The Best Hair Tools for Proper Care (Curling, Straightening, Locking, Cutting)

The Best Hair Tools for Proper Care (Curling, Straightening, Locking, Cutting)

Best Hair Tools

We’ve covered vitamins, minerals and supplements plenty of times in the past. But you also need to have some quality hair tools on your side if you want the best hair. So, let’s take a look at the best hair tools across many different categories, including hair locking tools, hair straighteners, hair cutting tools and everything else you could need.

Hair Locking Tool

Hair locking tools can help you to get dreadlocks and there are many patented tools on the market that do this, including the Loc-Key. These are good, but they are not really necessary. If you don’t have any of the specific issues that products like this aim to help with, then you’ll be okay with the Dreadlocks Latch Hook. This simple device has a wooden handle and looks like the sort of hook your grandmother might have used when knitting.

It costs around $5 and you can get it from many places. On specific hair tools websites they tend to cost up to $10, a significant increase. But you can get them on eBay for less.

These hair tools are basic, widely available and very cheap. Because of the commercial nature of the beauty industry we’re all programmed to believe that you need to spend big on branded products that do a host of things, look great and come in many bright coors. That may be the case for some hair tools, such as the ones discussed below, but your collection of quality hair tools should also include plenty of smaller, cheaper devices like this hair locking tool.

Hair Straighteners

Best Hair Braiding Tools

This is one of the main areas that requires proper care and attention. You need good tools to style your hair and you can’t afford to take shortcuts. GHD Straighteners are the business in the UK and across Europe and if you’re in the US it’s all about BaByliss and similar brands.

This is where price really is a sign of quality and where the most famous and the most well known are the best. In the US there are actually many top brands, but it’s all about those GHDs in Europe, so much so that many US stylists and customers are shipping them over.

Whatever you do just make sure that you avoid rip-offs on eBay and elsewhere. These products are often faulty and dangerous. They are a dream for personal injury lawyers everywhere and have triggered countless product liability claims.

Best Hair Braiding Tool

Sick of hand braiding your hair or your child’s hair? Then get yourself a hair braiding tool to make this easier. It sounds like one of those superfluous things that costs too much and will probably never be used. But it’s actually very cheap.

We find that the French Hair Braiding Tools you can find on eBay are more than well suited to the job. These cost just a couple dollars and while simple, they do what you need them to do. There are electric hair braiding tools that cost a little more, but these can be fiddly and they also tend to break easily.

So, opt for cheap, simple plastic. They basically act as templates and while they do require some work on your part, it’s minimal and therefore well worth it.

Best Hair Cutting Tools

Best Hair Cutting Tools

If you like to cut and style your own hair then you’ll want a pair of good scissors and a clipper. A cordless clipper is best, as it allows for more maneuverability. The cord can get in the way and while it does eliminate the need for charging, if you get a good clipper then they will last for a few sessions and charge quickly.

There are some great clippers that have wires, such as Oster Fast Feed, but that cordless function is crucial. That’s why the Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper gets our vote for the best hair cutting tool. It is cordless, it has a great, streamlined design, and it’s use of a lithium ion battery means that it takes just 15 minutes to charge and lasts for a good length of time.

The quick charge means that if it runs out during a cut, you can just quickly plug it in and then finish the job after a minute or two. Considering that some clippers take hours to charge, this is a huge plus.

Best Hair Dryer

Best Hair Drying Tools

If you’ve ever been to a hotel room and have tried to use the free hair dryer they provide then you will know that no two hair dryers are alike and that quality really does count. Not only will a better hair dryer last for longer, but it will also get hotter and blow stronger. You may as well be throwing your hair to the wind and waiting for it to dry with some of the cheap and weak hair dryers out there right now.

The best hair dryer on the market is the Dyson Supersonic, but you need to be prepared to drop $400, which many of you (understandably) won’t be willing to do. It’s powerful, it’s quiet (like nothing you’ve used before) and it’s a beautiful piece of machinery. We personally don’t believe that this high price increase justifies the slight quality improvement, but it is the best and it is therefore deserving of a mention.

In terms of power, cost and reliability, the BaByliss Pro and the Bosch Classic are both worth a look and come under the $50 mark.

Hair Tool Organizer

This is where you can afford to go cheap, because a wooden box isn’t going to blow up and leave you with a liability claim. You can find good organizers on eBay and on the Amazon marketplace. These are basic products, with the more expensive ones being made from wood and the cheaper ones constructed from plastic.

Focus on what you will have and what you will need space for, as opposed to what you need space for right now. If you’re opting for something with a strong and sturdy build, you might be better off going to an actual high street store to save on postage.

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