Bald Actors and Other Famous Bald People (Who, Why and How)

Bald Actors and Other Famous Bald People (Who, Why and How)

Bald Actors

We recently put our questions about bald actors, bald celebrities and other famous bald people to readers of Hair Growth Pills, and we were surprised with the results. It seems that many of you have a thing for bald men and there are even many men who have a thing for bald women. What’s more, many more of you use and some bald men as role models to help you feel good about your own hair loss, while others are simply wondering if a certain actor is bald or wears a toupee.

We asked a group of readers to give us their top 5 questions about bald actors and bald celebrities and we have created a list in which we answer the best ones. These questions, which are answered in full below, are:

  • Is Britney Spears Still Bald?
  • Is John Travolta Bald?
  • Does Donald Trump Wear a Wig?
  • Is Jimmy Fallon Bald?
  • Is Jon Cryer Bald?
  • Does Jude Law Wear a Wig?
  • Is Ben Affleck Bald?

As you can see, there seems to be a certain preoccupation with baldness. But we get that, and the purpose of the questions were to focus on hair and hair loss. So, with no further adieu, let’s begin answering your questions on bald actors, bald celebrities and famous bad people in general:

Is Britney Spears Still Bald?

There is a rumor that Britney Spears went bald and stayed bald. The conspiracy says that she currently wears a wig and it goes to great trouble to prove this. The truth is that she probably wears extensions, but she’s not bald and it’s not wig.

Like many women, it’s likely she has done some damage to her hair over time. We discussed these issues in our article on Causes of Hair Loss in Women. So, some hair extensions may not go amiss. But she’s not bald underneath. She simply shaved her head during a breakdown and then let it all grow back.

Thankfully, she seems happy, healthy and back to her old self now, and we for one are very happy for her.

Is John Travolta Bald?

Famous Bald People
Pictured: Not John Travolta, but a man you guys tell us that you much prefer to look at.

John Travolta is almost certainly bald. There are many images of the Saturday Night Fever star without hair, and there are also images of him with a full head of hair taken in the same year. His hair isn’t quite as grand as it was when he starred in the classic disco film that made his name, but it isn’t that far off. And when you consider what it looks like underneath the wig, it’s quite an improvement.

There seem to be many things in Travolta’s life that he isn’t forthcoming about. For an actor, he hides a lot and this is perfectly fine. But whether he admits this one or not, it’s fairly clear. This is one bald actor that can’t hide his baldness.

Is Donald Trump Bald?

Believe it or not (and we’re sure you won’t) that is not a wig. We know that it looks like one, but it’s not. Think about it this way: would someone that rich and that powerful really choose to have a wig like that? He may not have the best taste in the world, but he would have to be blind to choose a wing that looks an anemic mop.

Not that we think it’s entirely a bad thing, because once you realize that that’s his own hair, it begins to look impressive. After all, how many other men his age do you know with so much hair? So, if it’s not a wig, then what is his secret?

Well, the secret has actually been discussed on this site already: it’s Finasteride. It has been revealed that he has used this drug for years to counteract prostate problems. And as we have discussed many times before, one of the other benefits of Propecia (the brand name) is that it also limits hair loss. So, if you’re on it during a point in your life when you would usually be losing hair, then your hair will remain strong and long.

Many men take this drug when they have already started to lose a lot of hair, but Donald Trump got in there good and early and has a lot of hair to show for it.It’s like dipping into the fountain of youth when you’re still in your prime, as opposed to when you’re old and wrinkly.

Is Jon Cryer Bald?

Bald Celebrities

Jon Cryer has admitted to having problems with his hair, once calling a full head of hair he had in a movie an, “Elaborate Illusion.” According to Cryer, he has very few hairs on his head and the rest ids essentially “painted on”.

This is backed-up by images of Cryer out and about, in which you can see that he has very little hair on the top of his head and also has a receding hairline.

Is Ben Affleck Bald?

This is one we have seen a lot of and one we have been asked many times: does Ben Affleck wear a toupee? This rumor has existed for some time and it does seem to have some truth to it. He did have a receding hairline of sorts and there have been bald patches on occasion, however, these have all but disappeared recently.

That’s not to say that he wears a wig though. It’s more likely that Ben has suffered from hair loss issues in the past and has since used products like Minoxidil for Men or has had a hair transplant to cover it. These are commonplace and many bald actors have resorted to them. Unless he magically grew back his hair, then he probably did as well.

Is Jude Law Bald?

Jude Law is another actor to have suffered from severe hair loss. He had a very noticeable receding hairline very early on in his life and by the time he was in his early thirties this had receded nearly to the middle of his head. However, in recent years this seems to have vanished.

This suggests that Jude Law has had a hair transplant, much like Ben Affleck. This is further evidenced by the fact that he went through a period of constantly wearing hats. It’s likely that these were used to cover up his hairline and then to hide the hair transplant.

However, there is something else at play because he has gone through this transformation twice. After the first time, his hair had receded again within a year and it was as bad as it had always been. But just a year later, there was very little recession at all.

It’s more likely that he used a topical solution or hair loss concealer. In any case, it has clearly worked for him.

Is Jimmy Fallon Bald?

There is a running joke, often perpetuated by the man himself, that Jimmy Fallon wears a toupee. It could be an outright joke, or he could be riffing on the true. It’s hard to say as there are no confirmations out there. However, it is clear that he has a receding hairline and as this is still evident, it is unlikely that he wears a toupee. After all, why would be buy a wig that intentionally made him look like he had a receding hairline?

Bald Actors and Famous Bald People

Is Bruce Willis Bald?

There are many more bald actors out there that you have told us you like and admire. One of the bald actors that most of you mentioned was Patrick Stewart. His charm, his kind nature and his good looks make him one of your favorite famous bald people, it seems. Bruce Willis is also a big role model for many bald men. He is one of the most famous bald actors in the world.

Ben Kingsley, Michael Jordan and Samuel L. Jackson are other bald actors and famous bald people that inspire you. Many women also have a thing for Sean Connery. Maybe it’s the accent.

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