6 Amazing Stats you Didn’t Know About Hair

6 Amazing Stats you Didn’t Know About Hair

Hair is an amazing thing, which is why we get so upset when we start to lose it! But it’s more amazing than you could have ever imagined, as these 6 surprising stats about hair prove.

Hair Growth and Weather

Hair grows quicker in warm weather, as heat stimulates the follicles and causes them to grow a a faster rate. This is true for all types of hair and the opposite is true for cold weather. In fact, cold can cause hair to become brittle and prone to damage, and in extreme temperatures the follicles can be damaged beyond repair.

Same for Both Sexes

You could be forgiven for thinking that women have lusher locks than men, but in actual fact male hair is identical to female hair. Of course, men tend to cut their hair short while women let it grow long, but this is purely a preference thing and on a structural level there is no difference between the two.

If you’re a man and you’re envious of a woman’s hair, know that it’s not their gender that made them that way. It’s how they look after it, as well as some genetic and environmental factors.

The Most Common Hair Colors

Black is by far the most common natural hair color, while red is the least common, accounting for 1 person out of every 100. Blonde is also somewhat rare, accounting for just 2 people out of every 100, making it twice as common as red hair but much less common than black.


It has been said that a healthy strand of hair can hold up to 100 grams in weight. If you multiply them by the amount of hairs on the average head, this means that your hair can support the weight of two elephants.

It’s made of strong stuff. In fact, it’s mostly carbon and oxygen, with these two elements accounting for around 70% of its composition. The substance it forms is known as “keratin” and is basically a form of dead tissue, the same stuff that forms claws, nails, beaks, horns, and even feathers.

Hair Tells All

With the right technology, a strand of hair can show someone a trace of everything that has ever been in your bloodstream, and it can hold this information for much longer than urine, blood or saliva. This is why hair is commonly used during drug tests.

If you have soothing to hide then your only hope is that there is a short timeframe between consumption and testing, as it takes longer for traces of substances to be visible in your hair than it does for urine and blood tests.

Hair Related Accidents are Common

Hair styling accounts for a huge number of accidents in the home, with many house fires and electrical fires being the result of hair styling accessories, and many burns coming from hair straighteners.

Take a look at this page on construction accident lawyers to see the extent for yourself. It is amazing to see how damaging basic products can be (from talcum powder that is carcinogenic to hair products that lead to slips in the shower).

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