There are many other benefits associated with biotin. It is an essential vitamin n the body and one that plays a role everywhere from the digestive tract to the brain and spinal code. Biotin benefits include improved nerve function, healthy metabolism and better digestion. You don’t need heavy doses to get this and in most cases you will already be getting enough from your diet.

If you are not, then you may know about it as you could be suffering from a Biotin deficiency, which is discussed in more detail below.

Biotin Deficiency

Biotin Deficiency

So, just what is a biotin deficiency, and what symptoms does it cause? Well, the good news is that it is very rare as we usually get some form of this vitamin and you really have to be trying to avoid it completely.

All of the following are biotin deficiency symptoms, and some or all will be present if you are not getting enough of this essential B Vitamin in your diet:

  • Brittle Hair
  • Hair Loss
  • Anemia
  • Birth Defects
  • Severe Dandruff
  • Fungal Infections
  • Hallucinations
  • Lethargy
  • Anorexia
  • Depression
  • Death (we have it on good authority that this is a particularly unpleasant symptom)

As you can see, low biotin levels is bad for your hair. So, it goes without saying that an adequate amount will be good and maybe, just maybe, extra will be great?

Biotin Pills / Natural Biotin

You can buy this vitamin in supplement form. It is very cheap when bought by itself and will cost you just a few dollars for a month’s supply. You can also find it in hair growth formulas like Viviscal, which we discussed on our Hair Growth Supplements page. This is a decent product and it uses a lot of vitamins that have been proved to be effective. However, if you were to take all of the truly effective vitamins out of that formula and then buy them separately, you would save a lot of money.

There are extracts in there that are not as easy to come by, but if you are on a tight budget then this is your best option. If not and if you want to use biotin alongside other vitamin and minerals, then this is a good choice.

Of course, you can also get biotin from your food. It is easy to source whether you are a meat eater, a vegetarian, a vegan or someone on a gluten-free diet. You can learn more about it by visiting some of the other pages here on HGP, including our Foods for Hair Growth page.