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Hair Growth Pills is your source for honest, helpful and up-to-date information about the latest hair growth cures, baldness prevention techniques, haircare products, and more.

We are a team of researchers, scientists and writers dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends and developments and looking at the science behind the stories. We know this industry is filled with gimmicks, we know it doesn’t have the best reputation. But we also know that amongst the snake oils, the expensive advertising campaigns and the false promises, there are products that really do work created by companies that really do care.

At Hair Growth Pills we want to give those companies and those products the exposure they deserve. We want to connect you, the discerning reader, with the products that you need. It’s as simple as that.

So, kick-back, take a look at our pages and make yourself comfortable. There is a lot to learn and a lot to discover, but we’ll keep you updated and informed as best we can.

Who We Are

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Hair Growth Pills is primarily staffed with writers and developers. However, we also hire experts, bringing them onboard to provide advice where needed and to ensure that the content you find on Hair Growth Pills is accurate from the point of view of the consumer, as well as an expert.

The Hair Growth Pills staff come from many different backgrounds and range from twenty years old to fifty-five years old. This is actually fairly poignant, as hair loss can effect us all. It does not discriminate and can touch both sexes, all ages, and all ethnicities.

All of the articles on the Hair Growth Pills website are published under the site’s name. This is done to ensure a certain degree of uniformity. We also want to stress the point that these articles are a team effort, created after thorough research, expert analysis and user opinion, before our writers and editors get their hands on them.

What We Do

Hair Growth Pills is run by a team of passionate people who want to provide genuine advice. We grew tired of the content that was available out there on this subject. The vast majority of it was affiliate content. It was cheap, it was nasty, and it was so blatantly biased. What’s the point of a review if it’s not honest?

We understand the need for affiliates and we have them here on Hair Growth Pills. It’s one of the few ways that a site like this can make money. However, we never let those affiliates get in the way of providing honest, genuine reviews. We don’t affiliate with any companies that don’t allow us to speak our minds and we always cover the cons as much as we cover the pros.

What’s the point of a review if it’s not honest?- HairGrowthPills.com

How to Use Hair Growth Pills

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The Hair Growth Pills site is split into two sections: Pages and Posts. The former covers the essential information. They are static pages that are a little longer and more detailed. They include guides on hair loss, baldness cures and more. The posts are just as informative, but they tend to be a little shorter. We also produce many more posts than pages.

In both cases, all of the content on Hair Growth Pills is checked on a regular basis to ensure that it remains accurate. We understand that a lot of content can become obsolete within months, weeks or even days. So we run regular checks and are constantly updating our pages and posts, from those written many months ago to those written in the last few days.

If you would like to read more about how we operate then please refer to our Terms and Conditions page. If you would like to start browsing our content then simply refer to the sidebars and to the many links that populate them. You can also use our Tags, Categories and even our Search Bar in order to narrow down your search to the subjects that concern you directly.

Can You Help?

Have you had any experience with hair growth cures? Do you want to talk about it and help others? Then get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you. As mentioned above, we’re not a biased site. We focus on honesty, so we’re happy to hear from users with bad experiences as much as those with good experiences.

If you have a story to tell an think it would be helpful to readers of Hair Growth Pills, then checkout the contact details below. You can also use this information to enquire about advertising opportunities, to put one of your questions to our experts, and much more.

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If you want to get in touch for any reason then you can find our contact details on the Hair Growth Pills Contact Page. Just input your details into the form, let us know why you’re getting in touch and we’ll respond as soon as we are able.

There is a limit to what we can do here on Hair Growth Pills. This site is a labor of love. It requires a lot of time, attention and money just to keep it running and to ensure the content keeps coming. As a result, we don’t always have time to respond as quickly as we would like. We will try our best, but please be prepared to wait up to a week before you get a reply.