Baldness Cure: Is There Such a Thing?

Baldness Cure: Is There Such a Thing?

Baldness Cure

We can’t count how many times we have heard the question, “Is there a cure for baldness?” and not just because we’re really bad at math. This is a question that many men and women ask at some point in their lives, typically as they discover their hair is thinning and they desperately search for a solution.

Hair loss is so often seen as one of those natural things that you can’t control. It’s something we all fear and something we all face. That’s life—death, taxes, and the looming threat of baldness. But does it have to be like that? Is there a cure for baldness?

Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a thin veil of hope for that wispy, barren scalp you call hair. There is such a thing as a baldness cure. In fact, there are many of them.

Baldness Cure Number 1: Hair Growth Vitamins

How to Cure Baldness

If you have a poor diet then it will reflect on your appearance. Your skin, your hair, your nails, everything—it all suffers when you don’t give you body the sustenance that it needs. If you smoke too much, if you drink too much or if you don’t get your daily dose of essential vitamins, then your hair will begin to thin, your scalp will weaken and eventually it’ll all just fall out.

Okay, so it probably won’t happen that drastically, but the point remains. The best baldness cure is baldness prevention and the best way to prevent baldness is to ensure you eat healthily and don’t abuse your body.

There are many hair growth vitamins on the market. These come branded as everything from “Special Hair Growth Formulas” to “Mighty, Magic Cures for Baldness” and other hyperbolic BS. As with all marketing, 90% of it is nonsense and to be ignored, but there is a small glimmer of truth. These vitamins won’t help you to start sprouting hair when there was none before. They are not really baldness cures at all. However, they will help to strengthen your hair and scalp, giving it the foundation it needs to grow and ensuring that hair loss is limited.

These work for hair loss in women and hair loss in men. But you don’t need to spend excessive amounts on “Special Formulas”. Most of them contain basic vitamins you can buy for a few dollars at your local health food store. So, checkout our guide on Hair Loss Vitamins to learn which ones you need and then make you own formula.

Baldness Cure Number 2: Medications

There was a time when a baldness cure came in a bottle and looked distinctly like shoe polish. You sprayed it on your head, your gave yourself the thumbs-up in the mirror and your presumably ignored the high-pitched giggles from passers-by and the irate screams from friends as you ruined their sofas.

The informercials selling this “hair-in-a-can” then gave way for medication that promised to help you grow the real thing. There are a number of the medications on the market and they have been around for a few years. Some are FDA approved, some look like they’ve been made in your cousin’s bathtub.

These medications do work though, at least for the most part. They really have helped people to regrow their hair and they really do live up to many of the promises that the labels carry. The problem is, like all medications, they don’t work for everyone. Also, all medications come with side effects and that puts a lot of people off, as you can imagine.

The truth is, half of the stuff we consume every day has a long list of side effects, from the aspirin you take for a headache to the medicated shampoo you use to convince yourself that you still need it. But for some reason, when these side effects are placed on products that haven’t always had the best rep, and products that are primarily sold through infomercials (which is perhaps why they don’t have the best reputation) people are even more wary.

Baldness Cure Number 3: Hair Transplants

Hair Transplants for Baldness

We’re more focused on pills and natural treatments than we are on surgery. After all, the site is called Hair Growth Pills, so it doesn’t really fit within the business plan. However, we’re willing to admit that hair transplants are a decent option for anyone looking to restore their luscious locks.

Hair transplants essentially take hair from your backside and then transplant it on your hair. Basically, you get the head hair you’ve always wanted and you get a free ass-shave thrown in. Sounds good, right? Well, this baldness cure isn’t exactly available to everyone.

It doesn’t come cheap. It can be painful, and it takes time for your new ass-head hair to bend together. Price has always been the biggest factor. This has come down over the years and a practice that was once limited to the most expensive clinics has now been made available everywhere. But it’s still not cheap.

You typically pay by the hair, which we think is hilarious. And because you only pay around $10 per hair, it means you can look like Homer Simpson for jus $30. If you want a full head of hair, however, then you’ll need to have several grand burning a hole in your wallet.

Baldness Cure Number 4: The Comb-Over

This is our personal favorite. Forget the surgery. Forget the supplements. Just grab a comb, scoop-up what little hair you have left and then mat it over your head like that rug you use to hide stains on your bedroom carpet. Not only will the baldness disappear, but you’ll look like a stud. A regular James Bond. Your friends might disagree, but they’re just jealous. They envy you and your organic flat-cap. So, wear it with pride you handsome devil.

Now that’s a baldness cure we can get behind.

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